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Your next five chances to witness a solar eclipse

1. Great North American Eclipse 2024 

On April 8, 2024 comes a ‘Great American Eclipse’ that lasts even longer than the previous one in 2017. North America is currently enjoying a golden age of eclipses, and this one will bring a long totality along a path stretching from Mazatlán in Mexico to Newfoundland in Canada via 12 US states. Niagara Falls is the plum location, though the chances of clear skies in spring are best in Torreón, Mexico. This is also the location expected to enjoy the longest duration.

Astro Trails is running trips that will observe the eclipse at Niagara Falls, Waco (Texas) and Torreón (Mexico) from £1,275pp (01422 887110; astro-trails.com).

2. The Atlantic Eclipse 2026 

On August 12, 2026 the UK will get a 90 per cent solar eclipse, but a precious totality will be only a short flight away. Iceland is an option, but far more likely to be cloudy than northern Spain, where the eclipse nevertheless occurs dangerously low in the sky close to sunset. The savvy will head between Valladolid and Burgos while risk-takers will pray for an eclipsed sunset in a clear sky from Sant Elm, Mallorca.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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