World’s 9 Most Expensive Dresses Of All Time!

These are some of the most costly dresses around the globe. There are many options for the best dresses, some as expensive as the ones you can buy. At $30 million, the Nightingale is the most costly in Kuala Lumpur. Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress at $ 8.5M, William Travilla’s Marilyn Monroe gown, Peacock Wedding Dress, Danasha Gown and the Peacock Wedding Dress are the three next most expensive. While these gowns are most costly, you can find other dresses that are equally as expensive (and will not break the bank).

Is it because these are the most costly dresses on the planet?

Since long, dresses and gowns have been worn by many women with different backgrounds. Although some dresses may be relatively inexpensive, other gowns can cost a lot of money due to all the work and time that was put into them. It is true even today as evident by the high price some dresses are able to command. These are the priciest dresses that you’ll find anywhere.

1. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress: $388,000

Let’s look at the special embellishments that make Kate Middleton’s wedding dress so unique. This has helped to increase the waistline and add volume at the hips. The bottom of the gown was created to look just like a blossoming flower. This gown is made of ivory, white and delicate lace. It was made up of approximately 1000 diamonds, and it was presented to Kate by Queen Elizabeth II.

Long sleeves, lace collar and collar of the gown are all a nod towards classic bridal wear styles like Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress and the Queen’s Gown. Kate Middleton owned a train measuring 9 feet. The record is held by Princess Diana at 25 feet.

2. Imperial Pearl Syndicate wedding dress: $500,000

Next on our list are the half-billion dollar pearl wedding dresses. The dress was made of 100,000 cultured pearls and valued at $100,000 back in 1950. This was its most costly item at the time.

3. Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy, $900,000.

Audrey Hepburn’s Little Black Dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s continues to be one of the most famous. Christie’s New York sold Givenchy’s frock for just over one million dollars.

4. Danasha Gown: $1.5 Million

You can create the most lavish dress on the planet by using expensive materials. Even if normal silk isn’t enough expensive, you can always add more and more expensive materials to it. You shouldn’t go overboard when incorporating costly materials into your artwork. It is an issue that many people face. It was a fascinating example of how you can use high-quality materials while still making them look appealing. It is beautiful without looking extravagant even though it was $1.5 Million.

This gown was featured at Miami International Fashion Week 2010. Even though it is considered to be one of the finest gowns on earth, this dress still draws attention. Designers said that it was not enough to create stunning dresses out of gold or diamonds. Without making the costume too difficult or complicated, designers wanted it to be stunning. The stunning gown will make any girl feel like Cinderella on her big day.

5. Peacock Wedding Dress: $1.5 Million

Expensive Dresses

The controversial option is the dress that’s the most expensive. Animal rights activists are still shocked at the inclusion of feathers from peacocks in this dress. A male peacock averages 200 feathers in a molting year. This costume would require the designers to gather feathers from at least 10 birds each year. A peacock feather looks like an eye, as shown in our photo. Because of animal rights concerns, it is not recommended to wear this dress for weddings. Peacock feathers are believed to bring bad luck in some cultures. Spend your hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

6. William Travilla’s Marilyn Monroe dress: $5.6 Million

Marilyn Monroe’s ivory, pleated subway dress from The Seven Year Itch sold at an auction in Beverly Hills on September 5, 2011 for $5.6M.

7. Yumi Katsura White-Gold Dress: $8.5 Million

The dress that cost $8.5million is not yet sold. Yumi Katsura created only two of the gowns. Katsura, an expert craftswoman, is in this field for more than fifty years. She studied fashion in Paris at Les Ecoles de la Chambre Syndicale de La Couture Parisienne. Her products were also presented at the very first Japanese bridal show. Katsura has expanded her business beyond the USA and France to France in order to expand it into England, France, France, and France since 1981. Her designs are now well-known worldwide.

8. The Diamond Wedding Gown: $12,000,000

Unique because of the way the gown shines light off the diamonds, this is a unique wedding gown. Renee Strauss’ Beverly Hills wedding salon is a well-known landmark. Rosanne and Shannen Doherty are two of her clients. Some of her wares can be seen in Hollywood movies like General Hospital and He’s Just Not That Into You.

The dress is priced at $12 million by the designers, but they don’t want to rush it. However, this gown isn’t the most costly diamond gown made. It costs $12 million. Faisol Abdullah is a Malaysian designer who holds the title “Nightingale Kuala Lumpur”, an eminent masterpiece.

9. Nightingale in Kuala Lumpur: $30 million

Names such as Nightingale, Kuala Lumpur are likely to make an impact. The dress is worth $30 million. Faiyzali Abdullah is a well-known Malaysian designer. The high prices of the materials that were used for its construction can also be explained. Many examples are available, from silk and Chiffon to Swarovski Crystals to 751 Diamonds. This is a stunning piece of art. The price, though, is a different story.

Do you ever imagine getting paid to be able to put on a designer outfit? Imagine you are a star who is able to get dressed in some of the most costly gowns on the planet.

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