Window Film is a Quick, Cost-efficient Option for Any Building Refurbishment

Glazing can be overlooked but could make a big difference in building renovations.

Windows or glass partitions can all be used efficiently by the fast and non-disruptive application of window film.

Building Refurbishment

There are many options for window film solutions, such as:

    • Security & safety
    • Privacy
    • Excessive heat or glare can cause problems
    • Heat loss
    • Respect safety regulations and rules for health

You must ensure compliance with the Health and Safety Legislations

You can use glass manifestation to warn others of the existence or dangers of glazing.

Here are some of the options.

Standard Manifestation

Building Refurbishment

Printable Designs

Building Refurbishmentc

Bespoke Graphics

Building Refurbishment

Glass partitions are decorated with graphics or manifestation often during building renovations. Graphics are used to brand and protect privacy, communicate with employees, or the general public.

Enhance Glazing’s Solar and Thermal Performance

Upgrading glazing to improve solar or thermal performance can be costly and time-consuming.

For a fraction of the price of replacement, window film can be quickly applied to existing glazing.

Window film can be used in building renovations for:

  • You can contribute to the achievement and maintenance of low energy consumption standards (MEES).
  • Enhance your Energy Performance Certificate
  • Take part in the Energy Saving Opportunity Schemes (ESOS).
  • Earn BREEAM Credit
  • Respect building codes

High Tech Window Films

To control views through the glazing, high-tech glass films can be used.

Flexible film

Building Refurbishment

You can make the glazing transparent by turning on and off a remote control.

Casper Cloaking Film

Building Refurbishment

Only the outside view is permitted to the LED screens. Other information can be seen through the glass.

Vision Control Film

Building Refurbishment

It provides translucent privacy, depending on where it is viewed.


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