Who Is the Real Life Daniel Plainview From ‘there Will Be Blood’?

Film fans all over the globe know the story of Daniel Plainview, a fictional character from “There will be Blood”, directed by Pual Tho Anderson in 2007. Starring Daniel Day Lewis (Daniel Plainview), Paul Dano(Eli Sunday) & Dillon Freasier (“H.W.”). Plainview). Day Lewis played Daniel Plainview as the oil tycoon. Because of its unapologetic cruelty and never ending will to win, this character has been immortalised forever. Daniel Day Lewis also acted in the movie.

Understanding Daniel Plainview’s character:

The film’s best scene, which gives us an overview of Daniel Plainview’s character, is actually midway through. It features Daniel giving a speech about his competition to his brother. This speech is the cornerstone of Daniel’s personality, and of the man he has become. This speech reads, “I have competition in me. I want to be the best.” Although I dislike most people, I do not like some people. I would like to be able to afford everything. People are the worst, and I can see that. I do not need to ignore them in order to have all I want. My hatred has grown over time, little by little. “To have you with me, makes it easier for me to breathe in. This is something I cannot do on my own. This speech clearly shows us just how hateful Daniel Plainview was towards the people around him. In the opening scene, we see two of Daniel’s key traits. They are supported by an intrinsic drive to succeed and compete. He was determined and determined. Many people who are trapped in a mine shaft, with broken legs, will eventually give up hope, and just accept what happens. A man who works in an underground mine shaft by himself for a long time isn’t the kind of person who gives up on hope, particularly when he discovers a silver vein. Although this may have affected his self-preservation, Daniel Plainview would likely have made no difference if he discovered the silver. A man willing to walk for miles in the desert to escape adversity is someone who has never been afraid of hardship and whose determination to succeed is greater than any fear he might have felt when his leg snapped.

Edward Doheny, Real Life Daniel Plainview

While the film “There will be Blood”, is not a complete work, but it was inspired by Southern California’s oil rush history. Paul Thomas Anderson credits Upton Sinclair’s novel “OIL” and Edward L. Doheny’s portrait as inspirations for Daniel Plainview. Doheny even went as far to film the last sequences in Doheny’s Beverly Hills residence, Greystone Mansion. The Hollywood icon’s most famous location, this mansion has been used for everything from “The Social Network”, to “Eraserhead” to demonstrate wealth and terror.

Edward Doheny was also known for his work as an Empire builder, and as an oil king. Dohini saw daylight for the first time in 1856 in Wisconsin. His adventuresome Irish Canadian heritage made him a daring Canadian, with an insatiable appetite for thrills and a mind as bright as a diamond. In his twenties, he was able to graduate high school. In high school, he discovered Chemistry and Mineralogy that would lead to his success and wealth. When he was only 16, he wanted to visit the United States. He went as a government mule buyer in New Mexico. After that, he began buying and selling horses and realized a good profit. He heard again the call of the wild, but this time with the additional lure of oil. The rest is history.

The Doheny Mystery

Few people are aware that Edward Doheny’s only child was killed. Edward Laurence Doheny Sr., son of Edward Laurence Doheny Sr. is known as “The Bagman at Teapot Dome”, but his mystery death will be remembered most. Many stories have been told about the murder of his wife, but some believe he was killed by Greystone Mansion’s driver. There were rumours that Ned Doheny had a homosexual relationship and the driver was also mentally unstable. The murder of Doheny Jr. remains a mystery surrounded by rumours. The family was highly private. The cause of the problem can however be tied back to the Teapot Dome scandal, which occurred just a few short years ago. Edward Doheny Sr. was an oil tycoon who wanted to buy as much land as possible. Doheny Jr. and Junior’s friend, secretary Hugh Plunkett were sent to the secret location by Doheny. For access to oil reserves, the US Secretary Of Interior was given $100,000 by them. Doheny Sr. was too greedy, and Doheny Jr. as well as Hugh Plunkett would soon be called to testify before the Supreme Court. Hugh Plunkett, who was agitated by the rising tensions, drove to Greystone Mansion one Saturday night and killed his friend before committing suicide. This was an untrue story. However, many evidence supports a completely different series of events. Who would Doheny Jr. have made public to expose the authorities if he had testified? He is his father. Doheny senior was cleared of all charges in the case, which saved his reputation. Six years later, Doheny Sr. passed away from natural causes. His wife, who was a widow, burned his papers and other personal items in Greystone’s basement as his final wish. Do we know everything? Most likely not.


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