Who is Abel Flores, Rosie Rivera’s Husband?

who is abel flores

Rosie Rivera has relied on Abel Flores as a support system and rock. They have been through many trials together. They have been through a lot during their marriage. They were in love, got married and were close to getting divorced. The couple kept their cool and remained strong, falling in love again after the ordeal. The couple reconnected quickly and launched “The Power of Us”, a podcast that shared their struggles in marriage. Let’s learn more about Abel Flores.

Things to Know About Rosie Rivera’s Husband, Abel Flores

Abel Flores was 18 when he married Rosie Rivera.

Rosie and Abel also graduated as Chaplains at the church where they attend. They shared their thoughts on Instagram: “An honor being chaplains to the body of Christ.”

Abel Flores was a man 10 years her senior, yet he showed great maturity and faith. According to Rosie, the couple met in the Christian church where her brother Pedro Rivera is a minister. It is located in Long Beach. She wanted to rebuild her life from the bottom of herself by that time. Abel Flores was 16 when she sang in the church’s Praise Choir. She was 26 years old with a 5-year old daughter.

Although they were initially not open to the idea, Rivera and Rivera waited until the boy turned 18 before marrying in 2011.

Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores have two children

Two beautiful children were born to the happy couple. The couple now has their own family, with Elias, Sammy, and Kassey.

Abel Flores, who is involved in the church’s activities, has a podcast called “The Power of Us” with Rosie Rivera.

Abel Flores is a Christian musician and worship leader who says that he prefers his wife to stand out in all she does. They are doing something together, however, on “The Power of Us”, a radio program they started this year. “Rosie’s and Abel’s paths have been difficult but they have come out the stronger for it. Jack Hobbs, president and CEO of reVolver Podcasts said in a statement that it is what makes them great counselors for couples. “It’s also what makes them amazing counselors for people with disabilities. I am happy to invite you back and encourage your listeners to tune in to see a new side to themselves.

Rosie Rivera almost filed for divorce because of Abel Flores’ gambling addiction

Rosie Rivera said that her husband’s gambling addiction was leading to her about to divorce Abel Flores. She said that she discovered a bank account in her husband’s computer that was clearly not his. It was his with a bank they do not associate with. “I was shocked because I didn’t know where the money came from. He said that it was six months of lies and that the real problem was his addiction to the deck. “I felt very betrayed by this lie. It wasn’t with another woman. But I felt that there wasn’t any hope for us after so many lies. It was the same as 2015, I spoke it out of courage but it was with enthusiasm. I kicked him out for three months.

Rosie stated that her husband did not realize he was suffering from an addiction until he lost his family, children and house. Rosie explained that Abel was “living in a hotel or in his car literally” and she was ready to sign the divorce papers. “That’s when he was able react and say, “I have a problem, I need help.”

Abel Flores owns a company that sells clothing and accessories under the brand Abelsworship

Abel Flores, a Christian musician and entrepreneur, also sells religious merchandise under Abelsworship. Customers of all ages love the brand and it supports Abel Flores’ mission for Christ.

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