Vertical Labret: Pain, Procedure, Healing and Aftercare

Vertical labret (pronounced “luh*bret”) piercing, although less common, gives you a unique look. Although it may sound like the vertical labret, it can actually be quite different.


Vertical labret piercing involves two puncture points that go through the skin. The procedure is somewhat more painful that other lip piercings.

Vertical labret pain: Only 4 of 10

Four out of 10 Medusa Piercings

Daith piercings can be painful. 5-6 of 10

Pain after a ring-piercing: 6 of 10

Your mouth tissue is sensitive and dense, so it can cause you more pain than an eye, nose, or ear piercings. Because they are more painful than regular piercings, vertical lip piercings may cause greater pain than regular. They penetrate the delicate and thin tissue of the lips rather than the skin.

One motion can be used to puncture the vertical labret. It will go vertically under your lips, and emerge through the skin below. The location will allow for more skin than the other choices when it comes to lip piercing. Your lips might be thicker and you may feel more pain.

As with all piercings, there are two types of bleeding: light bleeding and throbbing. These symptoms should be reported to a professional.


Labret puncture refers to a single penetration through the skin just below the lips. Vertical labret puncture is a double puncture through the skin below the lips.

Vertical labret piercing is the best! The labret doesn’t reach the inside of your mouth. Like other lip piercings, your jewelry won’t rub against your gums and teeth. Because there is no bacteria, your jewelry will stay clean throughout healing.

If you suffer from any dental problems, such as receding or worn enamel lines, this might be the best piercing choice. For those who are looking for something striking and unique, vertical labret piercing is a good option.


The healing process for vertical labret can take 6-8 weeks.

The time it takes to heal a lip or labret piercing can differ depending on where and who performed them. However, your piercings will never fully heal in less that a month. Your body will thank you for taking it slowly and being patient.

This should not be forgotten:

  • Hands should be washed with mild soap and not PH-neutral soap every time that you touch any jewelers or piercings.
  • During the first phase, you should not consume alcohol or use drugs. These substances can delay healing and cause painful recurring problems.
  • There is no need to have any oral sex during healing. While it’s difficult at times, the rewards will be greater once you are there.

In body piercing healing, there are two phases. These are the most critical phases of body-piercing healing.

Initial healing: The skin will begin to change within the piercing holes. This is where the skin tube, or skin, begins to harden and become reddened from lymph flow. You will want to make sure your labret is at its best during this stage.

Labret and lip piercings take approximately two and one-half months to heal.

Vertical Labret, First Six Days of Swelling

It will be impossible to completely heal your labret puncturing. After it has been fully cicatrized the skin tube will be white, soft, and sensitive. This can take between 6 and 9 months. This process takes many months. It may not seem so, but your lip-piercing or labret won’t heal within a month. Because they require the longest healing phase, vertical labrets need extra attention.

These are some of the best ways to ensure healing.

  • Modify the jewellery
  • Saunes, Pools, Sea etc
  • Unsanitary makeup
  • Use of other drugs or alcohol
  • Your jewelry should be removed for no more than 3 weeks
  • Your dirty hands should never touch the piercings. It may spread bacteria or cause severe pain.

If you think you may have an infection, you should see a doctor immediately.


Initial healing: We recommend using mouthwashes containing Hextryl (a substance that contains alcohol), or with a physiological serum for at most two days. You can use Paroex(chlorhexidine) as well but you will need to consult your chemist to take the doses and limit the treatment to a maximum of 5 days. This mouthwash should be kept in your bathroom for no more than 10 days. You can cause the flora to die if your mouth is left unattended for too long. It would cause the exact opposite of what you desire.

Two months of cleaning the outer labret piercing surface using a pH neutral soap, lukewarm water or a physiological serum. The pain can be severe enough to continue using physilogical mouthwashes and physilogical serum, although not more than twice per week. Be aware of the details on your labret. If you notice anything that is not normal or worrying, notify your body-piercing salon.

Once a day, spray the Simple Care piercing oil. Wash your hands before you touch the piercing. Use a cotton scraper soaked in warm, soapy water to remove the crust. Apply Simple Care to the piercing and allow it to dry. The spray’s residue doesn’t have to be cleaned up.

In a cup, mix 2-3 stones or 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sodium sea salt once per day. Cover the cup/glass with your skin and seal it for 5 minutes

You can seal the cup by pouring the solution onto a piece paper towel. Use the towel to compress the cup. Keep the compress warm. Then rinse thoroughly the piercing with water after five minutes. Use a towel to dry the piercing.

You don’t need vertical labret-piercing.

  • The vertical labret, which is located on the lower lip, draws attention to it. It is possible to choose another type of piercing, if this does not suit your needs.
  • When healing, you should not allow any foreign objects to enter your piercings. It might make healing more difficult if your subconsciously plays with your lips. Do not use chapstick or any other product that could cause chapped lips.
  • This type of piercing is not possible for thin lips. A professional can pierce the vertical labret. It is crucial to know your body so you can determine if your lips are sufficiently thick.
  • You have many nerve endings on your lips. Nerve damage can be caused by poor piercing. A steady hand is necessary to properly align puncture points. Vertical labret piercing requires that you hold the pen with your right hand.
  • Professional piercers are not qualified: Many things can go wrong if you go to an unprofessional piercer. The price is not as important as the quality. This holds true especially for complicated piercings such as the vertical lapret. It is more effective to use a needle than a piercing tool. A needle works better than a gun because it is preciser, less traumatizing and more hygiene.


Does vertical labret affect kissing?

Vertical labret piercing is the best! The labret doesn’t reach the inside of your mouth. Since bacteria cannot affect your saliva, jewelry will not rub against gums or teeth.

What exactly is vertical labret and how can it be used?

Vertical labret is a type of surface piercing. It’s done vertically by cutting through the bottom rock lip. Thin lips are not suitable for this type of piercing. A professional can pierce the vertical labret. It is crucial to know your body so you can determine if your lips are sufficiently thick.

A 16-gauge bent titanium barbell can be used to make vertical labrets. Optional gold may be available on request. For vertical labrets to completely heal, it takes approximately 2 to 4 months.

Is it possible to hide a vertical labret with your clothes?

Your lower lip is where the vertical labret rests, drawing your attention. If this is not your preferred area of focus, you can have another piercing.

If you need to temporarily conceal the labret piercing, turn the stud. The bulb end should be in your mouth. Cover the metal with a concealer that is matched to your skin.

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