VCH Piercing: Quick Tips To Read Up On

vhc piercing

VCH Hood Piercing: What does it mean?

The most painful, stimulating and fast-healing method for female genital puncturings is vertical hood piercing. Your anatomy will play a major role in your decision. To determine whether you’re suitable for either horizontal or vertical clithood piercing, your piercer will have to inspect you. If you follow their recommendations, you will achieve the best results.

Insert the vertical hood into the tissue just above the clitoris. The vaginal clitoris is where the jewelry rests. It conforms to the body contours and adapts to the woman’s natural movements.

After getting used to the sensation, you may find that it is less stimulating. It is possible to regain the “new” feel by taking off your jewelry and reinserting.

What’s a VCH?

VCH stands for Vertical Clitoralhood. These are the types of clitoral percing.

VCH The vertical clitoral-hood piercing is gaining in popularity. Because it penetrates vertically through the top of the hood, the jewelry is constantly in contact with clitoris.

HCH The horizontal clitoral-hood piercing runs — as the name suggests — horizontally through a base of the Hood, so that jewelry rests on top of the Clitoris.

Glans A glans is the only type of piercing that actually pierces the actual Klitoris. It typically pierces the Klitoris’ clitoral head, if it is vertically oriented.

Triangle According to Elayne Angel (author of Piercing Bible), the triangle piercing runs horizontally through the base and under the shaft of your clitoris.

Diana, PrincessPiercings like Princess Diana, which are usually done in pairs, can also be used to add an additional VCH. This piercing is similar to VCH, except that it’s done at the sides. If you own a VCH, you may want it to be paired with PDs.

Christina: The Christina is not a clitoral or hood-piercing. It is however, often mentioned as an option. The front of the Vulva is connected by one insertion point. This is the “cleft to Venus”. It extends all the way to Mons Pubis where it appears.

It is safer to puncture the clitoris than to pierce your hood. A professional piercer will first inspect the body to determine whether it is suitable for clitoral procedures. The clitoris is very sensitive, as you are aware. The jewelry that is used to pierce the skin can also be painful. These nerves also control sexual pleasure and sensation. It’s not just about hood piercings. There are many other aspects to this story. However, there is always more.

How big are VCH Piercings measured?

A 10, 12, or 14, gauge curved-bead ring, or a captive barbell or ring are the standard pieces of jewelry that can be used for vertical hood piercing.

How long does it take for VCH to heal?

It can take between 4-8 weeks for a vch piercing to heal.

What can I do to tell if the VCH piercing is healed?

You might be curious to see if your VCH has healed. In most cases, you can engage in sexual activity such as sex or masturbation whenever you are ready. You must practice good hygiene to avoid any trauma. It is important to be gentle while healing from any sexual activity. There are physical barriers that can be put in place, such as condoms and dental dams. It is important to avoid touching salivary glands or semen of your partner as this could increase the likelihood of contracting an infection.

vhc piercing

How do hood-piercings benefit you?

Although many tattoos of the clitorus are ornamental, others can also be used to provide sexual pleasure. People don’t think about the potential risks involved in a gential procedure. People look at both the possible sexual pleasure and the pain. For pleasure, many women will pierce or shave their clitoris and labia.

VCH piercings have a higher preference among women than other types. VCH piercings are more sexually stimulating than HCH. To ensure your VCH support, a professional piercer will inspect the clitoral region. He will also recommend HCH if the piercer determines it to be not.

Can you stimulate your clitoris during sex with a Vch-piercing? The piercing performed and your anatomy will determine the outcome. If you have the correct piercing (vertical or transverse) and the stimulation is properly done, then you should be able to enjoy sex.

In 2005, a study showed that vertical clitoral hood piercings had little to no impact on pleasure and/orgasm. It does however increase the sexual desire and frequency of arousal.

These findings might not be applicable for other clitoral perforations such as vertical or horizontal clitoralhoods.

You can decide how your sexual life will be affected by a clitoral-hood tattoo. Every person is different. Individual preferences, the size and shape to be pierced and the degree of sensitivity may vary.

Do you allow me to shower right after my VCH piercings?

This guide can help you to care for your piercings of the Clitoral Hood, Fourchette, Christina and Triangle. You should do this at least two times daily after having washed your face or taken a shower.

Warm water can be used to submerge the area. Add warm water to the bowl (preferably 1/4 teaspoon sea salt to one shot of warm liquid). A towel, gauze or towel can be soaked in the solution. The compress can then be used to create a towel.

This allows you to reduce any discharge. Once the discharge is gone or softened, you can gently move your jewellery to allow warm water through. To dry your piercing, use a dry and clean kitchen roll or a disposable paper towel. You should not use any hand/bath towels or one from your family.

Follow-up care for VCH Piercing:

  1. Don’t touch your piercings by using dirty hands. After touching your piercings or cleaning them, always wash your hands.
  2. The best place for after-care of your piercing is in the shower. Allow the water to run through your piercing and let it dry completely before cleaning it. It will make the jewelry more comfortable and remove some crusty, dried debris. Get rid of any debris, and then wash your jewelry using a moist cotton ball.
  3. In the initial weeks of pregnancy, you will prefer to take a shower over a bath. By introducing bacteria into your genital area, a bathtub can lead to irritation and infection.
  4. Many people do not use soap products as they fear that the healthy bacteria found in the genital region will die.
  5. A simple salt- or saline solution wash twice daily, after sex and masturbation, is sufficient to solve the problem.
  6. Use a mild soap such as Satin or Provon to clean the area. Rinse the area thoroughly with warm water after cleaning.
  7. Do not use anything but a paper towel for the piercing. Protect your skin with a family towel or a washcloth to prevent bacteria.
  8. It is essential to wash your piercing every day for the estimated time it will heal.
  9. For your new piercing, you should not use any creams or ointments.
  10. You should not permit your piercings contact bodily fluids during the initial weeks. Both saliva and semen are affected. While you can still have sex, it is important to use condoms/dental guards for every sexual contact. If you don’t, your risk is of becoming infected. It is also forbidden to use sex toys or masturbation.
  11. Clean your piercings. Your bedding and clothes should be washed as thoroughly as your skin. A reaction to detergent laundry soap may cause skin irritations such as itching or severe discomfort. You can switch to something else that does not contain stain-removing or bleaching agents.
  12. This is an initial phase of healing. It is possible that your vch may not completely heal after the first healing period.

Vch piercings can be one of the easiest for genital-piercings. There are many positive effects on your sexual health. You will love your new piercing.

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