Types of Piercings: From Head To Toe

You have many options for piercings, from the common to the unusual. Both types of piercings will bring you mental strength and beauty. It can be hard to care for a new piercing, as previous piercees discovered.

Before getting your pierced, it is a good idea to test out fake rings and stick-ons. The place you keep your faux jewelry determines which one you will select, depending on how you perceive it.

You can choose from many different types of piercings

Ear piercings:

Earlobe Piercing

This is the basic form of piercing. It is an excellent starting point for piercing. This piercing requires little to no maintenance and is easy to use. There are many types of jewelry, such as dangles or hoops, spikes or spikes, and studs, spikes and spikes. The procedure is cartilage-piercing, and there’s very little or no pain.

Conch Piercing

Because it is performed in an area that looks like a conch shell, the name “konk” refers to conch piercing. Conch-piercing can be done in two ways. You can choose between the inner or outer conch. An inner conch can be decorated with a cartilage-stud. The “lower cartilage”, or outer conch, can be embellished with a large hooped.

Daith Piercing

In the inner part of the ear, the daith is pierced. This section passes through a pressure point. Some patients claimed they felt less severe headaches after the surgery.

Helix piercing

Numerous celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus or Gal Gadot have had Helix piercings. Scarlett Johansson (Jennifer Aniston), Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston. The piercings are easily concealed with your hair. They can still be stylish and sophisticated when necessary.

Industrial Piercing

The upper cartilage is where you will find typical industrial piercings. The body modification consists of two separate piercings that are joined by a bar. An industrial piercing is a unique design. The piercing can often be seen more often in the last year because of its edginess.

Rook Piercing

A cartilage puncturing occurs in the upper ear called the rook. It can be found in the antihelix, above the tragus. Between the inner conch lining and the outer ear is the “rook”, also known as the ridge. This is two steps higher than the Tragus, making rookpiercing unusual and very eye-catching.

Tragus Piercing

The tragus must be pierced in order to wear jewelry. The tragus sits just above the lobe of the ear. It is used for piercing the tragus with a hollow gauge piercing tool. You can use it as a bead ring or barbell, earrings studs, or a captive bead.

Cartilage Piercing

Cartilage piercing refers to any piercing that occurs within the cartilage margin. These are sometimes also called a Helix or Industrial Piercing/ Scaffold or Anti Helix or Snug or Flat or Forward Helix.

Facial piercings:

Eyebrow piercing

Brow piercing is a vertical piercing of the eyebrow. You should poke it from the corner.

For eyebrow piercings, it takes six to eight weeks for them to heal. These piercings can also be used as a surface one, so the possibility of them migrating is possible. When the piercing is moved from its original location, whether slowly or downsover time, migration occurs.

Septum Piercing

Your septum is where your nostrils are pierced. The septum is found in the middle of the left and right nostrils. Insert the needle into the fleshy area towards the front of your nose just past the cartilage. It is sometimes called the “columella”, although it’s also known as “sweet spot”. Others don’t need a columella, so you can pierce through the cartilage.

Some individuals may not feel the needle pass through their septum. Some people will feel the push of the piercer pulling the ring through. It can be uncomfortable for as long as three days. This is common with all piercings. This is the smallest piercing on a pain scale. It could vary depending on how much you tolerate pain.

Nostril Piercing

You can pierce the nose at the natural place, which is the crease of the nose. This feature can help you locate it. A big smile is a great way to do this. The area around the piercing is typically thinner than the rest and heals quicker. It will remain in its original place so that it is able to bear the most grace.

The pain of piercing the nose is less than that of piercing the ear or lip. It will take several days for the healing process to complete. It is possible that your nose will be sore for some time. It can be painful and reddening to the nose. If there’s an infection, it usually heals in five days.

Body Piercings

Genital Piercing

Genital piercings can be done by both men and women. You can either choose from many placement options or a skilled piercer will guide you in finding the right one for you.

The high blood supply means that these piercings heal very quickly. Keep these piercings dry, clean and cool. After the piercing is completely healed, we recommend you not engage in any sexual activity.

While some piercings can enhance pleasure, others may be more decorative. If you have a genital piercing, unprotected sexual activity can increase your risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Avoid genital needle piercings until the wound is fully healed.

You have many options for genital piercings for women: Clitoral Hood, Clit, Triangular Piercing, Clit, Clit, Inner Labia, Outer Labia and Christina.

Many types of genital tattoos are available to men, including Dydoe and Ampallang, Dydoe and Prince Albert.

Belly Piercing

An abdominal button piercing can be done by going to the navel’s rim. They should be done at the top of the navel’s ridge. These can however be done outside your navel. It is not always easy to heal them. This can sometimes take nearly a year.

Nipple Piercing

You can see why so many people consider nipple-piercing a fashionable thing.

Some people have flat or inverted noses. Perforating them may make their tissue appear more prominent. You can make your nipples more visible by having them body-pierced, even though they may not be straight up.

Perforating the Surface

The surface piercings can be done on flat surfaces. These piercings go beneath the skin, not through muscles. This is why it can be difficult to find a professional who does these types of piercings. Finding custom jewelry can be difficult.

This unique piercing can be used to alleviate stress because of its singularity. They are quickly expelled by the human body and discarded. The rejection was created to prevent foreign objects getting underneath the skin. If you are pierced on the surface, then you will be opposing millions of years worth of evolution. This is possible with the help of a professional piercer.

Lip piercings:

Vertical labret piercing

Vertical labret (pronounced “luh*bret”) piercing, although less common, gives you a unique look. It may seem like it is a variant on the labret but a vertical piercing could be completely new.

Medusa Piercing

Medusa refers to a type of piercing which uses a “philtrum”, or a tool that allows access to soft tissue in the area between the upper and the lower lip.

The healing process for medusa punctures takes approximately 2 to 4 month. You can reduce its size by 6-8 weeks. Because of the possibility for swelling, jewelry should be smaller than normal.

The Medusa piercings have no hidden meaning and are a wonderful way to show off your individuality with unique designs. The small size of the piercings may limit your creativity. If you are looking for a smaller piercing than large ear or horn implants, these piercings will be a great choice.

Monroe Piercing

Monroe Piercings, which are jewels just above your upper lips and that look like a beauty mark, is called jewelry. The mark resembles Marilyn Monroe’s famous beauty mark and is found on the left. Monroe piercing may also be known as “Crawford Piercing”. You can call this a Madonna-piercing, if you do it on the right side above your lip.

This piercing was inspired by beautiful women.

Another Lip Piercings

You can wear lip piercing on both men and woman. Many options are available for lip-piercings, to fit every face. You have many choices for decorative piercings around the mouth and inside.

Oral piercings:

It is possible to pierce the oral cavity through your mouth. The piercings heal fast due to the high supply of blood. This can lead to tooth or gum damage. If you are concerned about your oral piercings or any other changes, it is crucial to seek medical help immediately.

There are several types of oral perforations, such as frowny, smiley, tongue-venom and tongue web.

Which type of piercing should you get?

Be careful before you start dreaming about piercings. Some piercings may not be suitable for all people. Everybody is different. Certain piercings need placements that fit your body. Talk to a professional before getting any type of piercing.

The second is your lifestyle. Neglecting genital and genital piercings can make it more likely that you will contract sexually transmitted disease. Many piercings will require you to refrain from using tobacco and alcohol during healing. To be able and to sleep on one side while healing takes mental strength. If you do not follow work dress code or don’t wear headphones, it can make it difficult to repair piercings. You also need to consider whether or not your workplace is able to accept your body piercings, and what health risk they pose for your employees.

These “issues” are often avoided by choosing the correct jewelry placement. A certified hygienic shop can pierce your heart. Grab some products for aftercare and get out the barbells.

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