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TSA officers find knife in comb, other taped to Hawaii traveler’s leg

Airport security at two Hawaii airports detected multiple prohibited items on travelers during routine screenings in the past two weeks, according to the Transportation Security Administration. 

At Kahului International Airport on Maui, a double-edge ceramic knife was detected in a traveler’s “cluttered” carry-on bag on April 18, a news release from TSA said.

The passenger, who was flying to San Francisco International Airport, agreed to check the knife in with the airline. He returned to airport security to be rescreened a few minutes later, and the knife was rediscovered in his waistband during a “targeted pat-down” after alarms were triggered, according to TSA.

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TSA Pacific said a butterfly knife was found taped to a traveler's leg in Honolulu.

On April 13, a different traveler tried to get through airport security in Honolulu with a butterfly knife taped to his leg. His carry-on was also found to have a collapsible baton and, upon rescreening, a knife concealed in a comb as well, according to TSA.

“One traveler, multiple prohibited items,” TSA Pacific tweeted on Tuesday. “Traveler had a knife concealed in a comb, a collapsible baton & a butterfly knife taped to his leg.”

Source: rssfeeds.usatoday.com

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