Top 15 Best Deck Skirting Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Skirting can be used to enhance the beauty and appeal of a porch or add an additional level. The deck skirtings should be chosen carefully to create an illusion of grandeur and enhance the appeal of the porch or patio.

There are many deck skirting options that can be used to create a functional deck design. These deck skirts can be more than beautiful, they also serve the purpose to hide the space between the ground and a deck. It can also protect animals from harm.

Common Materials for Modern Deck Skirting Ideas

deck skirting ideas

Before you start thinking of creative deck skirting designs, it is important to be familiar with the materials that are used to make these deck skirts. This knowledge can help you create an artistic design using a mix of materials.

These deck skirts can also be made in one material, but it is possible to make them more attractive and durable by using two complementary materials.

Listed below are some of the most popular deck skirting materials:

  1. Metal
  2. Bricks
  3. Solid wood
  4. Composites
  5. Faux stone
  6. Shrubs and Plants
  7. Wood Lattice

deck skirting ideas

Deck skirting ideas do not just depend on the material selection. Rather, you need to ask these questions before choosing a design.

  • What is the primary function of the deck?
  • What storage uses will it serve?
  • It is to keep animals away?
  • Are you just using it for aesthetic reasons?

These are some of the most important things to consider before you choose a deck skirting design. The maintenance of your deck skirting is an important consideration after you have made the decision.

15 Deck Skirting Ideas Decked with Creativity and Aesthetics

deck skirting ideas

Because the deck is such an integral and flexible element, the skirting must be creative to enhance the space’s beauty and comfort.

These 15 deck skirting ideas will elevate your deck’s glamour.

1. Narrow Board Skirting: Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas

deck skirting ideas

Deck skirting made from vinyl panels, scrap wood or wooden slats is a great option for budget decks. Instead of using wide wooden slats for your deck, you can opt to use narrow board skirting. From one thick piece of wood, thin wood slats can provide about six boards.

These standard boards can be used to skim small decks. The composite material can be chosen in muted gray tones for a modern look.

2. Below Deck Skirting Ideas

deck skirting ideas

The under deck can be used as an extra storage space to store equipment outside, such as a pump for the swimming pool or water pipes. You can also add extra access to the house with the high deck skirting.

If you live in suburban areas, you can use underdeck skirting with a white shade or a wooden design to create a ranch-style look. You can add visual appeal to your home by adding wooden doors or railing made of solid wood with metallic accents.

3. Under Deck Lattice Ideas

inexpensive deck skirting ideas

Most architectural design languages work well with lattice skirting in grid or crisscross patterns. Wood underdeck lattice ideas are a great way to complement designs that have a colonial, traditional, or rustic appeal.

Vinyl is the preferred material for its durability and long-term maintenance. You can convert any area that isn’t being used into storage space for your house with underdeck lattice.

Hardwood skirting can be used to create a classic look that contrasts with the natural landscape.

4. Symmetric Modern Deck Skirting Ideas

inexpensive deck skirting ideas

Modern deck skirting designs are made of bold colors, horizontal lines, and clear symmetry. Concrete, wood and composites are the most common materials for deck skirts. With a well-organized patio, horizontal deck skirting options can give your patio a cleaner look.

To make the railing more appealing and interesting, you can add LED lights to illuminate the wooden steps that complement the metal.

5. Bold Stone Deck Skirting Ideas

inexpensive deck skirting ideas

The deck’s stone skirting gives it a strong and solid appearance. The deck design has a sophisticated and strong look thanks to its rich color palette and interesting texture. Deck skirting ideas that are well-balanced using stone and hardwood create a seamless appearance while still retaining natural feel.

You can also make the same design with brick stone or metallic railing. This creates an angled, symmetrical balance and offers a clean design.

6. Metallic Deck Skirts

inexpensive deck skirting ideas

Metal is a durable, low-maintenance material that can be used for deck railings and skirting. Metal deck skirts are weatherproof and can be used as storage space.

These strong skirtings protect animals from damage. Metallic black contrasts well with lighter tones, adding visual appeal. The metallic design gives off an industrial, contemporary look for a low price.

Deck skirting with metallic panels is also an affordable option that allows for better ventilation and requires very little maintenance.

7. Wooden Skirting

inexpensive deck skirting ideas

Wood can be a wonderful choice to add a vintage feel to your house. Wood is easy to work with and comes in many creative options for deck skirting. To glam up the space, you can use a standard wooden or elevated skirting.

You can add a rustic touch to your deck by adding metallic railing.

8. PVC Skirt: Horizontal Deck Skirting Ideas

deck skirts

PVC deck skirts are a great alternative to traditional wooden skirting in areas with high moisture. These weatherproof skirts come in many colors and are easy to use.

The PVC skirting is stylish and fashionable with its horizontal, narrow slats that provide great ventilation. You can contrast it with metallic railing or natural wood tones. PVC can also be moulded in a traditional lattice style with thick borders or crisscross patterns.

9. Composite Deck Skirting

deck skirts

Composite materials are made from a combination of two or more building components in order to create a lasting design. Deck skirts made from composite materials are made of a mixture of concrete and other textures that mimic wood or vinyl.

You can make a composite deck skirt in a traditional box shape. The deck and skirt are made of the same composite material so the overall look blends well with the thick railing.

10. Pallet: Farmhouse Deck Skirting Designs

deck skirts

Pallet deck skirting gives the wood a great use, adding rusty cabin style or modern farmhouse design to your design. These give off a warm glow and are complemented with concrete pallet skirting.

Warm lighting in a brown color palette can give a modern vibe. A wide pallet with fiberglass in the horizontal section can add an edge to traditional pallet deck skirting.

11. Tall Deck Skirts

deck skirts

To protect the patio from wild animals in the forest, tall deck skirtings are built. They are often used in areas with uneven terrain. Deck skirts are also useful in flood-prone areas and serve as additional security walls for the house.

Tall skirtings in wood, concrete and metallic offer both a townhouse appeal as well as an appeal for conformity. It creates an illusion of unevenness.

12. Natural Craftsman Deck Skirting

deck skirts

Craftsman-style deck skirting means that the skirt is made from natural colors and materials. This requires authenticity in the design elements, and the design should match the house.

The deck will look stunning with a stained wood palette and horizontal deck skirting ideas.

13. Concrete Skirting

cheap deck skirting ideas

Concrete skirting is the best option for decks. It’s weatherproof and durable. Natural stones, concrete, or pavers offer a timeless look that can be incorporated into any design. To add an Asian touch, the gray-toned skirting can be contrasted with a wooden finishing.

14. Pool Deck Skirting

cheap deck skirting ideas

This is the most popular option for deck skirting with in-ground swimming pools. This design offers a unique look with a pool enclosed within a deck. You can keep the skirting low-ground by using a wooden lattice, which can also be used as additional storage.

Deck skirts in brown tones and with wooden accents can create a tranquil atmosphere and subtle aesthetics.

15. Floating Deck

cheap deck skirting ideas

Floating decks can be free-standing or supported by railings. This look can be achieved with solid deck skirting. Deck skirting can be used as steps, and LED lights can illuminate them to give the deck a welcoming feel.

A Seamless Look for Decks

cheap deck skirting ideas

There are many deck skirting options that can be used to create unique designs. Deck skirts can be used for storage, entry points, and other purposes. For a cohesive look, choose the one that meets your needs and has clean aesthetics.

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