Tila Tequila: 2021 Update, What Happened, Who Is She, And Dating History!

Tila TilaThien Thien Thi Thi Thi Nguyen (also known as Thien Thi Thi Thi Nguyen) is an American TV and social media celebrity. Her fame was built with A Shot at Love With Tila Tila Tequila. She was a popular MySpace user, which helped to grow her career and open up new possibilities. Her name is well-known in the entertainment industry. Tila Tequila’s struggles with addiction and mental health took a terrible turn after her ex-fiancee, Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, died in 2010 from “natural causes”. Take a look at Tila Tequila’s life from her fake suicide attempts to her sex tapes and her documented claims of satanic possession, love of Hitler and satanic possession. Hinweis: Jesus appears in this photo, and she has two children.

Tila Tequila: What happened to controversial social media figures?

The early years of life

Tila “Tequila”, real name Thien Thi Thi Thi Thi Thi, Nguyen, is a Singaporean born on October 24, 1981. She was one-year old when her parents fled Vietnam. Her family moved to Houston in Texas. Houston was home to the family in a gated community run by a Buddhist temple. Nguyen (8 years) was his first family member to leave the neighborhood. In high school, the future reality star was hooked on drugs and joined a gang.

Tila Tequila was an actor during her childhood. At eleven, Tila Tequila tried addiction drugs. She became close friends with local companies.

According to reports, friends named her “Tila Tequila” because of her alcohol allergy.

Tila Tequila was 13 when she started to drink. Nightclubs were also an important part of her life. The future reality star of reality would often use her sister’s credentials to get into clubs during those years. At 14 years of age, she was sent to boarding schools. When she got her first tattoo, she was just fifteen years old. She started smoking at sixteen and fled to New York City.


Tila Tequila once was the most popular Myspace user. Her primary education was at different schools. Tila Tequila was the daughter of Vietnamese parents. With her aggressive nature, she moved to Singapore after the Vietnam War. She graduated from Alief Hastings High school in 2000 and moved to California in order to be a model. She did take some college classes, but she didn’t get a degree.

Tila Tequila is a dating site.

Tila Tequila was with a man:

  • Nick Carter – It was believed that TT was dating Nick at the time.
  • Ray J-TT was in a relationship with Ray J-TT in 2006.
  • Dani Campbell (2007) – TT and Dani got together in 2007.
  • Bobby Banhart (2007) – TT and Bobby briefly dated.
  • Casey Johnson – TT and Casey were engaged in December 2009. Casey Johnson – TT and Casey were engaged in December 2009. However, complications with diabetes caused Casey’s death on January 4, 2010.
  • Billy Corgan (2009) – TT briefly dated Billy.
  • Courtenay Semel (2009) – TT was romantically connected up with Courtenay Semel who is the daughter Terry Semel (former CEO, Chairman of Yahoo! Inc.).
  • Kate Major (2010) – TT allegedly had a fling alongside Kate Major
  • Thomas Paxton Whitaker, 2013-2014 – Thomas Paxton Whitaker and Isabella were briefly pregnant. She was then able to become pregnant in 2014. Isabella Monroe was born to her family in November 2014. He also served as the baby daddy.

Bobby Banhart was the social media superstar who is also the 2007 winner of “A Shot at Love”. Banhart wrote a message to MySpace, indicating that they had broken up in January 2008. Banhart stated on MySpace that they were not together, and that she had never given him her number.

Shawne Merriman’s ex-boyfriend allegedly choked Shawne in September 2009 He was later arrested. But, the San Diego district attorney declined to press charges. Merriman was later sued by social media for $1.5million. He counter-sued a few months later alleging unfair competition and trademark infringement. He did not answer the suit. A default judgment was entered in his favor at $2,000,000

Casey Johnson became a famous social media star in 2009 when he proposed to Casey. Johnson, who had diabetes complications, passed away January 3, 2010.

The star of social media was almost killed in a suicide attempt. However, she later revealed that she went to rehab on March 7th 2012. Following her hospitalization for a brain tumor in March 2011, she finished rehab. She was previously in a relationship, with Thomas Paxton Whitaker (a musician). Whitaker was facing financial problems that led to her separation.

Social media celebrity, Isabella Monroe Nguyen, was well-known for her Instagram fame. She announced her pregnancy April 18, 2014. Isabella Monroe Nguyen was conceived November 16, 2014. Annabelle, the second of her children, was also born to this social media celebrity in September 2018.

Is Tila Tequila really worth it?

This reality star was worth $1.8million as of 2017. Tila Tequila once was the most popular Myspace user. Since her prominence in fashion, Tila Tequila’s net worth has increased to $1.8million dollars. She was once the best-selling model in the entire world. She was also the founder of several online fashion companies. These reality stars made their fortunes in a variety of ways, such as brand endorsements, music and movies.


On March 20, 2007, she released her first Extended plays EP (“Sex”), which was also her debut EP. Her second EP (Welcome To The Dark Side) was also published in 2010. Despite signing records-breaking deals with major label labels, Reality Star has also released many singles on her own.

Premiere of Film

In 2007, the reality star was a comedy film I Now Pronounce Chuck, Larry as Hooters Girl.

Television debut

In 2003, Surviving Nugent was a reality television show. The Vietnamese host has been featured on a variety of shows since then, including THS Investigates Online Nightmares (2006), Pants-Off Dance-Off (2006), Bullrun: Cops, Cars & Superstars IV (2007), and Bullrun. VH1 also broadcast her own reality series, A Shot at Love With Tila Tquila.

Brand endorsements

This model is a well-known social media star and has promoted many brands.

What did Tila Tequila do?

2007- 2008

Reality dance show star and reality TV star, A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila was her peak when she sought love from both men & women. It is known as “the ultimate fight between the sexes”.


Shawne Merrimen is an NFL superstar who started dating the native Singaporean. Tequila tried her first suicide after a domestic violence case that had been widely covered. The District Attorney determined there wasn’t enough evidence to support a crime and the charges were dismissed. Tequila posted a tweet about her suicide attempt, and stated that God needed her to be there. Following her tweet, Tequila’s District Attorney dismissed all charges.

Also uploaded on 4tube.com was a 10 second Tequila video in November Reports suggested that Myspace Star would soon be releasing a 15-minute sex video. The tape was shot in 2004.

Tequila, the Johnson heiress, and Tequila made their engagement announcement on December 1st. Casey Johnson had been with Tila on one occasion before Johnson proposed to her. Tequila claims that the ring was a 17-carat diamond ring. She even called out celebrities who braggingly boast about their sex and said, “Beat J.Lo!” Be better than Khloe That’s it, everyone! Casey Johnson, Tila and their rings were displayed before they went on a shopping trip together.


Johnson, Tequila and their love story about trainwreck romance turned tragic when Johnson was found dead at his Los Angeles home. Tequila was shocked and took to Twitter for support. Tequila wrote, “All people please pray for my wifey Casey Johnson.” Her body is no more. While we are thankful for all of your love and support, we won’t be able to visit our families.

Johnson had been known to abuse drugs in the past. Up until her passing, Johnson was believed to have used many of the drugs by friends. After the autopsy, Johnson was found to have no drug residues. Natural death was declared for the Singaporean resident.

The reality TV star claimed that she was in fact pregnant by The Game’s baby, just weeks after losing her fiancee. Tequila asserts Johnson was the one who got her pregnant. RadarOnline spoke only with her. She said that she was “so that’s how we got pregnant.” Casey was with me and I, which is why my baby’s death was such a devastating shock. Game vigorously refuted her claim to being pregnant.

Only after she uploaded a photograph of a sonogram, nobody believed that the reality dance star was actually pregnant. The native Singaporean, who had hit her head in Singapore at home, was taken to the hospital. The fate of her unborn baby was unknown. RadarOnline said she was pregnant but denied having miscarried.

Tequila spoke out in April 2010 to confirm that Myspace Star was not pregnant, contrary to her claim. The publicist for her suggested she might have miscarried and said “She’s still unmarried.” Medical complications were possible.

Tila shared a video of Tila with her wrist bleeding on her website. Fans panicked and dialled the police. Tila was referring to reality TV star. Tila was found by police in a thorough search. It took five hours to cover several counties.

This “attempt” was a fraud, and wasted a lot of time. Later on, Myspace’s star went to the hospital for psychotherapy. The hospital also treated her for self-inflicted injury to her right arm.

August, Myspace’s social media celebrity, attempted music making in August. She released an album in 2010! This was not a great success. Tequila, who was performing naked at a festival, was attacked with rocks and beer bottles. Tequila, who was attacked with beer bottles and stones, tried to escape to her trailer. But her angry guests followed. The windows were broken. Tequila wasn’t arrested, and was instead photographed showing her bruises.

More drama emerged two months later from the sextape. RadarOnline spoke exclusively with Tila Tequila, who stated that RadarOnline was threatening her life because of the sextape she had with her ex-boyfriend. The video was shot in 2004.


Tila Tequila had the opportunity to buy the rights for her sex tape. It was not released to the public until January 2011.

A second Tequila sex tape, which was later released on PornHub, was also available. It was this time with two women.

Vivid Entertainment asked for the release of the tape and sent a request to PornHub asking that it be removed.

Myspace’s social media person claimed that it wasn’t meant to be public. RadarOnline found out from the porn firm that Tila Tequila had been offered the tape but declined.


Tila Tequila, who was in the hospital for over a week because of a brain tumor, had taken an overdose and checked into rehabilitation by March 2012. RadarOnline received information from a source that Tila Tequila (a Myspace star on social media) had sustained a brain injury during the night. Then she began to act irrationally.

Tila Tequila then allegedly took two prescription drugs. Tila Tequila said that she felt as if she were dying from overeating and vomited all over her room. A social media star, “Tila” broke her bedroom window as a desperate attempt to escape. In April, she was able to complete her rehabilitation and then stayed for some time.


Tila Tequila uploaded videos to YouTube in April 2013 with bizarre and bold claims. Her most popular video on social media was her claim that she can create energy and has superhuman capabilities.

By Decemeber, the Singaporean native was overflowing with conspiracy theories and ideas. Myspace’s social media superstar claimed that she was aware of the circumstances surrounding Paul Walker’s death, and said it was ritualistic. A photo she shared showed her holding a gun, and she was sporting a swastika bracelet before Auschwitz. Tequila also claimed that she can time travel from an alien planet.


Tila Tequila posted a selfie declaring her 10 week pregnant. Thomas Paxton was Tila Tequila’s baby daddy. He proudly told the world that Tila Tequila would make a wonderful mother. He changed his mind quickly and started fighting online.

Radar sources obtained text messages from Tequila that he sent to Whitaker, lashing out at his daughter Briana for dating a N *****.”. She used the N word on social media, turning the whole world against her. Tila Tequila claimed that her phone had been hacked, but she didn’t send the messages.

Isabella was the result of Tila Tequila’s November 2014 birth.


Even though she has a history of making racist remarks, the ex-social media star was nearly offered another opportunity at reality television. Although she was scheduled to appear on Celebrity Big Brother UK’s next season, she continued to be her worst enemy. Following a discussion about Hitler on the house, she was kicked off the show.

People believed Tila Tequila knew all. Isabella, dressed as Hitler on Instagram proved that they were wrong.


Tila was a Singaporean-born Vietnamese woman who declared herself an “Aryan goddess” and advocated #AryanLivesMatter. Following the leak of audio that Donald Trump had bragged about his desire to grab women by the pussy, Myspace’s Star responded with a Tweet: “Women complain that Trump says ‘Grab me through the pussy! You are retards “I love to be seized by the pussy! LMAO!”

Tila Tequila made an anti-Semitic attack against Sarah Silverman on June 2016, In June 2016, she tweeted, “IF YOU GET KILLED IN 2016, ALL OF US WILL KNOW IT IS BECAUSE EARTH EXPOSED AS FLAT.” #TRUTHEXPOSED.”

Tila Tequila, a November 2016 tweeter who posted an offensive rant against Nazism and included a photograph of herself performing the Nazi salute was banned. He was also invited to the National Policy Institute’s celebrations of Trump’s victory. Richard Spencer (a white nationalist) hosted the convention.


This social media celebrity was suspended from Twitter in November 2017. She decided to give YouTube a try after being banned. She currently posts multiple times per week on her channel. Tequila became Tornado Thien and began uploading bizarre videos about Satanism, Hollywood sacrifices and other topics. Tequila, her Nazi lover, spoke out about her past conspiracy and said that celebrity deaths are due to them being sacrificed. She even referred to her ex-fiancee. Courtenay Semel was the founder of Yahoo! Johnson claimed to have been killed.


Whitaker fought for custody of the child’s minor daughter, and she finally won. The social media celebrity announced in early 2018 that she would be having her second child.

Tornado Thien (ex-Myspace social star) reactivated the Instagram account in August. Selena Gomez and Cardi B posted their first photos. The caption was “2 ugly monsters!” Is it not amazing to see @selenagomez become a little ugly grylin! @iamcardib, a demon-possessed dirty demon of Kali who sticks out her filthy tongue! Anybody with eyes can see my point. In order to blend in, Demons have to wear so many make up items and photoshopped. As can be seen in Selena’s dirty look, Demons can also transform ….. ??? “Filthy sons of Satan!”

Tila Tequila posted a YouTube clip of her end-of-the year drug test results to show that she is sober and able to defy all of her critics.


Tila Tequila (a YouTube celebrity 2 years back) wished her viewers a happy new Year and promised that her family would be well-off in 2019. Purchase her art on Etsy starting at 50k to get some Tequila in the house. You can also donate to her gofundme page.

Tila Tequila: Where are you today?

Ex-bisexual babe, who had a freewheeling lifestyle, became an Evangelical Christian.

Tornado Thien was once a Myspace celebrity who has now changed her name. Although she isn’t active on Instagram since 2018, she still posts to her YouTube channel, “The Lord Your Righteousness”.

Isabella (7 years old) is her mother. You can help her raise funds by opening a GoFundMe Account.

In many of her videos, she claims that God called her to give testimony. Her look is often different as she does not wear makeup. Instead, she has a scarf around her neck and doesn’t wear lipstick. Although she is a praiseer of God, she also praises God because she has daughters and she can afford new cars. Isabella, ex-media superstar, also participated in her testimony. Her daughter Isabella was even said to have been used by God to deliver divine messages.

Tila Tequila recorded the conversation while she was buying a vehicle. It was the Holy Spirit. Isabella replied, “I’m King of God!” Joseph…she asks: “Who is Joseph?” It was correct. It was exactly what I felt. Joseph is exactly what I feel. His brothers were cruel to him. He was sold into slavery, and then thrown in the pit. Similar to what happened to …”., it’s almost the same thing.

Tila Tequila still has not released anything since 2021. It will be interesting to see. Ex-social media superstar still posts almost daily videos to her YouTube channel. She speaks out about the Lord. Tila, though it’s doubtful that she is actually the woman in the video clips is Tila. Check out Tila’s religious life and learn more about her path to fame.

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