The 12 Best Resorts in Antipolo to Book (Near Manila)

Complex rhythms are a hallmark of the city. You can hear traffic, alarms, horns, markets, and other sounds. Each day we have to struggle with traffic and commute, break down ideas in meetings, and pull all-nighters for never ending work deadlines. Ugh! We…

This article lists 12 Best Resorts in Antipolo, (Near Manila).

Complex rhythms are a hallmark of the city. You can hear traffic, alarms and horns. Each day we have to struggle with traffic and commute, break down ideas in meetings, and pull all-nighters for never ending work deadlines. Ugh! This vicious cycle of exhaustion must stop!

Are you excited about your long-awaited vacation? We have listed the best Antipolo resorts, offering everything from all-inclusive resorts and gourmet meals to relaxing spa treatments.

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Even if you haven’t taken astronomy classes at college, this is still an excellent way to view the night sky and observe the tiny stars twinkling far away. It is designed to give you the best experience in skygazing. For stargazing, the hotel boasts a functioning telescope. Seven Suites Hotel Observatory has the fourth largest telescope in all of Philippines.

Antipolo Resort grabbed the top spot at the Sumulong Highway Hill overlooking the serene view of the city lights. Get ready for an astronomy adventure complete with beer and tasty appetizers. Still hungry? The hotel has a dessert counter that offers delicious desserts. It will be a memorable experience.

Lage: Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Luljetta Place Garden Suites

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Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens is frequently ranked among Luzon’s most romantic resorts. The view is stunning and overlooks Laguna de Bay as well as the Metro Manila Skyline. Its tranquility and beautiful garden are sure to delight you. This area offers many activities.

Its exceptional customer-centered service has made Antipolo a popular resort. This is also the country’s only hanging garden spa. You can also enjoy a warm jacuzzi and sauna in the resort’s fish spa. Luljetta is also available for overnight stays if you do not feel like spending the day. Families, couples and large groups will all find ample rooms and suites to make their stay more comfortable.

Lage Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo

Mount Purro Nature Reserve

IMAGE | Mount Purro Nature Reserve Facebook

Mount Purro Nature Reserve offers mental relaxation, mental clarity, as well as lots of pampering. The resort will appeal to nature-lovers! The ideal place to go if you are looking for a way to connect with the natural world without all the noise and hustle.

There are also team-building activities like rope courses, river-trekking, and horseback riding. Interaction with Traditional Hilot Massage is possible.

Lage: Barangay Calawis, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Villa Elisha

IMAGE | Villa Elisha Facebook
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Villa Elisha, an elegant villa situated on a 30-hectare parcel in Philip Sanctuary and Eco Resort’s Eco Resort area is available. The loft has a connection room. The bathroom has 2 separate toilet areas and 3 other bathrooms. There is also a grill area. This is a great place to host family vacations and team building.

Relax in the villa’s tranquil surroundings and deep-blue pool. Additional loft space is available with external glazing, and provides a breathtaking view of the forest. High ceilings are what make this area so cool. The IG corners are also my favorite, and I’m sure you will too!

When you stay at Villa Elisha, you get one free entry to Philip’s Sanctuary Philip’s Sanctuary allows you to enjoy many outdoor activities such as swimming, biking, hiking, obstacle courses and ziplines.

One tip is to make sure you bring your own toiletries and food as the market can get quite expensive.

Lage: Pestano Farm Trail, Antipolo, Rizal

Bosay Resort

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Bosay Resort is an excellent choice for families looking for a family friendly vacation. It covers three hectares of Antipolo Mountain terrain. Many activities are available for families at this resort. You can choose from a variety of pools including therapeutic, private, jacuzzi and therapy as well as infinity, wave, kiddie, or therapeutic. A disco pool).

Bosay Resort offers an in-house dining option so you won’t need to bring food. A cottage can be rented for day trips, or you may choose to stay in a hotel for overnight stays.

Lage: Near Galang/Roco Farm, Marigman Rd, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Phillip’s Sanctuary

Phillip’s Sanctuary Facebook

Outdoor adventures are offered by The Phillip’s Sanctuary! Enjoy time with your family and friends. Phillip’s Sanctuary provides a variety of adventures and challenges including hiking, kayaking, kayaking or obstacle course.

The farm’s organic fruit and flowers will enchant you. You will also find a pond that houses various species of fish like Tilapia and Pangasius.

Phillip’s Sanctuary like Camp Tipolo are well-respected for their team building activities. Philip’s Sanctuary offers a space for spiritual retreats as well as a venue to host a party featuring a theme that is related to zoos or a seminar. This is all set in quiet, natural surroundings.

You can find the Phillip’s Sanctuary at Sitio Panlilingan, on Pestano Farm Road. You can visit them from 8am-6pm. Entry is 50 pesos.

Lage: Pestano Farm Trail, Antipolo, Rizal

Cristina Villas Mountain Resort

Cristina Villas Mountain Resort, and Hotel Facebook
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Cristina Villas Mountain Resort is an excellent choice for pre-wedding photos. This is due in large part to its Baroque architectural design, which spanish style houses. It combines comfort with elegance in authentic hacienda-style. This resort is perfect for Instagram Stories! These rooms are a perfect match for the Baroque design.

Cristina Villa has many outdoor activities. Ziplines are available, as well as a volleyball and basketball court, a spa, and an obstacle course.

Lage: Taktak Rd, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Date and Dine Resort

Date and Dine Resort Facebook
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Book hotels in Brainy with a Library! Date and Dine has a wide selection of books guests will love. Antipolo’s is the place to go for authentic Italian noodles after reading.

You can decorate the rooms in date and dine resorts with Indian, Safari, or Rustic themes. Your room will have Wi-Fi and a coffeemaker.

Within 5km, the Pinto Art Museum and famous Hinulugang Taktak falls are also accessible from the hotel. You might want to stay at Date & Dine Resort if these spots are on your bucket-list.

Lage : Beverly Hills Subdivision 7th Avenue Verbena and Begonia Drive Antipolo 1870

Loreland Farm Resort

IMAGE | Loreland Farm Resort
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Loreland Farm and Spa, located in Antipolo on the beautiful plateau is a great escape. It’s only 55 minutes away from Metro Manila. Loreland Farm makes a great spot for families. Fur babies and cats are welcome too!

Loreland is home to 5 swimming pools. Each pool has a different depth and is well-maintained. The resort offers a great place for group building. Loreland Farm Resort just opened Camp Tipolo. It is an exclusive facility for team-building.

Lage Sitio Loreland Brgy Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Altaroca Mountain Resort and Convention Center

Altaroca Mountain Resort & Events Place Facebook
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If you are in need of a short getaway but do not have enough money to pay for luxury resorts, this hotel could be a good option. The hotel is perfect for team building, reunions, group vacations, large parties, or other events. You can, however, go your own way if necessary. Altaroca Resort rooms have inspirational quotes on them and a more artsy feel. You can have a large number of people in a dorm-style or family room. You can also find standard rooms and suites in the hotel for smaller groups.

Lage: Taktak Road, Bankers Village, Brgy.Sta.Cruz Antipolo

Cattleya Resort

IMAGE | Cattleya Resort Facebook
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Cattleyas are the first thing that comes to mind when people think of orchids. This was an old orchidarium. Cattleya Resort has many facilities at an affordable cost for working families.

Cattleya is able to hold large groups of people so it’s a popular location for team building or reunions. You have 19 options for renting a pool, but the prices will vary according to how many you rent.

Cattleya provides three kinds of packages. A day-package is available for 24 hours, a night-package for 24-hours and a straight package for 24 hours. The package you select depends on which pool you pick, the size of your group, and whether you’ve chosen overnight accommodations. They don’t require you to take your own food.

Cattleya may not be the most extravagant resort but it will make your stay feel comfortable and relaxing.

Lage: Sitio Ibabaw, Colaique, Bo. San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal

Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club

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Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club offers adventure at Antipolo’s top resorts. Many activities are available to all ages. Swimming pools, ziplines and other sports amenities are all available. Also, you will find museums of art, karaoke rooms, and ziplines.

Antipolo’s top-rated resort is the 360-degree viewing deck with hanging bridge. With the 360-degree panorama deck, Instagrammers can make their dreams come true. It overlooks Antipolo City and Sierra Madre. The beauty of the area alone makes it a romantic destination.

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