Sherrill Redmon: Wikipedia and Detailed Facts

Sherrill was a former businesswoman, journalist, and is probably best-known for her ex-wife, Mitch McConnell (a prominent American politician). From 1968 to 1980, she was married to Senator of Kentucky. The couple had three children: Elly McConnell (Porter McConnell), Claire McConnell(Claire McConnell). She isn’t brought up often by him.

We have the facts on Sherill Redmon who was Mitch McConnell’s ex girlfriend

Education and childhood

Sherrill Lynn, her real name is Sherrill Lynn. She was born in Louisville (Kentucky), 6 February 1943. Aquarius, and she holds American citizenship.

Charles, Sherill’s businessman father, was also her mother Doris, who was a pianist-teacher teacher. She is the mother of two sisters and one brother.


When she was a kid, her fascination with journalism and politics led to her becoming enthralled in the subject. Seneca High School is where she studied and was involved in organizing events. She graduated from the University of Louisville in 1965 with a Bachelor of Art. After graduating from Kentucky in 1965, she continued her studies and received her Juris Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1974.

Mitch McConnell on Love and Marriage

Sherrill and Mitch met in 1962 while they were students at the University of Louisville. They started dating in 1965. In just ten years, Mitch was elected judge of Jefferson County. The marriage continued to work and Sherill was blessed with three children, Elly and Claire.

Porter was born a year before Mitch and Sherill were married.

It was revealed that Sherill had been spotted with Harry Reid in 1986. But it’s not clear if they were ever in a relationship. In 1993, Mitch and Elaine Chao were married. Although they have been married since 1993, they have not had children.

Sherrill Redmon’s career

Her first marriage

Sherrill Redmon, a former housewife, worked at the Archives and Records Center while raising her family.

After divorce:

McConnell might have divorced his wife had he tried to get reelected. Sherrill, who was a doctoral student in American history after their divorce, moved from Kentucky to Massachusetts.

She was a feminist activist.

Following her split from Mitch she joined Smith College as a feminist scholar. Her first job was at Sophia Smith Collection of Women’s History Archives. Within a short time, she was elevated to the position of director. In March 2012, she retired.

To increase cultural and racial diversity, she worked for Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Gloria Steinem, a prominent feminist journalist, also helped her with an oral history project called Voices of Feminism.

The New Yorker claims that Gloria Steinem stated once that Sherill Remon had never spoken about Mitch McConnell. Steinem claimed that McConnell held once different political views. She said, “I cannot imagine how painful it must have been to marry and give up with a democratic Jekyll and then watch him turn into a corrupt, autoritarian Hyde.”

She holds a PhD.

Redmon graduated with a bachelor of Arts degree from University of Louisville. Later, she attended University of Kentucky where she earned a Doctor of Philosophy. 1974

Retirement and legacy:

Image of Sherrill walking out of the house on her last day.

Sherrill redmon, the Sophia Smith Collection’s Director, was relieved of her duties on August 31, 2012. Her legacy was a transformation of an organization. Staff was thinking about her legacy while they were sending off on the last day. It was hard to remember the Alumnae gym that she had joined in fall 1993.

The Collection Sherill, which was founded in 1993, was large and wealthy. But it was also heavily focused on the lives, and achievements of white women. These elite women were largely from the Northeastern United States.

The SSC staff had tried to fix this imbalance. However, Sherrill felt that an extra effort was needed to raise the holdings. Voices of Feminism was launched by the SSC with Joyce Follet as Collection Development Coordinator, and Gloria Steinem receiving financial support from the Ford Foundation. The ambitious documentation strategy is intended to enable scholars to fill the gaps in historical records.

The group searched for collections that would document underrepresented and important voices. They included 60 women who were anti-racism, labor and peace activists, feminist rights advocates and grass root organizers of antiviolence.

The Voices Project asked these women to send in their personal documents and records. Voices helped doubters see the value of their work and encouraged them to write papers.

These collections are available to African American and Native American women as well as Latino, Asian Pacific Islander and other women of colour and their advocacy groups. These documents are strong evidence of the fact that women of color worked hard for gender equality before 1963. The women were part of the Second Wave of Feminism and criticised its lack of representation of their concerns. Later, they incorporated certain practices into their own feminist movements.

Sherrill was also capable of taking advantage of many amazing, but sometimes frightening, opportunities that presented themselves along the way. This was the case with the purchase of the incredible, large records of YWCA U.S.A.

Sherrill discovered 292 brand-new collections and nearly 6000 feet worth of materials. Sherill also found grants and donated materials that were research-ready.

Hobbies and other interests

Sherrill loved history, especially the USA since she was young. Sherill has been to many European countries and is well-versed in the history of Europe, especially the Balkans.

When she has time, she enjoys reading. Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Po and Franz Kafka are her favorite authors. Her favourite books are “The Trial” (in the Penal Colony) and “A Hunger Artist”.

Rosario Dawson is a big fan of movies and TV. Donnie Brasco and Devil’s Advocate are her favorite films.

She supports equality of men and woman and is a strong advocate for human rights. But she is also a lover of animals. She has contributed time and money for many charities, as well as shelters.

The net worth and appearance

Sherrill now has 77 years. Sherill has medium length gray hair, and dark brown eyes. She measures 5ft 4ins (1.2m) and is 120lbs (55 kgs). It was believed that her net worth is over $300,000. Mitch’s net worth exceeds $22.5million

Is Mitch McConnell married?

Mitch married Elaine Chao (US secretary of transportation) on February 6, 1993. It was chosen because Chao turned 40, Chao was celebrating a birthday, and the Senate had been in recess for a few days.

Redmon is apparently working on a “tell all” memoir.

The New Yorker reports that Sherrill McConnell’s ex, Sherrill, is writing a memoir.

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