Septum Piercing: What I Asked My Friend Before Getting One

Bull rings and nose rings are the most common septum piercings. This piercing has been documented by Native Indian tribes in the past and is still visible today on many faces. However, its history goes back a long way.

While Shawnee leaders like Tecumseh wore Septum Rings, New Guineans, Solomon Islands and Solomon Islands peoples also wore them. However, the Asmat tribe of Irian Jaya used thick bone plugs to make septum jewelry. These were made with the legs or tibia bones of pigs. You have cool history under your nose.

Now, after seeing celebrities with piercing eyes, I made the decision to get one for my own. For me to be sure that I understood the terms of my purchase, I asked my friend who purchased one these questions:

How does a septum puncturing work?

Your septum is where your nostrils are pierced. The septum is found in the middle of the left and right nostrils. You insert the needle through the fleshy part towards the front, just above the cartilage. This area is called “the columella”, however, it’s also known as “sweet spot”. For some people, the columella is not necessary so that the piercing can be done through the cartilage.

Some may not feel any needle moving through their septum. Other people may feel the push of the piercer pulling the ring through. Sometimes the tears will make your eyes well up. It can be uncomfortable for as long as three days. This is common with all piercings. This is the smallest piercing on a pain scale. It could change depending upon your pain tolerance.

2/10 – Pain due to septum perforation

Three to four out of 10 people report pain in their noses after a piercing.

Pain from vertical labret: 4 out of 10

The Medusa pain from piercing is four out of ten

Daith piercings hurt: 5-6 per 10.

Six out of 10 suffer pain from a ring-piercing

My septum is piercing.

This is sometimes called “septum odor” or “septum scent”. Most people with septums have encountered it. This is because both your septum and nose are attached to it.

It is a common occurrence in healing. The smell is probably a combination of old skin cells and possibly some boogers. It can also have a rotten scent if it is made from old soap. Make sure to clean the area where you are piercing. It is possible to also feel a faint smell.

What can you do to prevent or reduce the septum piercing smells?

  • Problems could arise if your smell is associated with yellow pus, pain, blood or both. The smell of blood mixed with pain, yellow pus or blood could signal that your body needs to heal.
  • A healthy cleaning regimen is essential. To reduce unpleasant smells, Q-Tips may be combined with warm soapy water. For fresh piercings you can also clean them with an antiseptic and salicylic solution.
  • Make sure to clean the piercings on both sides. Rotate the septum band as far as you have jewelry. Clean the area that lies within the septum channel.
  • You can use cotton balls to clean the jewelry using mild soapy solution.
  • If you aren’t a fan of the scent, consider switching to another material for your septum rings. You may be allergic to certain metals.
  • You can also take jewelry out from the water to wash with soapy water if it persists.

Is it because my septum is pierced?

Your septum piercing may cause intense pain during healing. It can be difficult to discern if this is pain from healing, or infection.

The healing process for a septum piercing takes between six and eight months. According to skin-artists, your whole nose might ache within the first 3-4 weeks.

The usual signs are a slight white color buildup at the piercing, as well as some swelling. Your piercing could appear slightly off-center. Are you experiencing pain or swelling not similar to normal? If there is concern, examine the discharge carefully.

Does it make sense? Are you unsure if it is yellow-tinged?

Are there any traces of blood?

Is the septum warm and supple?

Your doctor will be able to help you find the right treatment.

Infection can be prevented if you remember the following.

Don’t Touch It – If you think about this, your hands are constantly in contact with many bacteria strains. This area should not be exposed to germs or bacteria.

Use mild saltwater to soak: You can purchase a saline solution from most piercing shops or order it online for piercings. Soak your piercing in saltwater to prevent infection. You can make saltwater at-home using 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, not table salt. To one cup warm boiling water you will need to add 14 cup. Mix until salt is dissolved. Then, let the solution sit for several minutes on your piercings. To clean your piercings, you can either use prepared or homemade soap.

Use Anti-Inflammatories. This will reduce pain and swelling for the first few weeks. But don’t go overboard!

How much does septum piercing cost?

Piercings can be expensive. It is better to pay a little more for a HYGIENIC-certified piercer than to save a few bucks. Cost of septum piercings is usually around $2,500 Starting at PS15, going up to PS40 and ending at $40 to $90. Find the most affordable piercing salon near you, and compare their rates.

How does your septum piercing reveal anything about you?

The septum piercing goes beyond simple nose piercing. The septum doesn’t care about what other people think of them. Although you may be focused on pleasing others, it is worth taking into consideration the historic significance of type piercing.

In the beginning, Septum was made by Indians and other war cultures. But it has also been used by other cultures. Indians pride themselves on their rich culture and history. Like you, they can freely express themselves.

It can be significant depending on the culture of the individual wearing it. The septum bone is used to demonstrate strength. In warrior cultures, the septum rings are very common. The piercing of the septum is an indicator of success and can be used to indicate one’s progress into adulthood.

People who are interested in this type of piercing might find comfort in knowing that North American Tribes regard the ring to be a passageway after they have returned from soul-searching. You could be one of them.

What is the best way to clean septum punctures?

It’s likely that you have made the decision to have your septum punctured. First, we’ll talk about septum treatment. These piercings take three to four weeks to heal. You can speed up the healing process if you give it good care. You don’t need to puncture the septum to get an infection. A fever or swelling of the lymph nodes is a sign that you have an infection. If you experience any of the symptoms, it is important to immediately consult your physician.

Wash your septum once a day in the tub. Use a soap like Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap for the outside and a saline solution to clean the inside. It is not recommended to use any soap, astringent or shampoo on your nostrils. You won’t cause irritation by drying it. The task of the nostrils is to kill or trap bacteria. To do this, the nostril does not require any assistance.

Your septum should be cleaned with great care after it has been pierced. It is important to not overwash your septum and don’t let it get damaged. If you touch anything with your fingers, it is likely that you will pick up several strains. This area should not be exposed to germs or bacteria.

What is the best way to hide septum-piercings?

Do you want to hide your septum piercings. These are ways you can hide septum piercings.

1. It’s possible to flip your septum jewellery

Your septum jewelry should be rotated upwards so it’s out of sight. For ongoing piercings, this isn’t recommended. You can conceal your septum with horseshoe-shaped jewelry, such as curved barbells or curved barbells once your septum is healed. This technique may not work well for all.

2. Make use of a Septum Retainer

An example of jewelry is the septum retainer. It is an ornamental piece meant to be concealed in the nose. The smaller jewelry is more comfortable and can be worn snugly. It’s usually made of titanium, steel or acrylic. You can easily flip many retainers. to be visible, if needed. Let your piercer be ready before you pierce if you want a septum keeper.

You can conceal the wound with a retainer while you are healing.

Although most piercings should not be covered with tape or concealed, septums can still be visible. Wash your hands immediately after handling septum jewelry. Septum piercings should remain unaffected for between 6-8 weeks. Then, change the or flip up your jewelry. You can consult your piercer to adjust or move your septum. This will help you avoid irritation and infection.

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