Sean Murray: Biography, Weight Loss, Career, Facts and Net Worth in 2022

Most of what we know about Sean Murray (the actor most well-known for his portrayal as Timothy McGee) is known. There are many interesting facts we do not know about Murray. Are they acting or are they regular students? Is Sean Murray worth 2020 in terms of net worth?

Sean Murray’s Biography

Sean Murray: Are you Sean Murray?

Sean Murray was born on the 15th November 1977 in Bethesda (Maryland) as a TV or film actor. Craig Harland Murray and Vivienne Bellisario were his parents. There are four other siblings, and two brothers. In 2005, he was married to Carrie James, and together they have 2 children, Caitlyn Murray Murray Murray, and River James Murray Murray.

Sean Murray Weight Loss:

In 2010, he had lost quite a bit of weight and many people believed that he was ill. He took to Twitter to confirm that it was weight loss. He stopped drinking alcohol for 4 months and stayed away from sugary drinks. The actor, who is a hard worker, managed to shed approximately 25 pounds.


Sean Murray is returning to NCIS in 2019, after playing Timothy McGee over a decade.

Murray was a star in UPN’s The Random Years sitcom and in CBS’s comedy/western series Harts of the West. Beau Bridges is his father and Harley Jane Kozak, his mother. Lloyd Bridges was also part of the series. It was shown at a Nevada desert ranch.

Sean Murray was seen in JAG episodes, and then was cast as Timothy McGee for NCIS’ spinoff.

Murray has worked in numerous feature films as an actor. Hocus Pocus (1993), in which he played Thackery, was Murray’s first film role. Jason Marsden voiced this iconic role. American actor appeared also in This Boy’s Life, Todd Field’s too Romantic and Todd Field’s This Boy’s Life.

Sean Murray continues to work on Season 17 despite reports that Season 16 was his last NCIS season. CBS has announced that NCIS will be airing its new season on September 24, and it is great news.

The Talented Familie and Childhood

CBS reported that the actor grew up in America, and now calls Southern California his home. Sean Murray is an American citizen, having been born in Bethesda, Maryland. Sean Murray was however born in Coffs Harbor New South Wales.

Murray was the son of a U.S. Navy Officer in 1977 (much like NCIS’s character). After his parents divorced, his mother, Vivienne Bellisario, married Donald Paul Bellisario. His work with Magnum P.I. is his most prominent accomplishment. He is also known for his work in Magnum P.I. It’s interesting to observe their families connections to the business. Murray’s brother Chad worked as a producer for NCIS Los Angeles. Murray was McGees step-sister and Troian was his sister.

Murray also has step-siblings in entertainment. This includes Michael Bellisario (an actor), David Bellisario (a writer) and Nicholas Bellisario (a producer). What a talent-filled family!

The Dating Life

Murray first began dating Carrie James back in 2004. They were married one year later. James is an educator while Murray is known for being an actor. She founded several businesses that advocate for improved education, including the Prestique Academy in Innovation and Technology and Business Relationship Alliance. Murray and James welcomed their first child together in spring 2007, and then their second in 2010, Murray resides in Sherman Oaks, California with his wife and two children. Murray is a proud owner of an adorable pet dog, Otis. He lives with his children and wife. Murray got the puppy as a gift for Otis his cat Otis. He named Otis after Pauley Perette, NCIS.

Sean Murry’s Net Worth

Murray has a net worth estimated at $8 million. This is largely due to Murray’s work with NCIS. Murray participated in numerous projects before McGee took over. Murray has been recognized for JAG and Touched by an Angel. Harts of the West (ER), Boston Public and Boston Public. Murray was featured in Too Romantic (Hocus Pocus) and This Boy’s Life.

These are some of the most interesting facts.

  • Murray enjoys electronic music even when he isn’t on NCIS sets. Murray loves electronic music, and shares his favorite tracks on social media.
  • Venetian Snares (a name you can see supporting him in NCIS) is his favorite artist, along with Datach’i. Aphex Twin is his favourite artist. David Lynch is his favourite artist.
  • Murray is also a dual citizen of Australia and America.
  • Murray is reported to be in love with Mark Harmon’s hair, according to NCIS. It could apply to any NCIS host.
  • His character’s older sister is played by his stepsister. Troian Bellisario was her last name.
  • Murray, much like McGee, is an expert on computers. In fact, he used to be a programer back in those days. Murray built many of these himself. McGee may be less tech-savvy than McGee, but they seem to have lots of similarities.
  • His mom was an Australian fencing champion. Creator of the series is Donald P. Bellissario. He’s also the producer. Sean talks about Michael Bellissario, who played “Chip”, in season 3 on NCIS, and Troian Bellissario, who plays Timothy McGee’s younger sister, Sarah in NCIS), and he responds, “My brother and my sister.”
  • The episode, “The Immortals”, was the fate of his brother Chad W. Murray. He is now the post-production coordinator for NCIS and is responsible to Doctor Donald “Ducky” Mallard’s autopsies special effect.
  • Sean was in Georgia at the federal law enforcement training centre while studying to be an NCIS special agent. Sean took driving lessons, and practiced shooting at the range. Sean mentions in the commentary to the fourth season episode on NCIS, “Twisted Sister” about his father’s role as an executive officer on board the USS Enterprise. The episode is titled “Ship where the Sailor Died” and was recorded on Sarah (younger brother to McGee)’s campus.

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