Sathodi Falls : Tranquillize yourself in the lush green environment.

Sathodi Falls

Sathodi Falls

Although waterfalls can be a stunning sight, people are often too busy to appreciate them. The temptation to stand in the stream, or feel the water fall from the heights seems overwhelming. Sathodi Falls formed from unnamed streams near Kallaramane Ghats, Uttara Kannada District. It’s 32 kilometers from Yellapur. It is approximately 15 m high (49.2ft). It flows to the Kodasalli Dam’s backwaters and then into the Kali River.
Here’s my account of the journey to these waterfalls. We took a road trip so we just packed our bags and set off for one of the most thrilling bike rides. Hubballi was the destination I chose at the moment. You will be stunned by the beauty of this experience. This area is quite remote and transportation options are very limited.

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Hidden in lush green forest, the waterfall can be found. Water flows cleanly and is unpolluted. Water flows on the rocks and creates moistened, damp air. For nature lovers, the song of the frogs and hard hitting water was a beautiful combination. There are many rocks all over the place, each with a different size. This small lake is located below the small pool. This is a beautiful scene that shows nature’s beauty, even when human activity doesn’t cause it to be damaged. These pros have some cons. Because of the poor state of roads, it is hard to appreciate its beauty. This area should be avoided when the monsoon beats down hard. It is not often visited so be sure to have plenty of water. Near the waterfalls aren’t any cafes or restaurants. You will feel the greenery and peace of nature. It will be possible to unplug from the world and still enjoy your daydreams without having to use cellular networks. The experience was overall great. We left the area and all noise was gone.


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