Renovating Your Bathroom? Here’s How to Create More Space

Even though your bathroom is small, it doesn’t have to feel or look small. Innovative ideas can help make your bathroom seem larger. A space-saving design will allow you to create a brighter, better functional, elegant, and more relaxing bathroom. From Moufid El Kharry, we spoke with him. Sydney Home Centre to get his opinion on how to make your bathroom more spacious.

1. A small sink that is close to the toilet

Create More Space in Your Bathroom

Compact sinks are a fantastic way to make small bathrooms more spacious.

Plan your bathroom renovation first.

Moufid says that toilets must have at least 90cm around their bowl. Each side should measure 45cm. Without feeling cramped, you can easily slip your legs inside.

You have two choices: either a wall-hung basin or a freestanding one. The basin is large enough to store all your items at the bottom.

If you’re willing to pay more, a sink cabinet can be worth it. Sink cabinets allow you to maximize the space under your sink. Towels and additional rolls of toiletpaper can be stored. You can keep your toiletries and utility items in sink cabinets. There is plenty of space to access the plumbing from this cabinet, as it has no back panel.

Even though they can be costly, sink cabinets will help make your bathroom more spacious.

2. Purchase a Vanity Cabinet

Create More Space in Your Bathroom

You can make your bathroom appear smaller by cluttering it. Bathroom storage and cabinets are not something you want cluttering up. You need creativity to store bathroom essentials.

Is there a solution? Moufid suggests, “Get yourself a vanity cupboard!” Mirrors with dual functions can serve two purposes.

These mirrors conceal bathroom essentials from plain sight, and can also be used to expand bathroom space. A majority of dual-purpose and multi-purpose mirrors can be purchased for less than $500. This includes installation.

3. Mounts on Wall

Floor cabinets and racks are a waste of space in the bathroom. Get rid of everything and use the large, empty walls. The wall mounts can be a wonderful way to make your bathroom seem larger.

You have many choices: wall cabinets, hanging basket shelves and towel racks.

It takes up a lot of space to store bathroom supplies, soaps and shampoos. By keeping your bathrooms at the ground, you can reduce their size. Wall mounts make it easy to store items, and also save space.

4. Take a look at an open bathroom setup

The open bathroom (also known as the wet-room bath) is where the shower and screen are not separated. Showering does not happen in a container. Wet things are everywhere. Your shower water drains through the tiled bathroom area.

Open bathrooms have become a very popular choice as more Australians relocate to cities.

Open design in a wetroom bathroom can give it a larger feel. Separate shower boxes can help you save space. You will use this only in your shower.

Both a bathtub and a bathroom shower are possible.

Wet room bathrooms can be quite expensive because they need to be tilted on the ground and have their walls waterproofed. An Australian licensed Plummer can complete plumbing. You can check your local authority to find out the heights required for waterproofing.

5. Use underutilized space to your advantage

Create More Space in Your Bathroom

If you’re paying attention, there are many unutilized areas in your bathroom. Walls, doors, or bassinets can be used to make your bathroom appear larger.

You can place towel bars behind your bathroom doors or alongside them. There won’t be towels all over the bathroom.

An excellent idea is adding an alcove in your bathroom to maximize its storage. An alcove is a place to keep all of your important items for the shower, and frees up room in your bathroom.

6. Enjoy the Light of Nature

Create More Space in Your Bathroom

Moufid says, “You should aim to increase natural light in your bathroom.” A skylight or window can be installed. The room that is darker will feel smaller. With natural light, your bathroom will look larger and more brighter.

7. Get rid of bathroom appliances

You might consider moving your dryer or washer from the bathroom. Large appliances can make bathrooms feel cramped. You can create a laundry room in your bathroom.

Let’s sum it all

These are the top ways to maximize bathroom space. All it comes down to organizing and making the most of what you have. Even though you cannot make your bathroom larger, these tips will help you to make your bathroom more practical. More tricks and tips can be found here.

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