Recycle Bin With Windows 10: 3 Ways To Access Recycle Bin

Ways To Access Recycle Bin

Your Windows 10 machine may have unintentionally erased a critical file. Don’t freak out; it’s nothing to worry about. You can retrieve your deleted files from Recycle Bin before purchasing a recovery tool. When you remove a file in Windows, it remains on your computer even after you’ve destroyed it. You can open the  Recycle Bin to restore files.

You can find deleted files in the Recycle Bin. If you haven’t emptied this folder, you may quickly recover all the data you removed by right-clicking and selecting Restore from the context menu. Double-clicking the Recycle Bin desktops icon will bring up the Recycle Bin in Windows 10. What would happen if this icon were to disappear for no apparent reason? You can reclaim it. By clicking on the gear symbol on your start menu, you can access Windows Settings. Click the Desktop icon settings option under Personalization -> Themes.

You should check the Recycle Bin option and click the Ok button.

You may also open the Recycle Bin on Windows 10 by following these steps.

File Explorer 

May access the Recycle Bin through File Explorer. To do so, type “recycle bin” into the address bar.

Using The Run Dialog Box 

The Run dialogue box in Windows has more than 100 functions, including a command to open the Recycle Bin. Learn what commands you can run from the Run dialogue box by downloading this cheat sheet.

Open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows+R on your keyboard. Enter the command explorer.exe shell: RecycleBinFolder.

Using A Desktop Location 

Type shell: desktop into the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows+R on the keyboard. Double the icon for the Recycle Bin.

Adding Recycle Bin to “This PC” in File Explorer is also an option if you frequently access the Recycle Bin. Right-click Command Prompt in the start menu and select More -> Run as administrator to accomplish this.

Enter the command by typing it in and pressing Enter. The following command will add a new entry to the Windows Registry.

Go to “This PC” in File Explorer, and you should see the Recycle Bin right there.