Rachel Mcguire: Where Is The Actress Who Played Her Now?

Rachel Mcguire: Where Is The Actress Who Played Her Now?

Maitland Ward, a redheaded cutie pie, was with Jack and Eric in Boy Meets World. The actress appeared in White Chicks and Rules of Engagement since then. Now she lives bicoastally with her cat and husband in NYC/LA. She also has a Twitter account. Rachel Mcguire is a favorite of old school students. They are interested in learning more about her and her story.

ABC’s “Boy Meets World,” a series that focuses on a boy and his environment, debuted in September 1993. Cory Matthews was a sixth grader at Jefferson Elementary School, Philadelphia. Shawn (Rider Strong) got him into serious trouble and he was able to learn from Mr. Feeny valuable lessons. He eventually married Topanga, Danielle Fishel after seven seasons. “Boy Meets World” inspired “Girl Meets World”, a Disney Channel spinoff that featured many of its original characters like Rachel Mcguire. Below are some facts about this character.

Rachel Mcguire Wiki Bio

Is it possible for Rachel Mcguire to make the script?

Boy Meets World’s beloved characters were a consistent presence on Girl Meets World, infusing with intense nostalgia. While we have seen many characters over the years, Angela to Mr. Feeny is just one of the highlights. Rachel McGuire (Eric and Jack’s old roommate) is still an unsolved mystery.

Rachel is tall and beautiful, who appears suddenly in Jack and Eric’s lives during season 6. After her boyfriend split with her, she was there. After initially fighting for her attention the boys realized how important their friendship was. Rachel made friends with Angela, Topanga, and was a bridesmaid at Cory and Topanga’s wedding.

Ward’s character Rachel is mentioned in the most recent episode of “Girl Meets Semiformal”. Jack (Matthew Lawrence), an upcoming BMW character was included in the series. Eric discovered that Jack had gone to the Peace Corps with Rachel. Rachel decided to continue with the Corps even though Jack was returning to work for a major company.

Do we still have Rachel Mcguire?

Maitland Ward is now a pornographic actor and cosplayer.

It was her role as the hot redhead who drove men crazy. Also, she appeared in Disney’s Girl Meets World continuation. She’s appeared among other conventions at such things as Poisonivy (from “Batman”) and Mera (from “Aquaman”),

Ward has signed with Society 15 an adult boutique talent agency. Ward has also shared a lot of photos that are topless to her social media profiles. Ward was previously seen in “White Chicks,” “Rules of Engagement”, and “Rules of Engagement”. She was most recently seen in an adult series called Blacked.

Ward and Terry Baxter have been married since 2006.

These are some quick facts.

  • Rachel Kimberly McGuire is full name
  • Angela Moore and Eric Matthews are friends.
  • Jack Hunter’s girlfriend, briefly


  • She was born in Texas, and she moved to Philadelphia with an ex-boyfriend. After her split with Eric she stayed in Philadelphia and started to live with Jack. Eric and She would become good friends.
  • Unbeknownst to her, she moved in with Eric and Jack.
  • Eric shared that Rachel is his best friend and that they still communicate every day.
  • Jack and Rachel both graduated from college. Rachel lost touch however with Jack as Jack was still there.
  • Rachel began to date Jack shortly after the death of her father, but their relationship ended when Eric made clear that they were competing.
  • Rachel was not in the sequel. Michael Jacobs once said that Rachel had been in mind for Season 3. However, it didn’t happen.
  • Rachel was featured on 42 episodes in Boy Meets World’s 6th and 7th seasons.
  • Chet died because Chet received a slice from her homemade cake. Eric refered to the cake as “The Cake of Death” at that time.
  • Rachel is the group’s tallest. Maitland is at 5’10”.
  • She writes in She’s Having My Babyback Ribs about how her height concerns.
  • After they moved into the apartment, Angela and Topanga became her roommates. Jack and Eric were also moved.
  • Eric and Jack returned the apartment to Angela and Eric. Rachel then moved into a dorm.
  • She was faced with a crisis that made her feel like an outsider in The War & Seven the Hard Way.
  • Jack graduated, so I joined with Jack in the Peace Corps.
  • Bunny Baby once belonged to a stuffed rabbit. Rachael, then a child Rachael accidentally switched the wrong switch at the kitchen’s oven. This caused Bunny Baby to be destroyed. The bunny began spinning, leaving just bits instead of being able to see its bunny hole.
  • Rachel was not featured on Girl Meets World’s second series. However, Jack and Eric mentioned her in the episode “Girl Meets Semiformal” season 2, where Eric revealed that Rachel had been close to Eric but lost touch after Jack left Peace Corps. Michael Jacobs claimed that Rachel would be appearing on an episode of Season 3. But it didn’t happen.
  • Topanga, Angela, and her shared a bed at different times. Eric and Jack were there as well.

Rachel Mcguire might have another personality.

  • Young Rachel (And In Case I Don’t See Ya)
  • Texas, Future Rachel (Seven The Hard Way).
  • Gumshoe’s Secretary (As The Time Goes By)

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