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Paul Chandler (a Cambridge-educated civil engineer) and his wife Rachel ChandleFormer government economists are r. The authors, who were both held hostage for a time in another country during a terrible ordeal, wrote a book. This is their story.

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Paul Chandler, Rachel Chandler: What’s the matter?

Returned home

British couple dreamed of a trip to the Indian Ocean. The couple was taken from their yacht by Somali pirates. The Somali pirates then kidnapped the couple from their yacht and took them to Somalia, where they suffered daily psychological and physical torture. Following a ransom, the prisoners were allowed to be released. Paul Chandler (then 56 and 61 respectively) was from Tunbridge Wells, when they were captured by pirates. The couple was enjoying their retirement on Lynn Rival 38ft, which they were sailing across the globe in their retired years.

Pirates forced them to sail to Somalia, where they were finally taken to Somalia. They wanted a ransom for PS4m which was far beyond Chandler’s reach.

Rachel Chandler, a thin, smiley Rachel Chandler, told reporters that she was happy to be alive and happy to be here. She also expressed her gratitude for the support of family members and friends.

Paul Chandler was wearing an enormous camera around his neck while taking pictures. Chandler was asked by a reporter if Chandler felt their lives were at risk. He replied, “That’s something we’ll discuss later, but our lives weren’t directly threatened after the initial seizure.” He stated that he’d love to go back on the seas “ideally”.

The two of them did discuss it afterward, and the details were included in Hostage. One Year At Gunpoint with Somali Pirates. He would love to have had those photos kept as a souvenir of their new freedom.

The couple met in Mogadishu under heavy guard from African Union soldiers. Mohamed claimed that Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed the Somalian prime minster was glad for their freedom. “The federal transitional government did everything possible to bring you back to the loved ones, no matter what you went through.”

These are the Negotiation Techniques

Mohamed Aden Tiicey from Adado confirmed the ransom had been paid to pirates.

But, Chandler’s family was unwilling to speak about the process of freedom and stated that it had been achieved by “finally, commonsense.” According to them, they feel it is irresponsible that the family discuss any aspect of the release process. This could encourage others such as the capture and demanding large ransom payments. It is something that we all know no one wants.

According to family, the couple seemed “satisfied” with their lives even though they had been through a lot. They requested that the couple be allowed to adapt and be reunited.

The family said that they had difficulty understanding the fact that the two pirates were retired people on a sail trip on a small boat, and not part in any commercial venture involving millions or even billions of pounds.

Conservative Greg Clark, the couple’s MP, stated that their freedom was due in large measure to the “professionalism” of Foreign Office officials. Clark also supported ransom-free UK policy. “They [the Foreign Office]They remained cool all through the year. My family was kept informed of the security situation by them, I am sure.”

A specialist negotiation team was also employed by the Chandlers’ family. According to several, the deal between the couple to release each other fell apart at the end. According to some, the ransom was paid in Somalia. Somalia’s diaspora organizations and government attempted to aid, but they were unsuccessful.

After that, the Chandlers were transferred to central Somalia. They both had various medical issues and were complaining about their treatment by captors.

Where are Rachel Chandler & Paul today?

After their November 2010 publication, you might be surprised at what Rachel Chandler or Paul Chandler have been up to.

Netflix is home to many fascinating stories. Captive, an investigative series, tells the story of being held hostage by pirates and kidnapped. This is what Rachel Chandler and Paul Chandler witnessed as their 400 day captivity was brutal.

After such an experience, many people will avoid the seas. The Daily Mail reports that Lynn Rival, 38-foot yacht, is eager to go sailing again in October 2012. Paul admitted that they didn’t expect anyone to understand why they wanted to leave their Kent home of Tunbridge Wells. According to him, it is difficult for people to comprehend why they do the things they do.

Before they were freed, the Chandlers wrote a book. Hostage: An entire year at gunpoint with Somali Gangsters The couple revealed to The Guardian in 2011 that they did not suffer from PTSD, survivor’s guilt, or humiliation over what happened. They were instead focused on the future, and neither Rachel nor Paul desired to be defined by their past.

Rachel stated that Rachel and she had co-authored the book. Rachel said, however that it was not going make Rachel’s life any easier to be ex-hostages. Rachel agreed with Paul: “I’m an ex-hostage evidently.” But I don’t want to be defined as such.” How about the Chandlers being “reckless” with their kidnapping?

Rachel replied to friends concerned Rachel’s remarks might cause distress: “I have spent the whole of my life looking at Kalashnikovs from the wrong side.” “I have thickened my skin these days.”

Rachel Chandler books:

Let’s Talk to Young Ladies: The Most Important Life Lessons

Rachel was eleven years old when she wrote more than 200 people to ask them about the most significant lesson in their lives. This collection contains letters from Mother Teresa and Colin Powell, as well as Mikhail Gorbachev. Illustrations.


Wow! The story of this delightful couple is full of joy and love. This book is suitable for teens as well as adults.

We sometimes believe Celebs have something special. The book shows them an aspect of their lives that makes them ordinary. More stories such as those of Ms Chandler are needed, because she has witnessed so much negative news about youth in the media. It is refreshing and uplifting to find out the most essential lesson every person needs to know.

This book is a favorite of mine. This was my Christmas gift and I enjoyed reading it. Now I want to buy more gifts. It was refreshing to read that well-known personalities took time to write to me. These letters offer advice about love, perseverance and family as well as the importance of cherishing your loved ones. No matter your age, this book can be used by anyone.

Hostage: A Year of Gunpoint with Somali Pirates

British couple Paul Chandler, and Rachel Chandler were taken from their Seychelles sailingboat on 23 Oct 2009. Their yacht Lynn Rival, which was abandoned by the Somalian naval forces six days later, was discovered off central Somalia’s coast.

Paul and Rachel first were taken aboard a hijacked cargo vessel, then on to Somalia. Their captors tried to expropriate their families millions of money by threatening and intimidating them for over a year.

This book tells the terrifying tale of The Chandlers. The book tells the compelling and heartbreaking story behind the headlines. Their survival was based on their indomitable determination and belief to live. Paul and Rachel fell in love with Hostage, an unorthodox story.

Paul Chandler and Rachel Chandler have made it very clear that fear would not stop them from doing what they love. The Chandlers are a shining example of courage and growth as a couple, despite past traumas that they refuse to allow them to stop following their passions. The couple has grown stronger than ever before and are eager to see divorce differently. Happy sailing!

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