‘Precious’ Star Incredible Weight Loss Secrets

Gabourey Sidibe, an actress, rose to fame after she starred in “Precious,” her first film.After secretly losing 200 pounds, Precious became a star.

Gabourey Sidibe, the star of “Precious”, (2009) and “Empire,” is a TV personality. However, she has humble beginnings. Born in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Alice Tan Ridley is her mother, a former teacher in education who became a street singer/performer after quitting her R&B career. Her father, Ibnou Sidibe, is a taxi driver.

Gabourney auditioned for Precious while attending City College of New York. Initial title of the movie was Push. Based on the Novel By Sapphire. It is a story about a young girl who struggles with poverty, physical and sexual abuse. Oprah Winfrey promoted the movie since it didn’t have a distributor. The movie was eventually released by Lionsgate Entertainment. To avoid confusion with Push, the movie’s name was changed. The rest is history. This includes how Precious, a plus-sized actress, decided to lose weight.

She spoke out about her remarkable weight loss, revealing the truth behind the struggles she faced in school. “Junior highschool is a battlefield.” It was awful for me,” she said. I wasn’t able to be happy with myself until I was 25 years old. Tell her to keep going. Tell her to keep going, but it will be worth it.

‘Precious’ Star Incredible Weight Loss Secrets

Gabourey Sidibe: How did he bag the Role Of Precious

Precious was the role she wanted, but Precious’ director had another idea. When Lee Daniels, the film director, offered Gabourey Sidibe “Precious” as the lead role, Sidibe asked if she had a boyfriend. The actress, who was previously limited to her roles as a phone-sex operator and in college productions at the time, replied:

“No,” but now that I’m a movie star, I’m going get pregnant by a NBA player and secure child support.

Director Lee Daniels was a shrewd deal-maker.

Sidibe was working for a phone-sex business and was just starting Mercy College in Manhattan. She was her second stint at college when she was told about a casting call. Sidibe had already read “Push” five years prior to being asked by a casting agent to play Sidibe’s mom as the evil on-screen mother. Mo’Nique would later portray her.

Daniels found the role of Precious, a troubled, obese, and illiterate teenage girl who was sexually abused and was partly drawn from the author’s own real-life experience, impossible to reach for most Hollywood actors.

Daniels described Sidibe’s audition as “exquisite”.

He said, “Gabby used her life experiences in a way that was beautiful but wasn’t tragic.” She came in acting, but she didn’t know her instrument or her abilities.

Sidibe received a salary scale of $2,500 per week but her first check didn’t arrive until about a month later. She was able to ride subways and buses to red carpet events after “Precious” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2009. The life at home was still precarious.

What does Precious weigh in pounds?

Gabby Sidibe portrays Claireece Jones in Precious. She is a victim of sexual abuse and a 350-pound woman.

What was the weight loss of precious from Empire?

The celebrity weight loss transformation that Precious underwent in 2017 was a result of her Empire role. Precious lost an estimated 174 pounds. She gained 60lbs while filming, then lost it again. In 2016, Precious was advised to have the operation.

Was Precious a true story?

Precious is not based on any true story. The film “Precious”, with its gritty realism, was already intense. But the novel “Push”, on which the film is based, is even more intense. Sapphire spoke out about Sapphire’s inspiration and her initial hesitation to let her work become a movie.

What’s the story of Precious?

Claireece Jones, 16, was pregnant by her father for the second consecutive time. She is unable to read or write and is subject to constant abuse from her mother Mo’Nique. Precious embraced the opportunity to change her life when she was offered a transfer to another school. Her teacher, Ms. Rain (played here by Paula Patton), Precious starts her journey from oppressive dominion to self-determination.

What secrets are in her book “This is just my face: Try not to stare”?

Sidibe stated that “Sarcasm was my birth defect.”

In her memoir “This is Just My Face: Try not to Stare”, she shows off her sarcasm by describing how she tried to please a father who is too American, too vivid, and overall too much. She describes her panic after her parents divorced. Her mother quit her teaching job to become a subway singer. Her family, which included three children, moved into one room in Harlem’s aunt’s Harlem townhouse.

Despite her Oscar nomination and years spent on “American Horror Story”, “Empire” as well as films like “Tower Heist”, money and family were still a major concern for the actress.

Sidibe, Chelsea Handler, and Amy Schumer spoke at the 2014 Ms. Foundation Awards Gala. She said, “People always ask me why or how” What they really mean is “Why are you so confident?” They aren’t asking Rihanna. They don’t believe I should be asking them. That’s how the book was born.

Sidibe writes that her body can sometimes feel like a tragedy. But she is working hard to change her mind.

She writes in her book, “I knew what I looked like. I had mirrors in the house.” “But at that time, I believed that if the world could see me as I saw myself, then my body would not be something you walked away with thinking about.”

After years of secretly living with diabetes for many years, Sidibe decided to undergo bariatric surgery last spring. However, the first doctor she met with confused her with Amber Riley. Amber Riley is a young black actress who happens to be plus-size. Sidibe saw another surgeon.

She only told one person about her “very mature surgery”, and that was her friend Kia Perry who took care. Sidibe stated that it is unlikely that the scrutiny of women’s bodies will ever stop.

She said, “I’m bored with that.” “I wrote about this because I don’t want to talk anymore about it.”

Entertainment Weekly reported that the manuscript was sold at auction for $2.5million — a figure David Kuhn (the agent Sidibe selected) called too high. He said that Sidibe was approached by 18 publishers. The actress stated that she was willing to sell the book for $70,000. It was more than I had expected. “I was very surprised.”

Precious Weight Loss Transformation

Gabourey Sidibe, a plus-sized actress, has proven her worth in her acting career. She was told her size was holding back her when she heard a Hollywood executive tell her that she was too large to appear on a magazine cover.

Precious Weight Loss 2017

The celebrity weight loss transformation that Precious underwent in 2017 was a result of her Empire role. Precious lost an estimated 174 pounds. She lost 60 pounds while filming the movie, then gained it again. In 2016, Precious was advised to have the operation.

Precious Weight Loss 2018

Over the past few years, the Oscar-nominated actress has seen a dramatic transformation in her body. In 2018, Precious’s star stunned the industry by posting a stunning Instagram photo of her body. Precious (2009), the movie star who won multiple awards, had lost 150 pounds.

Precious Weight Loss 2019

Gabby Sidibe has shown off her latest look and fans are applauding the slimming of her frame.

Sidibe had lost additional weight in the three years that have passed since her 2016 laparoscopic bariatric surgery. After starring in “Precious”, Sidibe rose to stardom in 2009. She later wrote in her memoir, “This is Just My Face: Try not to Stare” that she explains why she decided to undergo laparoscopic bariatric surgery in 2016.

Precious Weight Loss Images

Gabourey was photographed at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards 2014.

Gabourey Sidibe smiled in 2015 with loosely curled hair. The actress lost an estimated 100 lbs (roughly seven stone) during this period.

Gabourey Sidibe was photographed in 2016 with a slimmer figure while posing on the Watch What Happens live red carpet. With her hands on her hips, she confidently looked into the cameras in a printed red, yellow and white skirt and sheer black top.

The actress from “Precious” had her 2017 surgery and worked with a nutritionist on a change in her eating habits. While on set for Empire, she also hired a trainer to improve her fitness routine. She stated that she has a goal right at the moment and is almost there in an interview.

“And then, once I have it, I will set another. My goal weight and my starting weight are personal. She continued, “If too many people are involved I’ll shut down.”

Precious Weight Loss Surgery

The Precious actress has now revealed that she underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgical procedure in 2016. The procedure limits the food that the stomach can hold, and the actress stated that it was a long-awaited surgery.

People heard her say that she was at war with her body. I would have stopped hating myself for not having started to treat it sooner. But now I love my body. I’m not ugly.”

Empire’s wardrobe department was having a hard time keeping up with her “shrinking”, even though it had the resources. Her confidence grew and grew. The plus-size actress stated, “After 11 years, I was finally here.”

“My surgeon told me they had to cut my stomach in half. This would reduce my appetite and ability to eat. My brain chemistry would change, and I would want to eat healthier. “I’ll take it,” the Empire star wrote in her memoir.

It wasn’t about her looking good. In fact, she said that the importance of the surgery was not about how she looked. We take movement for granted.

What was the significance of surgery?

After battling bulimia and being diagnosed as type 2 diabetic as a child, the surgery was inevitable. She felt different when her family started telling her to lose weight. Her father suggested she do it so that everyone would see how “pretty.”

She began to throw up after eating to cope with her need to love and be loved. This is a classic sign that she has bulimia.

“The bulimia lasted for three years. I felt high after throwing up.

Do not ignore Precious’s weight loss story!

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