Partas Luxury Bus: Travel to La Union, Vigan, and Laoag from Cubao


Travelling from Manila to Vigan, Laoag or La Union can prove exhausting. To reach your destination, you will need to spend many hours on the bus. For a more relaxing trip, take either a Manila to-La Union or Manila to Vigan bus. Interested? Partas’ luxury bus is now on sale Partas Luxury Bus is Ideal for…

Travelling from Manila to Vigan, Laoag or La Union can prove exhausting. To reach your destination, you will need to spend many hours on the bus. To enjoy a pleasant ride, you can either take the Manila-to La Union or Manila-to Vigan buses.

Interested? Partas is an executive bus. You can travel as an VIP with a Manila-to La Union bus, Manila -to Laoag bus or Manila -to Vigan coach.

You will find everything about the amazing journey here.

Partas Luxury Bus Amenities & Features

Partas offers luxury buses bound for Manila and La Union as well as Vigan and Laoag.


  • Comfort room (toilet) – There’s a comfort area inside the bus, so that nature can call, you are just a few steps from the toilet! It’s important to properly clean and flush the toilet.
  • Large Legroom and Reclining Seats Long-legged folks rejoice! Ryk has longer legs than me. His legroom can make Ryk grumpy. Partas Luxury Bus offers you all that space. There is ample space so you can recline without having to worry about others behind.
  • An USB power source and a Bus tablet When you travel to Vigan or La Union, you can expect hours of waiting in the bus. Partas’ bus tablet offers a fantastic solution. Partas’ bus tablet lets you watch videos, play video games, or read ebooks. You can charge your phone on the bus using the USB power port.
  • Free WiFi – Who doesn’t love free WiFi?


Terminals, Schedules & Fares

For Cubao Terminal

We have all the details you require about Partas bus service to Vigan (Manila). Partas also provides luxury buses to Laoag. La Union provides these passes to those who want to travel.

Partas Luxury Bus Fares

  • P624 per person (Cubao to San Fernando, La Union)
  • P960 per person (Cubao-Vigan).
  • P1,152 per person (Cubao-Laoag).

Partas Luxury Bus Terminal 816 Aurora Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City


Partas Luxury Bus Schedule8:00 AM (Cubaoo to Vigan), 5:00PM (Cubaoo–to Laoag), 9:00PM (Cubaoo–to Vigan).

For Vigan Terminal

This is the Partas Vigan to Manila Bus information.

Partas Luxury Bus FaresVigan, Manila to Manila: P960 Per Person (Cubao).

Partas Luxury Bus Terminal Alcantara Street, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur


Partas Luxury Bus Schedule8:30 AM to 9:00 PM (Vigan to Cubao)

For Laoag Terminal

These are the details you will need to know about Partas’ Manila-to Laoag bus.

Partas Luxury Bus FaresP1,152 per Person (Laoag Cubano).

Partas Luxury Bus TerminalBrgy. 1, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

Partas Luxury Bus Schedule2:00 PM (Laoag – Cubao)

Book Online makes it easy to reserve your seats ahead of time.

Partas Luxury Bus Notifications

  • There are two choices when it comes to choosing a seat. The right side is for people who don’t have anyone else, and the left side can be used if someone you know has.
  • There is only one bus stop so be sure to stock up on food and water.
  • Bring headphones for if you are planning to take the bus tablet with you or to view movies while on the journey.


The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Do you need to reserve a ticket online or are tickets available for purchase on the street?

You are welcome to come in. If you’re traveling on a long weekend or holiday, booking your tickets online is the best option. My mistake was to book my tickets late. I had to stand in long lines.

How about a La Union bus from Manila to Manila?

Either you wait for buses from La Union to Manila or go directly to Partas San Fernando to board a La Union to Manila bus. This terminal doesn’t offer luxury buses to Manila.

Is the trip approximately one hour long?

Duration will be determined by the length of your bus trip from Cubao to destination.

  • Cubao to La Union in 6 hours
  • Cubao to Vigan: 8-10hrs
  • Cubao to Laoag is 10-12 hour drive

Do you know of another bus to Vigan and Laoag that leaves from Manila?

Yes. Check and reserve your tickets here.

Are you looking for answers to other questions? You can leave me a comment, and I will respond as best I can!

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