Pandin Lake, San Pablo: A P360 Adventure (2021 Itinerary & Travel Guide)


Pandin Lake boasts beautiful views and cool waters. Hidden in San Pablo is this beautiful lake that is perfect for relaxation and unwinding. One of seven most famous lakes in the area. The lake covers 20 ha and has an average depth of 63m. The idea was to keep it going for one day.

Pandin Lake boasts beautiful views and cool waters. Hidden in San Pablo is this beautiful lake that is perfect for relaxation and unwinding.

The area it covers is 20 ha. It can be found in central London. Average depth is 63m.

Even though it was just a single day spent walking around Sampaloc Lake in one day, it proved to be an unforgettable experience! We took to swimming, in the hope that the sun would dry us when we return.


To reach San Pablo Laguna lake, you will have to walk approximately 15 minutes. You don’t even need to be a guide because the trail is so easy.

Coconut trees are found throughout the region. Take a photo. It’s stunning. This is definitely worth a shot on Instagram.


A cow ranch was visible on the way to San Pablo Laguna lake. It was huge. I was able to see myself screaming at it! Haha. It’s quite crazy, but I don’t know if it would be allowed by the owner. About a hundred cows were found in the home. They’d probably run after me.

Pandin Lake

When we reached Pandin Lake, there were many tourists. The queue was so long that we were obliged to wait.

One boat raft can hold eight people. We had five people so we needed an extra group. 360 Pesos was paid by each participant for their ride and dinner.

Lunch is tilapia, pako salad, shrimps, rice and pako. It is simply delicious! This is my favorite food. Package includes water bottle. For 25 pesos, you can buy additional buko.

Because the lake was overcrowded, we were told to expect to have 2 hours wait. It is very disappointing, it’s true.

The water was cold, clean and refreshing. The water was very dark and it made swimming difficult. The raft was not far from us, so we were instructed to stay close.

Another great addition is a swing. It can be used by two persons, but it’s quite heavy and cumbersome. It was just a little too much swing.

Yambo Lake

Yambo/Yambu is also called Pandin’s twin and can be found right beside Pandin Lake. It takes three minutes to reach the viewpoint to get a view of the lake.

pandin lake

How can you get there

  • Bus (127 pesos) from Buendia, Cubao to Lucena
  • Ask the driver for a transfer to SM San Pablo.
  • You can take a jeep from the bayan to the simbahan for 7 pesos.
  • Take another Jeep to Ilog starting at 7 pesos
  • Your driver can drop you off at Pandin Lake.

San Pablo Laguna Lake Pandin Rates

  • Bamboo Raft and Lunch = 360 Pesos/Pax
  • Bamboo Raft with Lunch: 200 Pesos/pax

Tips and Reminders

  • It is permissible to camp in the vicinity of the lake
  • For 30 pesos per person, fishing rods are available for rent
  • If you’re unable to swim, you can get help with life vests.
  • Don’t throw your garbage in the ocean.
  • Avoid long waits during peak seasons weekends or peak periods by booking your reservation early. Call 09079952983 to make reservations through Ms. Tina

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