Pagan Sex Rituals: All You Need to Know

pagan sex rituals

While paganism can be traced back to thousands of years prior to Christ’s birth, it is a religion movement that exists outside of the mainstream religions of Christianity and Islam. Unlike major monotheistic religions that believe in one God and draw their instructions from a holy text, paganism doesn’t rely on any liturgy nor doctrine. Paganism usually includes worshipping the natural world, including pantheons and gods as well as witchcraft and the goddesses. Examples of modern-day pagans include druids (shamans), shamans and sacred ecologists as well as odinists, heathens, shamans and shamans. Different types of pagans have different beliefs and worship methods. Intimate sexual activities are sometimes included in some rituals. This article will attempt to shed light on some of the most prominent pagan sexual rituals, as well as dispel some myths.

Pagans worship ceremonial rituals as one of the most popular forms of worship. These rituals include music, chanting and prayer. They also involve the pouring of libations and sharing food and drink. Most people associate the term “pagan ritual” with pagan sexual rituals. Just the mention of this term can trigger a flood of sexual fantasies and curious questions in listeners’ minds. Many people aren’t familiar with the details of pagan rituals. There is often a lot of lovin’ going on. Although pagan rituals may exist, they are not what most people think. This is what the truth is about pagan “lovemaking” rituals.

The Great Rite

The Great Rite is a popular and well-known pagan and Wiccan ritual. The Great Rite focuses primarily on the confluence between masculine and female energies in relation to different gods or goddesses. Because it is considered one of the strongest energy forces, it is not used often by spiritual groups or covens.
It is not for fun or games. It’s a means to an end and not the ultimate goal. The male and female connect during an act, and this energy is used to wish for a particular outcome.
Vivianne Crowley is the author of Wicca. The Old Religion in The New Age. She says that the outer rite involves a linking between the male and female. The sacred marriage is inwardly a union of two persons, but outwardly, it is a marriage within one person. The Great Rite goes beyond sexual union. It is also the creation of the universe in Wiccan tradition.

Modern Pagan Rituals Don’t Allow Sexual Intercourse

Contrary to popular belief, pagans don’t usually include intercourse in their rituals. Many groups perform rituals “skyclad”, which is in the buff, but it’s done to symbolize trust and connection, not for intimate purposes. Sometimes, ritual intimacy does occur, which is sometimes called “sex magick”. It can be interpreted as a magic tool that represents the heavenly union between a God or Goddess. It’s meant to increase mystical energy and magical power. Ritual acts may only be performed symbolically with specific words and tools. Sometimes it’s just some gratuitous sex.
Chas Clifton, author of Her Hidden Children, wrote: “Many Pagan Religions include invocations and possession by the gods. Wicca is a particular example of this possession. He continued by saying that Wiccans in all nations put their stamp on nature religion, unifying in their bodies the most personal and cosmic energies of planet life.

Magick is usually between an existing couple

Intercourse rituals are often viewed as a free-for-all. However, it is typically between a couple who is in a relationship with each other. Although this is not an absolute requirement, it is often the case.
Also, the ritual doesn’t require that the couples get naked in public. The ritual sex is performed in privacy and the couple leaves the room. There are exceptions, however, and there are many pagans that will perform adult magick in public.

Climax’s Thought Is Magickally Vital

Although it can seem difficult to keep your mind clear during the climax, this is an important part of achieving your magickal goal. This kind of magick is always in your mind. It is crucial to keep that intention at the highest energy release – the physical pinnacle – because it will help you to achieve your goals. The energy generated won’t be as concentrated if you don’t do this. The climax should not be enjoyed without a purpose.

Tantric Intimacy Versus Sex Magick

Tantric intimacy, an ancient Hindu practice, refers to “the weaving of energy” and is an ancient Hindu practice. The difference between tantric and sex magick is that the purpose of tantric is to bring together lovers, while sex magick is designed to make that connection work for another magical purpose.

Rituals often use talismans.

Talismans are objects believed to have magical energies. They can be used to attract luck, love, money, and other things. You can give them as gifts, buy them, or make them yourself. They are charged with the force they represent. This magick can be used to charge a Talisman. You can either charge the talisman with the energy generated during the act or you could also use personal juices to do this.

Eucharist in Sex Magick

These fluids are known as the Eucharist. The eucharist is consecrated, just like Christianity. It is believed to be a powerful source of magickal energy that can be used in many ways. They can be used to anoint an actual person, as well as a talisman. You can ingest them in their natural state so that they are absorbed into your body. FYI: You can also include menstrual matter in this category.

Personal Liberation can be achieved through rituals

Many Pagans believe that if you are able to get it off in a spiritual setting, you can achieve personal freedom. Shame and guilt are not relevant anymore. To perform this type of magick properly, one must be in a state where they are spiritually, emotionally, and physically free. Pagan practitioners claim that they can feel the most primitive form of sexual energy when they enter the sacred space. This allows practitioners to do deep self-exploration and achieve mystical accomplishments, according to them.

Self-Pleasure as a Form Of Ritual

It is possible to have the same effect on self-pleasure as ritual pleasure between partners. Although the energy generated is slightly different, it still produces a powerful energy. This happens when the practitioner is performing a ritual by themselves. Skye Alexander asked: “Do you need to have sex with a partner of the other gender?” In most cases, no. The secret to sex magic is to combine male and female energies. However, when we refer to male and female energies we don’t mean men and women. Everybody, regardless of gender has both masculine as feminine energies. Sex magic can be performed by same-sex partners as well as those who are opposites. To perform sex magic, you don’t need a partner. Solo sex (i.e. Masturbation can be very effective, and it is a good idea for you to practice solo before you begin working with a partner.

These Rituals can also include other acts

S&M refers to the pleasure that a person gets from inflicting or receiving physical or mental pain. S&M, contrary to popular belief, is based on trust and the exchange of power. This type of play can be very beneficial to ritual practitioners if they enjoy it. The ritual’s energy is controlled by the “top”, or “dominant.” The “bottom”, or “submissive,” can use the technique to increase their ability to enter a state of meditative or astral, which will allow the magick to be more powerful.

Eroto-Comatose Lucidity

Aleister Crowley’s famous English occultist Aleister, Eroto-comatose Lucidity was an extreme form of sex magick. Crowley is known for his use of sex in rituals. He was once called the “most evil man ever”. This technique helps a particular magickal practitioner to enter a deep state trance to receive prophecy or complete intense divination.
The main magician is then able to reach this state with the assistance of others. They bring him or her to a constant state arousal, without climax, until he/she becomes exhausted. After falling into deep, meditative sleep the main magician is awakened again and allowed to go back into trance-sleep. While they are in this state, the act of magick occurs.

Teachers don’t usually have sex with students.

In pagan circles, the same rules that apply in school apply to pagan circles. Teachers should not have sex only with students. The effectiveness of any pagan sexual ritual requires that both the participants and the magician must have the same level of magic power and knowledge.
Some groups use a degree system. A First Degree wouldn’t perform the act with a third Degree. In general, sex is not used for any type of group initiation. Except for a few highly controversial wiccan traditions, which still use sex during Third Degree elevation.
Shauna Aura Knight wrote about sexual pagan initiation rituals that were not consented to by the participants. You might wear them down if they’re young or new to Paganism, if their group is shameful, and if they want to be accepted. However, consent is not required.

Ancient Pagans invoked God through Sex

Many ancient Pagans used sex magick to worship certain gods and goddesses. To honour Asherah, the fertility goddess, ritual sex was used by Ancient Israel’s Canaanites. They believed that Asherah would have sex with Baal, which would bring about fertility for their people. Babylonians encouraged all their women to have sex with strangers once in their lives at the temple Aphrodite. The Hittites practiced sacred sexual work for the worship of mated gods. Modern rituals are made much more manageable by these ancient practices.

In Paganism, sexual intimacy is an act of joy.

Intercourse is often viewed simply as a form of procreation or something that two married couples can enjoy. Pagans consider sex an act of joy. Although it may not be common in ritual, sex is considered a natural desire and gift and should be enjoyed.

One common line that wiccans and pagans hear is from The Charge of the Goddess. It states “all acts of enjoyment are my rituals.” And sex certainly falls under this category. Most pagans accept all consenting to sex, regardless of who it is between, as long as there is no harm or violation.

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