Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas: 15+ Ideas to Revamp Your House Exterior in 2022

Nowadays, outdoor living spaces are very much in style. These are the most inspiring and creative outdoor spaces on Instagram and Pinterest. Many people spend too much time selecting the perfect decorations for their home that they neglect to think about their outdoor space. You are guilty of leaving your outside boring and plain. Outdoor transformation is possible even if the weather is dull and messy. Decorating the patio walls is the most fun part. There are a lot of outdoor wall decor options.

This can transform your yard into a wonderful space. You can take full advantage of the warm months outside.

Do not let walls become blank. If you aren’t sure what to do, or don’t have the money, they can turn into a major headache. To make your outdoor space feel more welcoming, we have collected some innovative ideas for wall decorations.

These ideas appeal to all: vintage lovers, DIY decorator or complete trendetter. This outdoor wall art can be made in any design and instantly enhances the beauty of your outdoors space.

Outdoor Wall Decoration Ideas 15+

These patio decorations will bring charm and beauty to any garden, deck or patio.

1. A personal touch

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Photos are the most effective way to personalize any area. The canvas can be used to print family photographs that you treasure. To create a fun look, you can combine multiple images to create a unique shape. They can be used on patio and deck walls.

2. Give Greenery a Chance  

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You are looking for ideas to decorate large outdoor walls? Consider a vertical garden. This is an unusual feature that you won’t find in your typical garden. You and your guests will be amazed by it. You can use any type of flower, although succulents are the most common choice. It can also be done on any other vertical surface like a fence or an outside wall.

3. Outdoor wall art that is traditional

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If you love traditional arts, it is possible to incorporate them into outdoor décor. These paintings are stunning as the photo above shows. Plaques and photos can be displayed on your veranda or patio. They should be protected from direct sunlight and high humidity.

4. You can make a bold statement by making a beachy appearance 

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This stunning piece of outdoor art was created by these homeowners from a couple of old wooden canoe pils. Your outdoor decor can include vintage fishing nets, lobstertraps, or fishing floats. This will make these pieces look fantastic on exterior walls.

5. Easy Plant Project

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Do you love plants? Why not include your favourite plants in your wall art? You can create incredible art with potted plants. These are unique and will make you feel special. This image is worth a closer look.

6. Wrought Iron outdoor wall decor

patio wall decor

There are many advantages to wrought iron. You can use them primarily for your garden ornaments, like gates and fences. These can also be used for wall decoration. Words can be made from beautiful curves or patterns. It is possible to create modern or abstract art. This wrought iron patio wall decoration will add warmth and character to your space.

7. Intimate and comfortable outdoor spaces

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This arrangement outside is easy and comfortable. This small plant was placed in a hanging envelope. These plants look fantastic against a wall and are complemented by white furniture in calming blue colors. Despite having very few things, this patio is cozy and welcoming.

8. Decorated Recycled

patio wall decor

For those who love recycling, this wall decoration is the perfect choice. You can create amazing things by recycling and reusing old materials. This is an example of how you might see old windows and planters used to decorate exterior walls.

9. Include Outdoor Objects 

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You can use outdoor decorations to make your space stand out in the neighborhood. You can create an outdoor space that is beach inspired by using poodles, ropes, and surfboards.

10. DIY Hanging Plants

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DIY enthusiasts will find this project very useful. DIY projects like recycling are not out of fashion. This hanging planter is so adorable! This planter is made from rain gutters. Three rain gutters are required for this DIY. They can be connected together. Then fill them with soil and plant your favourite flowers. It’s easy to make a patio wall more beautiful with this inexpensive DIY project.

11. Simple Wall Art from Frames

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It’s not possible to find the patience or time required for exterior decoration. Simple frames can be purchased in the same colours and placed randomly on your wall. It is a popular trend that people love. This frame can be used without spending too much money, effort, or time to make stunning visual effects on porch walls.

12. Charming String Light Decoration

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If you have no ideas, string lights can be a great option. String lights are great for exteriors and interiors. Place lights and lanterns to create an intimate, twinkling area for your outdoor space. It is also stunning at night.

13. Modern Metal Wall Art

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Modern outdoor spaces can be made more modern with metal art. This minimalistic abstract wall art stands out. It is possible to create striking wall art. However, you must consider the space.

14. Cute Bird Houses

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This small birdhouse will brighten up your yard wall and make it functional. You can mount these small birdhouses on your wall or fence to provide homes for many birds. The cheerful chattering voice of these birds will bring joy to your day.

15. Triptych Outdoor Art Wall Art

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Large outdoor areas can be hard to decorate. These are some of the best large outdoor wall decorations ideas. A triptych is an alternative to one work of art. It is fundamentally a form of art which is divided into three sections. As you can see, this is a beautiful setting. The accent lighting and water features make the setting calm and relaxing.

16. Wooden Wall Panels

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Another great choice for wall decoration is the wooden panels. They look fantastic on exterior walls. The panel can also be complemented by a modern bench. The minimalist design of this piece is harmonious due to its consistent geometric pattern.

17. Mirrors and frames

patio wall decor

This is the best wall decoration idea. It can be applied to garden walls as well, creating a homey and welcoming atmosphere. It is possible to hang frames or mirrors of various sizes along the fencing or boundary wall. Installing a television and comfy chairs in your back yard could make it a second living area.


Do you favor a wall decoration? Just make sure your exteriors are as stunning and interesting as your interiors.

The best outdoor wall decor for you can be found here. Outdoor Art Pros has many outdoor wall decoration options and can help you create outdoor living spaces.

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