Nichol Kessinger: Chris Watts’s Sex Life During Marriage Led To 4 Murders!

This wasn’t a film, a television series, or an engaging book. Nichol Kessinger (the mistress of the killer) was the only person to know about Chris Watts’ murder. While browsing Youtube, I came across the Watts family’s murders story for the first time on Friday. We are all being spun around, waiting to find the true reason for these horrendous crimes. It was amazing that the Watts family from Colorado solved half of it. This is where I started.

My very first Youtube video was the one with the catchy title, “Neighbor’s security camera helps to capture a killer husband” (or something like that). Want to see immediately the entire story? The reaction of the suspect to being arrested red-handed, and the clever neighbor’s actions? All captured by a police officer who filmed it all! Everyone panicked about Shanann Watts (Chris Watts’s wife, pregnant with him). Her friend, the neighbor and the cop seemed to be moving quickly. Chris was late to his house, though, and he had his wife and his three children missing.

The cop camera captured Watts’s initial version of Watts leaving Watts’s wife behind her cellphone, blanket, and martial ring. The detective did not buy it. Chris Watts started to sweat after his neighbor asked him to display the footage from his security camera to a television screen. All would collapse soon after the horrible murder in black-and-white footage he had committed. His inedible evidence in his moving van was marked as such.

Nichol Kessinger: The Facts, Biography and Where Is She Now in 2021

Nichol Kessinger instagram

Chris Watts has a well-known girlfriend, Nichol Kessinger. American Murder, Family Next Door was a Netflix documentary which gave an in-depth look at August 2018’s crime scene in Frederick, Colorado. Everyone was talking about the doc and now people follow her on Instagram. These are her social media profiles:

  • It is confidential.
  • Her account name is: nichol_kessinger_88
  • She holds 17 positions
  • She has 1,855 followers (perhaps she is a true crime fan).
  • Only 2 accounts are followed by her
  • Her account could be fake. It is possible to create fake accounts for semicelebs.
  • Nichol Kessinger may have switched her Instagram handle because of a name change and moving to a new state.

Nichol Kessinger age

It is possible she might be 33 or 32 years of age, as Nichol Kessinger gave her birth in 1980. Her exact birthday is unknown to the public.

Nichol Kesselinger 2020:

She has been missing since 2018, when Nichol Kessinger was called to testify in the Watts trial. After speaking out with the Denver Post in 2018, she became afraid for her safety, and started researching other criminal mistresses. It is possible that she was even placed under witness protection. These are facts.

  • Nichol began searching the web for Amber Frey before leaving the grid. Court records show that she was last seen August 19, 2018. Court documents show that the Google search was performed by the woman involved in the murder of Laci Peterson (and their unborn baby) in 2002. Nichol wanted information regarding Frey’s book deal as well her net worth.
  • There are internet rumors that Nichol might be involved in Witness Protection Program. This is however not confirmed.
  • According to Daily Mail, Nichol said that she wouldn’t be surprised if Colorado police made it difficult for her to leave the house in public for several years.
  • Daily Mail claims that Nichol received a job offer and was asked to transfer to another state. It is hard to tell what happened with Nichol. Nichol desires to be alone.
  • Last update: Nichole Kessinger is reported to have been found at Claude Court Road Northglenn. Rumours suggest she may be currently with Jim Gutoski. Kessinger is also a geologist. It appears they met while Watts was still at Watts.

Nichol Kesselinger: Who are you?


Nichol Kessinger lived in Pennsylvania for most of her life, including the pre-Watts killings.


Nichol Kessinger received a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University in 2013. Nichol K was able to work in many sciences while she lived in Colorado. It was possible for her to travel all over Colorado, from Aurora to Denver to Fort Collins to Littleton.


While Nichol Kessinger began her career in bookkeeping, she soon moved up to become a field engineer. As a contract worker at Tasman Geosciences (an Anadarko Petroleum Co. 2018 subsidiary), she was hired. Chris Watts was also a worker there. Anadarko Petroleum’s environment department employed her as a geologist. The company also employed him as an operator. He earned a lot.

Watts met me and we were inseparable.

At first they were only friends, but Nichol Kessinger was Chris Watts’ mistress.

There is no such thing as a third child or divorce.

According to The Denver Post the couple met in June 2018 and started dating in July 2018. But he claims he’s going through divorce. According to her, she first started seeing him regularly in June’s last week. I was informed by him that he has two children, and that he is currently trying to divorce his wife. As far as I was able to tell, it had been completed.

Nichol spoke with Colorado police about Chris Watts’ statements that he and Shanann were divorcing, and that they were near the end. Chris Watts’ mistress claimed that Chris Watts was not aware that Shanann and Chris were still together or that their third child was on the way.

Surprisingly Chris Watts’s ex-girlfriend also told law enforcement that Chris mentioned to her at the end of July that 1) he had divorced and 2) that he needed help finding a home for his children.

Nichol Kessinger lies to her about her divorce. As she can see by her Google searches

Netflix’s documentary of Nichol’s interview with police shows her telling them that she discovered the truth about her boyfriend after hearing about him disappearance.

  • Watts documents which were released in Weld County District Attorney’s Office were obtained by People. According to Watts, Nichol’s Google searches history indicated that Nichol had entered the phrase “Man I’m having an affairs with,” July 24, 2018, and was later divorced. One month later she searched Google for subjects related to “marrying your mistress”.
  • Kessinger was online looking for wedding gowns, and spent more than two hours just one week before Watts’s death. This shows that Kessinger had thought of marrying Chris.
  • Chris’s web searches should prove that she’s serious. Chris’s search history as reported by People also supports this. Chris’s search history revealed that Chris typed “When do I say that I love you for the first time” on July 25. This proved that Chris was quickly moving with his mistress.
  • Weld County District Attorney’s Office has released records that Kessinger searched for 45 minutes “how do you prepare anal sex” and the “anal sexual guide” during the night prior to the murders.
  • They add credibility to the theory that Kessinger knew Chris had not been separated from Chris. The records also show that Kessinger was searched by police officers for Shanann Watts on his phone. People reported that she looked for messages in “can cops trace” text messages after the murders.
  • Kessinger discovered that Amber Frey had been searching for info about her networth on the internet after the murders. Kessinger could relate to Scott Peterson’s girlfriend, As Chris Watts’ mistress. Nichol was also a wife who fell for the husband of her deceased spouse. Does she have any plans to monetize this terrible event? It is not illegal but it seems that she might and we don’t know if this will happen.
  • It is not clear that Chris Watts knew the final details of his divorce from his mistress. Chris and Nichol had an 111-minute conversation over the telephone on night of murders.

These are sneaky dates

Chris Watts sneaked away to visit Kessinger’s place for romantic weekend getaways. He also snapped sultry pictures of his girlfriend. Searches on Watts’ mobile phone led to secret photos of Nicholkessinger (a semi-naked woman). Although they had been hidden, the secret calculator app that could be used to access them was only accessible by entering four-digit codes.

Chris and Nikki started their secret relationship while Shanann, Nikki and several other family members were in Watts North Carolina. Shanann attempted contact with Chris in an attempt to save her marriage. Shanann was able to go on a solo trip shortly after her and her kids returned home from Frederick Colorado. Chris killed his wife, and the two children he shared with her less than one month later. Shanann came home to find Watts had strangled Shanann. He then put the pillow in his car.

Chris Watts’ mistress was beaten by the killer for 30 days, right before Watts was convicted of killing his family.

Do not be fooled by the credit card

Shanann Watts, who was on a business trip to Arizona in the morning hours of August 13, 2018, just one day after her murder, returned home to Arizona. Chris Watts decided to bring Nichol Kessinger along to The Lazy Dog Sports Bar and Grill in Erie, Colorado during her trip.

Shanann returned home two days before their date and became suspicious of Chris’s spending on the joint account. The same day, she Googled “Lazy dog menu” to find out if he purchased any of the meals.

Chris was able to have a good relationship with his woman of the same name through this transaction. According to Frederick Police Department, Watts used credit to pay the bill for the meal. This was a good sign for the couple’s relationship as Watts often used gift cards as payment. Watts used this tactic to conceal his actions from his wife.

Chris committed the mistake of telling his wife all about his affair even though it was vital for his mistress. Kessinger said it was a good step in their relationship. But Shanann confronted Chris, and she would then murder her. Shanann, who was just fifteen weeks old at the time Chris choked and blacked Shanann out. His mother was then murdered.

Chris Watts split

The Post reports that Chris Watts’ mistress Nichol discovered from the news that Chris Watts had lied to her about their marriage. He was unmoved and calm, so she believes Chris is to blame for the disappearances of his family. The mistress stated that it “seemed off.”

She stated, “He was telling so many lies to me that I finally told his that I wouldn’t talk to him again until he had been located.” “A pregnant woman and 2 missing children left me determined to make the best of it all.”

Chris was arrested quickly after Nichol met with investigators. He later faced charges with the murders his wife, and their two children.

Denver Post reported that Chris Watts’s mistress Nichol participated in the investigation by police into the Watts family’s murders. She later spoke to the Denver Post, stating that Watts’ actions were not logical. This is an abominable, sinister act.

After ending her relationship, she reached out to the investigators to talk about the lies Watts was telling her over the last weeks. “It wasn’t fair for his family to have an affair. It wasn’t fair to me to hear him lie to my face and make it seem like everything is going according to plan. To this day I don’t really know the difference between lies and truth.

Interviews with Colorado police revealed that she was concerned about her name being “slandered”, and cited her short but intense affair with the murderer. Daily Mail has audio recordings of the interview with her and she stated that “my name will be ridiculed for quite a while.” The healing process is not yet known. You might find it difficult to make your name known for several years. She said, “And it really hurts.” This is terrible and horrible. It’s a daring thing, you know. People won’t get it. They will say “Oh, you are going to tell him that the woman was having an affair with the man who wiped out his whole family.”

Did Nichol Kessinger get charged?

Multiple police officers interviewed Nichol Kessinger, asking about her relationship to Chris and what Chris told them about their missing relatives. Watts was even approached by investigators before her arrest! She took part in numerous police interviews. She shared details of their relationship as well as what he said to her about his missing relatives.

But before Nichol spoke with police she had also erased all Watts’s information from her cell phone. Kessinger’s confession was a huge help to the police when it came down to solving this crime. The cards, photographs, and letters Watts sent them to one another were quickly located by the two of them. They discovered that Watts wanted to start a new life.

Michael Rourke (Weld County District attorney) stated that Nick Kessinger was found to possess information best described as a bombshell.

Kessinger was interviewed after Watts ended their brief but very serious relationship.

“This surprised me equally as all the others. “All of it,” said ex-girlfriend and mistress during an interview which aired on The Talk. “Like, I think he lies so much now, that I go back to all the s**t and I’m like, ‘it’s all lies.

The mistress insists that she will never again date or have a relationship (or even be in a romantic relationship) with married Chris Watts, but she knows full well Watts is still living with his wife. See the As she was searching Google, “Nichol Kesselinger” lied about her divorce. below under “Who is Nichol Kessinger?” section.

He admitted his guilt to murders, and claimed that Ms Kessinger would have saved him from killing his family. Although it is unfair to put your murder blame on your mistresses, I think this mistress was more knowledgeable than the cops. While Nichol might not have been charged with any crime, her search history on Google shows that she may be innocent.

How does Nichol Kessinger play a role in witness protection

There are rumors online that Nichol was put in the witness protection programme. It gave Nichol a brand new name and identity.

  • Nichol Kesselinger is currently resident in another state or city.

Radar Online magazine stated that Nichol Kessinger moved from Colorado to another country in the latter part of 2018. After starting a new job, he was placed under witness protection.

  • After Chris Watts’s terrible crime, she was constantly threatened and then abused

According to media sources, Mistress Nichol has been subjected to “several threats” and “public shame” over the years. Her plan is to start again with a different name and a completely new community, as well as a whole new identity.

  • Nichol Kessinger wanted a change of name to start over.

Watt’s mistress has been identified as a woman with a different name. Her testimony has been in support of the murder trial. Reports claim that the ex-girlfriend changed her name following multiple murders. Daily Mail claims that the 32-year-old woman requested witness protection in Jefferson County Colorado. The request could have a life-altering effect and is coming just days after Netflix’s American Murder: The Family Next Door which exposed the murder of Watts’ family.

Chris Watts was not involved in the Nichol Kessinger affair. He had a relationship with a cheater.

The sex life of these men was intense and difficult.

Chris Watts was portrayed by his mistress as a skilled manipulator. Although she claimed Chris was soft-spoken, it is impossible to believe that he really is a father-of-2.

Why? Why?

Yes, his murderous father was quite a man. As his wife testifies, it was true. However, it was hard to see him killing himself.

Chris Watts’ mistress was just as stunned as anyone else when she found out that her lover was both a child murderer and a wife killer. Nichol Kessinger claimed that he was very soft-spoken to her when he spoke. He was a great listener.”

According to investigators, the couple had an intimate relationship that included explicit photos. Nichol Kessinger described him politely and introverted when she spoke with Colorado police.

Another Tinder match was also made for rough sex.

Nichol described Nichol as kind, generous and compassionate. Chris was a kind and generous man, but when it was time for bed Chris became obsessed with Rape Fetish.

Amanda McMahon claims that Chris Watts was a Tinder user before the murder in order to fulfil his fantasies of rape. The investigators met her to talk about her Tinder night with Watts and share her story about Watts’ “rape fantasies” nights.

Watts murdered Watts wife, three children, then dumped them into oil drums or shallow graves. Before he began to use Tinder to fulfil his dark sexual fantasies, Watts spent his whole life in prison for the crime.

According to police records Amanda was a Tinder date and met Watts in a Chick-fil A garage. The app allowed them to have a chat.

Amanda McMahon shared with the investigator her understanding that Watts had been following her from the restaurant to her apartment. But once inside, the situation became aggressive and fast to the point McMahon declared that Watts was very rough.

McMahon called it embarrassing and incontinence. Chris Watts tried to push her into having an affair, McMahon stated. He pulled her hair. Amanda McMahon stated that Watts had tried to force her to have an affair with him once.

Tinder dating site Tinder said that, despite him being aggressive, she didn’t think he would be a murderer. According to the report she claimed that it was “kinda comical now”. Watts is an assassin.

Amanda McMahon wrote about Watts’ encounters in a group of crime buffs. Also, she claimed that Watts had been married to Nichol Kessinger (the mistress). This revelation reveals another dark side to the killer father, who loved Tinder dates as well as rough-and-tumble one night stands. No one could have foreseen the severity and ruthlessness of his deceitful acts. Friends, family and his former mistress still struggle to understand what has happened.

His cheating was not inconsistent in one aspect: He didn’t mention that he was or was a father of either Nichol, his long-term partner, or Amanda.

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