Mt Maculot: 2021 Ultimate Travel Guide

mt maculot

Mt Maculot in Batangas, is great for seeing Taal Lake. This mountain is just 2 hours drive from Manila. It can make a wonderful weekend getaway, allowing you to travel, explore, connect with Mother Nature and unwind. 930 feet is the peak.

Mt Maculot, a popular hiking spot in Batangas is one of the best spots to see Taal Lake. This mountain is just 2 hours drive from Manila. It can make a wonderful weekend getaway, especially for people who want to go on an adventure or simply relax.

This mountain rises 930m above the sea. The difficulty rating for the hike is 5.10. However, anyone can do it. It can take between five and six hours to complete this traverse.

Do you plan to take a vacation to Mt Maculot? Let’s find out the most important facts.

How can you get there


To get to Mt Maculot, you can either take the bus from Buendia or Cubao. This cost is 147 pesos. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to travel. Your driver should drop you off at Cuenca by the Iglesia Nacristo (INC) Church.


You can take a jeep up to Lemery. You will pay 25 pesos for the fare. Visit the Iglesia N. Cristo (INC), Cuenca.

*Ride a tricycle to Cuenca once you have reached the registration, where you can hire your guide. It is also possible to walk directly to the registration.

Begin Line

We were taken by our driver on a tricycle from Brgy Syete to the INC church. This is where you can hire a professional tour guide, and pay the registration fees. We chose to traverse the mountain route in order to get the best experience.

Your guide will transport you on the tricycle from the registration point to the jumping-off point. The guide advised that food and water be purchased from local stores prior to starting. Travel tip! There is also a place for people who wish to take a break before they embark on their hike.


There is not much to the trail at its beginning. You will find a lot of vines, weeds, and ferns along the trail. The guide said that the route would begin at the campsite. We’d then head to the Rockies and Summit before heading to Grotto. Finally, the final destination would be reached.

The hike leads to 13 stations. There are wooden and bamboo benches at each station, as well as buko juice for purchase. From the first to 13th station, our buko cups become larger. This was funny to me and my friends.

My friends even joked “habang tumataas, tumataas din ang presyo” (As we go up, the prices goes up too). From 10 pesos to 15 pesos to 20 pesos to 30 pesos. Haha. You will find the juice quite cold so make sure to get some buko.

On your journey to the Rockies, you’ll pass mangoes and avocados as well as many other kinds of trees. You will find the trail steepening as you move closer to the camp site.

Kuya Amado, a man who climbs mountains almost daily to sell ice creams, was our guide. His ice candy, which were made with buko and avocado, each cost $15. We bought it because we loved the taste. It is easy to see the fruit’s natural flavours. If you spot him, buy some. It’s worth it.


Camping site

This shop is referred to by our guide as “the 711 shop” because of the high price. A 1 Liter water bottle costs 80 pesos. You can save money by buying your water from home.


Because you’re climbing rocks, it can be hard to climb the Rockies. A mistake can cause you to slip.

We loved the Rockies. It’s not surprising that travel bloggers are raving about the Rockies on social media. It was a beautiful view of Taal Lake as well as parts of Batangas. It was wonderful.


Over an hour was spent taking photographs. Due to the presence of other hikers, we were forced to stand up and take photographs. It was great to meet other Northern Luzon hikers. Also, we exchanged stories and talked in Ilocano.


After scaling the Rockies, we went back to our camp to have lunch. Then we set out to climb the summit. Be prepared for steep climbs up the mountain. To help you climb, there are ropes, vines, and branches. We took around 30 minutes to climb the peak from our campsite.

The summit was still covered by fog. Fog obscured the view. Despite the disappointment, we enjoyed the fog. This brought back fond memories of Benguet, Mt. Province.



It was an unforgettable experience to descend from Mt Maculot’s Summit towards the Grotto. You will be wishing you had great shoes. Expect to encounter rocky and muddy terrain. You can even get very slippery. The surface was very slippery. It was also very slippery. We were forced to grab branches, vines and, thankfully ropes.

The trail was paved for more than an hour and we never stopped smiling. We finally reached the Grotto after many almosts and slips. The two of us had fun laughing at each others’ muddy shoes.

After some rest, our bodies were shaking so we started climbing the 14 stations that made up the cross.

End of the Trail

At the trail’s terminus, tricycles can be rented. You can wash your shoes in the nearby restroom.

And then it was lunchtime. We were recommended to the G2B Lomi House by our guide. Here we enjoyed a win meal. Lomi is a memorable experience. For a normal meal, it is 35 pesos.

The following is a visual comparison of the shoes we wore before and during our climb to Mt Maculot’s summit. The difference is obvious.

Here are some tips and reminders

  • Register at Brgy. 7 “Siete”, the start of the Mt Maculot summit trail, will be at the Rockies. It’s much simpler. If you are registered at another barangay, sometimes the trail begins at Grotto. This can be a challenging trail.
  • Wear proper footwear. You should wear the right footwear when hiking on muddy trails and climbing.
  • You should ensure you always have water and enough food. High prices are charged at the supermarket near the campsite.
  • Avoid hand injuries by wearing gloves while climbing the Rockies. Safety first
  • Be proactive. Only a handful of trees are found near Mt Maculot’s Rockies and Summit. The day can be very hot.
  • There is an accessible restroom near the Grotto where you can go to the bathroom for only 5 pesos or take a dump at 10, 20, and 10 pesos. There are also bathrooms located at both the end of the trail and at its beginning.

Budget Breakdown

These could be financial losses Mt Maculot can cause

  • Bus fare one way from Cuenca P .147
  • From the Tricycle to Registration P25
  • Registration: P20
  • Tour Guide Fee: This depends on the location. For more information, see below.

Sample Itinerary

  • 4:45 PM ETD Manila
  • 6:00 ETA Cuenca, Batangas
  • 6:30 AM Start of Hike
  • 8:30 ETA Campsite Rest
  • 9:00 Get a great view of the Rockies from your camera
  • 10:00 Return to Campsite.
  • 10:00 ETA Summit Mount Maculot. Relax, take in the views, eat some snacks and then get photos
  • 11:30 Start descent
  • 12:00 ETA Grotto
  • 12:00 ETA Ending of the Trail Lunch
  • Manila, 1:30 Back

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