Minecraft Fan? Here Are the 12 Ideas to Design Your Minecraft Houses

It can be scary to spend the night alone out in the woods. It’s scary to spend the night alone in the woods. Minecraft has many mobs who will try to take you out if you don’t have a place to sleep at night. You could dig a hole and sleep there until the sun rises but that’s not the point. You can create your own Minecraft house. If your creativity seems to be waning, here are 12 ways to design Minecraft houses.

What Is Minecraft? 

Design Your Minecraft Houses

Minecraft is a construction and sandbox video game that allows players to interact with 3D environments built of blocks and entities. This video game can be played in two modes:

  • Survival Mode – You will need to gather food, materials for shelters, and weapons to defend yourself against the mobs.
  • Creative Mode You will have unlimited access to all game materials so you can create anything you want.

Markus Persson, a Swedish programmer and designer, also created the game. This game was developed by Mojang Studios and released in November 2011. Minecraft has been sold more than 70 million times since its launch. What is it that makes Minecraft so popular, despite its primitive graphics?

Minecraft is unique because there are no boundaries or rules. Minecraft is the ultimate game, allowing players to let their imaginations go wild. It allowed children, especially, to explore the endless world and enhance their creativity by crafting and building unique things.

12 Design Ideas for Your Minecraft House 

Design Your Minecraft Houses

Minecraft is a vast world with infinite possibilities and biomes. This game allows you to design the house you dream of! The number of materials and items you can use in this game is overwhelming. How do you begin? Which blocks are best? What blocks should you use?

You can get ideas from other Minecraft builders if you are stuck for ideas. These are 12 design options for your Minecraft house.

1. Treehouse 

Design Your Minecraft Houses

Are you fed up with creepers and zombies knocking on your door every night? You can make your house a tree! Let’s now see how creepy people try to blow your house up.

Your new home can be built on top of or halfway up a tall tree. You can even make your own tree if you don’t have a suitable tree. Treehouses also offer great views of the surrounding area. The view from your home can be enjoyed every day as the sun sets, and the sight of mobs of people burning when it rises.

2. Wooden House 

Design Your Minecraft Houses

A wooden house is the best choice if you are looking to build a house in Survival Mode. Because wood and stone can be found in Minecraft, this is a great option. To make them look great, you only need a few tricks or good designs.

Instead of building a traditional box-shaped starter home, why not make your own? To add variety to your home design, you can use stairs or slabs!

3. Underwater House 

Minecraft House

Survival Mode makes it very difficult to build a house underwater. You will need a conduit, water breathing potions, and plenty of sponges to drain the water from your buildings. A house that is underwater would still be spectacular, especially if you spawn in a coral biome. While you are relaxing in your home, watch the fishes and dolphins that swim around your neighborhood.

4. Floating House at the Sea 

Minecraft House

You can build your house above the water if an underwater base is not an option. Your home can look cozy depending on how it is designed. You can even place your home in the middle the ocean and ride a boat to reach land.

5. Medieval House 

Did you set your wooden house ablaze? You can make a medieval houseout of stone to avoid this. This house is perfect for an evil lair.

6. Underground House 

This house design is a literal example of “living in the basement”. Minecraft is now embracing the underground base. This base can be formed by hollowing out an area of ground, then building walls, floors, and stairs. To let the sun in, you can use glass to cover it. A secret doorway can be made to another location. This will ensure that your home is safe from mobs, even if you are in hard mode.

7. Modern House 

Minecraft House

You may want your house to look elegant . Concrete can be used in place of stone. You may also put up large windows or walls. A pool or a garden can be added to your property.

8. Beach House 

You may wish to build a beach house if you spawn close to the coast. As a design, you can use quartz blocks, concrete, glass and trap doors.

9. Japanese-Styled House 

Minecraft House

If you are looking for a home with a pond or garden, what is the best choice? The Japanese home is your best choice! One can be made using acacia logs and cobblestone as well as wood and sandstone. You can also make cherry blossom trees with pink wool.

10. Ice Castle 

Who said Elsa was the only one capable of making an ice castle! You can, too!

An ice biome is now available in Minecraft. You can also make your own ice biome here. You won’t have many neighbors here, but there are plenty of polar bears you can make friends with.

11. Mountain House 

Minecraft House

There are no rules that say you have to build only on flat ground. You can build a home in the mountains if you are a part of a mountain biome.

12. Floating House 

The sky is the limit in Minecraft. You can even build your house in the air! You just need to be able to move up and down without falling to death. Be on the lookout for night phantoms!

A whole city can be built if you want!

You don’t have to settle for one house when you could build a whole community. You can build all the things you want, if you feel that there are too many to do, then go ahead! You can combine them to create a community with hospitals, restaurants, malls or other shops.

Invite your friends to join you on your server, so that everyone can have fun together. You may also be able to start your own shop with your friends.

You can also create your shop in Minecraft.

It’s true! You can start your own shop if you already have a business idea. You’re not just mining and stacking blocks on the screen. This is real-life.

Ultimate Small Shop is a complete guide for beginning carpenters. It explains how to build a workshop using various methods. This guide will show you how to keep your tools in good condition for many years and what tools to use. This guide teaches you how build your shop on a tight budget. This Ultimate Small Shop Review will help you learn more.


These Minecraft hose ideas will help you get started in your next build, no matter if you are just starting out or an experienced player. Nothing beats the feeling of completing a creative build. Get out your PlayStation, Switch, or Mobile Phone and get crafting!

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