Labret Piercing: A Quick Guide Before Getting One

libret piercing

When it comes to soaring the skies, there is no limit. labret types piercing, You have many choices and options for cool accents that will make your beauty more stunning. This guide will help you choose the correct labret for your piercing.

What does Labret Piercing mean and how do they work?

The piercing or labret of the lower lip can also be called labret. There are several types of labrets. The process is generally performed from the outside in to the interior.

A labret stud is made up of three parts:

  • Flat disc that holds jewelry in place from your inside lip
  • The shaft/rod that passes through the hole
  • Perforation visible outside of the piercing.

Labrets can feel painful at first, but they are popular with body modifications enthusiasts looking for more than just an ear piercing.

Diverse types of Labret Piercings

Everybody loves creating new variations of piercings that are fashionable. These are just some:

Vertical labret The labret then goes below the lips.

Lowbret This piercing is placed as low as possible, below the lower lip.

Trois piercings below the lip

Snake bites Two piercings in the bottom lip are made side by side, reminding of snake fangs.

Medusa Piercing : This labret is located between the middle ridges on the upper lip.

Monroe Piercing: This piercing is a tribute to Marilyn Monroe’s famed beauty mark. Place the jewelry on your left cheek.

Madonna Piercing: This is the same as a Monroe Perforation, but on the opposite side.

Crayfish Piercing This piercing is double the Monroe style with labrets on either one or both of the upper lips. When pierced using longer barbells, they look almost exactly like a crayfish’s feelers.

The ridges at the top lip are used for all philtrum puncturings. Horizontal philtrum perforations run horizontally, rather than up or down. You can use it with both barbell jewelry and captive beads rings.

A frenulum is an instrument that penetrates the connective tissue between the upper and lower lips. The frenulum-piercing is invisible until the wearer smiles. This makes it also called a “smiley”.

libret piercing

Labret Piercing Healing Time

If there are no complications, the average time to heal from a labret-piercing procedure is 6-8 weeks. It’s important that you clean up the surrounding area.

  • Rinse your mouth with a saline solution three times daily after brushing and eating.
  • It can be irritating to use Listerine or any other mouthwash.
  • Wash your hands before you begin to scrub.
  • You should not touch the jewellery or any other area of the body unless it is absolutely necessary.

Do you find it difficult to puncture the labret?

The pain from piercing isn’t as bad as those experienced with other oral procedures. A labret that is either horizontal or vertical may be more painful than the standard. Perforations of the labret are very painful as sensitive tissue, including skin and lips, is involved.

Do labrets piercings cause damage to your teeth and gums?

If labret piercings don’t get taken care of, tooth loss could occur. Every type of body alteration can have potential health consequences. They are important to discuss. If you’re considering labret-piercing, consider the pros and cons.

Tooth Wear

No matter how well your labret is placed, it’s possible that your enamel might be scratched by the jewelry. You can get chips or divots in the teeth if you do not have them fixed by your Chattanooga dentist.

By checking your teeth daily for damage signs, you can avoid any possible problems.

Tooth Drift

This will be a long-term experience for labret users. It is due to pressure on the neck of the necklace between teeth. The pressure eventually results in enamel erosion that forces affected teeth to be out of alignment. Braces can be used to correct the alignment of your teeth.

Gum/Jaw Injury

Gum recession is caused by persistent contact between your gums and the lips or through piercings on your tongue.

If your labret touches your gums, your gums will eventually become less healthy. This can cause your roots and other plant matter to begin to decay.

As your gum recedes, it exposes more of your root. It can cause severe infection and lead to the growth of bacteria. Untreated infections can cause the jawbone to recede and spread further. You could lose your teeth or have them fall out.

Your gums can’t be closed by a dentist. Make sure to clean your labrets and inspect your mouth for damage.


A labret can become embedded in your lips when your lips expand significantly. There are many reasons this can occur, some more serious than others.

The majority of labrets will feel a little swollen afterward. Many piercers will use larger labrets in order to make up for the loss and will replace it with jewelry that is appropriate after healing. This is the most common method for labret perforation. The embedding of any labret should only be temporary.

Inexperienced or untrained piercers might place an undersized labret into a new piercing. It can cause swelling. If the labret remains tight between the lips and the pierced area, it is too small. It is important that the jewelry has enough room to allow for movement, but not too much.

You should remove any embedded jewelry.

What is the average time it takes for labrets to heal?

Average healing time for labret-piercing is between 6-8 weeks. You may experience some swelling within 2-3 days. It can last anywhere from 7-10 days. A longer labret-stud should be worn until swelling has subsided; then, it may be replaced with a shorter one. After at least 2 weeks, you should complete this task. The lips may move if the labret is pierced. This process is called nesting and migration. The skin should not be pulled over the back. Every morning, check the condition of your teeth as you brush them. If you notice this, change to a long brush.

Rings should not be pierced. It can cause slow healing, swelling of your lips and ultimately, your ring will sink to your lip. It can lead to your lips being damaged. You may feel your lips flop, and this can make it very painful.

How do you pierce your labret?

These aren’t made from a labret universale or a straight barbell. They have a curved barbell which exits via the top lip. It is possible to see two sides of this jewelry, one over the other. The horizontal labret works the same way as the vertical. You will see two jewelry ends on the labret, however they are horizontally placed.

Is it necessary to kiss someone using a lip-piercing device

You should be careful about your tongue and labret piercings. Labrets could cause injury to your teeth, or even chip them. Do not kiss anyone if your lips are pierced.

Can I hide my labret piercings with makeup?

  1. Clear, Flesh, and Colored Container Labret retainer. It is an acrylic piece. This retainer does not have a stud, but a flat edges. Acrylic can be clear or flesh-colored and is more obvious than metal. If you would prefer to have a concealed piercing, ask the piercer for an acrylic retainer.
  2. Facial Makeup. The labret can be hidden by turning the stud. Place the bulbous end in your mouth. The flat or flat end is outside. Cover the exposed metal with a concealer.
  3. Bandages. You can conceal the piercing temporarily by taking off the studs. Small, self-adhesive bandsages can be worn on the face. It is not a piercing, but most people mistakenly think it.

How much does a labret-piercing cost?

The price of a ring will depend on its location and the type. Prices for labret piercings range from $20 to $100.

If you’re like most piercing lovers, it doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged by having your labret done. Only trust an experienced dentist for this procedure. If you have questions or concerns, speak to your dentist immediately.

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