Katrina Bowden: A Quick Look At Her Life, Facts, and Personal Details

With a blonde hairstyle and curly locks, the beauty is recognizable in films like Piranha 3DD. She is best known for her role as Flo, a CBS soap opera that airs on daytime. Here is her biography:

Katrina Bowden: A Mini Bio For Fans!

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Katrina Bowden Movie List


Drive to Sex


Ratko: The Dictator’s Son

The Shortcut    Christy


Tucker & Dale vs. Tucker & Dale vs.


American Reunion

Piranha 3DD

Keep Your Breath


Movie 43

Scary Movie 5

Nurse 3D

An authentic story


Selling is hard



Last Film Festival


The Divorce Party


The Orchard

Not yet announced:

Death by Diaz

For Seniors

California Fishbowl

Katrina Bowden Husband

Bowden was not officially considered a woman until January 28, 2012. Be positive. Actress, aged 30, has been married six years. Ben Jorgensen, her boyfriend from Armor For Sleep has been her husband almost two years. On May 19, 2013, the actress and a former member of The Band were married at Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York.

Katrina Bowden 30 Rock

Bowden was given the iconic role of 30 Rock, which enabled her to grow her career. She was offered the role in 2006. Between 2006 and 2013, she was the star of the series. For the seven last years, she was the show’s main character. You may not recall that she was Cherie. She was her beautiful, but somewhat clueless, assistant. It was beautiful and sexy, with limited intelligence. But she did great work. Her education and sharp thinking have made it clear that she is so much more than the image on screen.

Katrina Bowden Parents

Her mother was from New Jersey. She was brought up there. Her childhood was spent in New Jersey. She attended New Jersey school and then went on to receive her education. When she was a kid, her school was not open to the public. She was a Midland Park Saint Thomas More Elementary and Middle School graduate. Additionally, she attended Immaculate Heart Academy in another Jersey city. As her parents wanted, she attended her Catholic schools. She was raised catholic. Although she cannot send her children to Jersey, she doesn’t live there any longer.

Some Interesting Facts

    • Esquire awarded the actress “Sexiest Women Alive”, in 2011 to its title. It is possible to be worse than you are, but this honor is well-deserved in the world of lovely people. When she was 23 years old, it was 2011. She had been an actress in TV before she got married and was very proud of the things that she accomplished.
    • In September 2011, she was the face of the Jordache TV Campaign.
    • Bowden got her first acting part as Britney on an ABC 2-episode ABC ABC arc.
    • She was a guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), and Ugly Betty (2006).
    • Bowden made his film debut in 2008 with Sex Drive (2008), a raunchy comedy.
    • Bowden was seen in the two direct-to DVD projects of low budget that year, Ratko: The Distortator’s son (2009), and The Shortcut (2010).
    • Bowden played the role of Allison in Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010). This horror-comedy received widespread acclaim. This film, which was limited in production, grossed more that four million dollars. Sundance Film Festival premiered the film.
    • Bowden appeared in Piranha 3DD (2012). This film was widely condemned by critics. Also, she starred in Hold Your Breath (2012), which was first released theatrically. In Nurse 3D (2013), she was the star of the movie.
    • It was a dream come true for every girl to star in a song and video. Panic! was the show’s main star. The video “At the Disco’s Miss Jackson”, was just released. If you haven’t, it is worth a look!
    • The no longer in operation Saint Thomas More School, Midland Park (NJ), was her school for middle and grammar education.
    • Katrina Bowden married Ben Jorgensen after a three-year engagement.

Personal Quotes

    • Yoga and spinning are my passions. Kickboxing can be a wonderful way to build my core. This herb is great for stress relief, and toning the skin.
    • Horror movies are not something I like because I’m a little baby. These movies are just too terrifying to me.
    • Be thankful and keep your eyes on the good.
    • It is not easy at times but it has helped me keep my perspective.
    • My former self was a dork. I’m still quite goofy and clumsy.
    • Many people have taught me to forgive.
    • While I can’t say I eat whatever I like whenever I want it, I do make delicious and healthy treats that are satisfying.
    • Judah Friedlander is like Keith Powell to me.
    • I avoid dairy and gluten as much as possible.
    • Kate Spade creates great classics for women, and Kate Spade bags are my favorite. The sexy looks of Rebecca Taylor and BCBG are my favorite. These are flattering for my figure.
    • I love horror with comedy twists.

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