Jill Rhodes: Facts About The Woman Once Married To Sean Hannity

Jill Rhodes is a journalist and the ex-wife of Sean Hannity who is a political commentator, talkshow host, as well as a journalist. They were married for two decades but their union was broken after a decade. Was it to do with scandals? It was the scandals. Here’s a glimpse at Jill Rhode’s whole life, starting with her childhood and ending in 2020.

Here’s a quick summary:

Date of birth August 27, 1962

Alabama, USA is home to the American birthplace

Age: 58 in 2020

Sign of the birth: Virgo

Height: 5′ 4″

Weight: 54 kilograms

American Nationality

Sean Hannity was Sean Hannity’s ex-husband

Merri Kelly, Patrick

Occupation: Columnist, journalist

Jill Rhodes?

Rhodes is an author and journalist who has been a writer and a broadcast journalist. She began her career as a journalist at Huntsville Times, where she was a political reporter. WVNN employed her also as a radio host. Her time as a Manhattan book editor was brief. Rhodes worked on the television show of her husband as a producer. Their first meeting was when Rhodes was working as a Huntsville Times journalist. Hannity wrote his first book after their 26-year-long love was fulfilled. He did this while they were still married. He said that his wife played a crucial role in his success. Even though the couple divorced in 2019, Rhodes continues to work on the show with her ex-husband.


Rhodes was born on August 27, 1962. Now she is in her 50s. Montgomery Alabama is where she was raised. Montgomery, Alabama raised her and she went to college there. Journalism is something she takes an interest in. She was admitted to the University of Alabama where she received her Bachelor’s Degree as a Journalist. Liberty University offered her pastoral and theological counseling classes.


Jill started her career in Huntsville Times as a reporter. The first assignment she had was to create a column on politics at a particular firm. It was her talent that blossomed, and she was asked to join Fox Network Channel. Her channel was hugely successful.

Jill also served as a Manhattan book editor. Hannity Show’s current editor is she. She hosts it with her husband. This rarely results in any tangible effect.

Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity met in Alabama.

Sean Hannity, a college dropout originally from Long Island in New York, was an aspiring writer. Hannity decided in 1991 to make a name for himself as a national conservative voice. It was his first radio job, and he worked at WVNN Huntsville. He met Rhodes at this station, who is a Huntsville Times columnist.

Newsmax told him that while he was impressed with her talents and gifts, he also fell for the tiny picture she included in her column in 2011.

Hannity would like her to get advice

Their first meeting was over phone calls in 1991. Sean used to be a WVNN radio host, so Sean called her for story ideas.

Hannity Rhodes and Jill Rhodes shared their relationship’s early days with PEOPLE in 2002. Hannity called Jill in search of story ideas.

His voicemails fascinated her, so she went to the 1992 mayoral debate and asked him out. PEOPLE reported that she had been intrigued by his voicemails and went to a mayoral debate in 1992. He wanted to take her out.

Hannity invited Hannity into her home.

The Jill Rhodes Sean Hannity relationship was established after they met in person during the Huntsville mayoral elections hosted by Fox News.

Newsmax reports Hannity asked Jill Rhodes his ex-girlfriend to move in with him in 1992, after accepting an invitation to host a talk radio program in Atlanta. He said “yes”, but she would have to first get a ring.

In 1993, they were married.

Hannity stated to the Newsmax that she was forbidden from marrying anyone with whom she worked at her newspaper. You mean, the man on the radio? Huntsville, Alabama. Sean is the New York talk radio host. [guy].

Hannity claimed that Hannity and Hannity got into a heated argument in pre-marital counselling. Hannity stated that Hannity’s pastor had advised Hannity not to proceed with their marriage. Hannity also recalled: “He said, ‘You’re crazy to marry this guy’ because I was arguing about how liberal the church is.” That meeting was a sad one for her.

Hannity stated that the same pastor with whom he had been arguing performed their wedding ceremony, as well as many other ceremonies for their close friends.

He said, “Eighteen years later,” that they were still “the only ones who are married.”

Life was about New York City after marriage and the two children.

She was a supporter of Sean’s career, and she continued to advise him once they were married. Sean had Jill as his best friend.

They both moved to New York together. They fell in love with each other and bought a beautiful house. All their expectations were met. The couple was blessed with another child. Merri Kelley was born 2002, and Patrick in 1999.

Hannity gave Jill Rhodes a book once.

Hannity donated Let Freedom Ring, Winning The War of Liberty Over Liberalism in Rhodes 2002. His acknowledgments include:

“The most profound acknowledgement that I can make to my family are to Jill, my wife and my two children Patrick (and Kelly), to whom this book was dedicated.”

He explained, “They were my partners in this endeavor.” They make the journey worthwhile. I consider them a blessing in every aspect of my life.”

The couple was a private couple.

Jill Rhodes is not seen supporting Hannity at Fox News events throughout the years. She also didn’t create any social media accounts, so she won’t be on Instagram and Twitter. Hannity uses a public profile for work discussions, but is not allowed to post any personal updates or news.

Publicly, their relatives and parents may not be well-known. Jill Rhodes has not been well known for seeking attention.

Jill, who was 26-years married to the television host before she filed divorce papers in 2019.

She’s currently single and co-parents with her husband.

Rumours circulated that Sean had an affair after two decades of marriage. But it didn’t. Jill stood by Sean during a period of sexual harassment. She was there for her husband through every stage. Hannity refers to himself as a TV personality and not a political commentator. It’s quite common for Jill’s to be in the spotlight because of Sean’s behavior.

Prior to divorcing they had lived apart for several years.

People’s lives were drastically changed by the pandemic. Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity both admitted the truth in this case.

The couple reached an amicable settlement after four years. They have made a commitment to each other in their best interest of the children, and it is not like a messy divorce.

USA TODAY released a statement claiming that Jill, Sean and Sean had broken up in January. However, they had been separated for quite some time. After being separated for several years, the divorce proceedings were finalized a year later. They have kept their arguments to themselves because of the children. They did not want their marital status to affect their children’s lives. They attempted to get close, and succeeded.

Her net worth:

Jill Rhodes has been a successful woman in her professional career. She is worth approximately $55 million. Her enormous wealth has remained intact for a very long time.

Jill Rhodes stood by her husband in the face of allegations of sexual harassment.

Jill could have split with Sean because of the Fox scandal or the Micheal Cochran scandal. Sean Hannity, along with other Fox contributors were accused of sexually harassing female employees.

Roger Ailes was fired by Fox after he revealed sexual harassment. Debbie Schlussel is a conservative blogger who also accuses Hannity of inviting Debbie to his hotel and blacklisting her when she refuses.

Jill and Sean will deny any divorce rumours during this time.

Following much controversy she has decided to relocate permanently to Florida in order to spend time with her family, once her children are out of college.

Sean Hannity is a former leader of Birther Movement against Barack Obama who has spoken out about the LGBT community. It’s not surprising that he would cause more controversy.

While he’s a politician, the actor admits that he’s more of a TV personality. It was all about the views, or? Hannity is well-known because of his connections to President Donald Trump. Trump’s controversial lawyer Michael Cohen named Hannity recently as his client. Cohen insists Cohen is being retained because of real estate deals. This has caused more controversy.

Hannity borrowed $2.5million to buy a Long Island home for her real estate investment investments. Hannity purchased nearly 900 properties in seven US states from a Georgia-based property management company.

Jill still works with her husband in spite of the divorce.

Jill currently serves as an editor on Fox’s Hannity Show. Since the departures Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly and Hannity’s shows have been a staple on conservative stations’ evenings.

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