Jazzy Distefano: 7 Fun-Facts About Chris Distefano’s Girlfriend!

Jazzy Distefano, Jazzy is Jazzy Distefano’s mother. They entertain the world together through Chris Distefano’s numerous podcasts. Jazzy (also known as Jasmine or Vinny) adds jokes to the podcasts. This was evident on Chris Distefano’s YouTube show Hey Babe with Sal Vulcano, Impractical Jokers. In case their child became a performer, they settled on Lent as “give up for Lent”. Jazzy Distefano called the end of the giddy-exchange between men and declined to name her baby. She is still featured on Chris Distefano’s weekly podcasts, but let’s take a look at Jazzy Distefano’s career and life through this article.

Jazzy Distefano: 7 intimate details you might have forgotten about Chris Distefano’s GF

1. Here are some quick facts.


  • Full Name: Jazzy Distefano aka Jasmine
  • Date of birth April 17, 1984
  • Birthplace: USA Age 37
  • Gender
  • American Nationality
  • Christianity is the religion
  • Since 2014, Chris Distefano has been Chris Distefano’s boyfriend/spouse.
  • Children: Tristan (DOB unavailable), Delilah Distefano, Violette Luna Distefano (born June 2021).
  • Parents: Edwin Canuelas & Liz Canuelas
  • Siblings: Jessica Canuelas
  • Occupation: Zumba teacher and trainer

2. Jazzy Distefano and Chris Distefano are not together.

Chris Distefano’s podcasts confirm this. His mother was a topic he discussed, and he felt that his marriage would not be changing.

3. Jazzy is the father to three kids.

Jazzy Distefano was Jazzy’s mother. Tristan, her son was also born from her. Although the identity of the father is unknown, this family blend does an amazing job at being there for all. Chris Distefano is podcasting on the purchase of Staten Island property for their three children.

4. Jazzy Distefano, a Zumba Instructor.

Jazzy Ditefano was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 17, 1984. This is also where Chrissy D came from. Her family includes the Edwin Canuelas, Liz Canuelas, and both are Puerto Rican Latin Americans. She is the brother’s sister and sister.

Jazzy works in a very unique position that assists mothers experiencing postpartum depress after giving birth. While some have achieved remarkable results, others are still struggling.

Jazzy Distefano (Zumba instructor, fitness trainer) helps mothers get back to their best after childbirth. It is her job.

This was an important part of her recovery from postpartum depression. It was not the basis of her first pregnancies, and so began her journey to fitness. The opportunity was for her to give back and help mothers who were in the same situation. She is now certified in both group and spinning fitness as well other wellness programs.

Jazzy Distefano developed Jazzymethod. This program combines music and bodyweight training to bring joy and ease.

Access her training through social media and Patreon.

A passionate professional, her passion is to assist mothers who are suffering from postpartum Depression.

5. Jazzy Distefano is 21.5k on Instagram.

According to her bio, she said that “Here Mamas Let’s Motivate you.” This trainer has an impressive following.

6. Jazzy Distefano, Chris Distefano got together in the most ridiculous way.

Chris Distefano speaks often of his first child. Although he calls it an “accident”, he also describes it as a blessing for the rapidity with which all happened.

Hey Babe was able to hear his tale on a podcast. The stars were aligned strangely for him when he was getting ready to meet his future mom. The friend attempted to convince him to join him at a bar/pub with his friend. However, he refused. Jazzy would fall pregnant just a few days later, and their lives would be forever changed.

We giggled when Jazzy Distefano told us that he couldn’t be more interested in Jazzy Distefano during Tastebuds. The comedian even made fun of his inexperience with comedy by saying, “I’ve never heard of you”. Chris Distefano kept buying her drinks and charmed his way around. We now have some of the funniest podcasts ever made by these two!

7. Jazzy is incredibly independent.

​​Chris Distefano finds it amazing that his wife can figure things out quicker than anyone else. He has been listening several podcasts. Jazzy Distefano pushes forward, whether it’s building a crib while pregnant or understanding a complicated coffee machine at Sal Vulcano’s house.

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