Interior Design Trends – The Best Marble Designs

If you’re looking to create luxury interior design, marble is an excellent choice. The best materials are sought after by luxury customers, and marble is one of the most popular choices. Marble can also be used for luxury homes such as bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. Marble, a metamorphic material that is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, can be described as a metamorphic. Marble is extremely rare and sought-after by buyers.

Over the last decade, marble has seen a dramatic increase in its use for interior design. This is not just any marble. It is high-grade marble. Marble is sourced from all over the world because different countries have different marble types.

Some truly incredible designs have been made with marble.

These are the islands that deserve townhouses

Best Marble Designs

The kitchen island was made into a beautiful townhouse in Knightsbridge. It is made from white marble and gray marble, which blends well into the space. It is a great island for events where food or beverages are required. SP3 London specializes in management and design Designing Luxury Interiors in London, was able to create this elegant and well-planned design for this client.

Bathrooms: White is Powerful

Best Marble Designs

Marble was used as the helm for this master bathroom. Carrara marble from Italy was used for the flooring and to rise against the tub, creating a serene, soft feel. A large shower area has been also covered in white marble, from head to toe. This beautiful example shows how marble shouldn’t be used in every inch. Hidden lighting creates an intimate atmosphere in the bathroom.

A beautiful Turkish Lilac bathroom

Best Marble Designs

It was entirely finished in Turkish Lilac Marble. Although white can be a good colour for bathrooms and is beautiful, marble will give the room a more luxurious look. This bathroom will be loved and admired by many.

The Z-Shaped Island Kitchen

Best Marble Designs

This custom-designed London kitchen has a Z-shaped Island and is topped with gray-veined, white marbling. It has a beautiful finish. TMItalia introduced modern and traditional ideas to this kitchen. These include appliances like a microwave, oven, grill and microwave. The refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher were hidden so that the kitchen looked minimalistic.

Standout Titanium Granite 

Best Marble Designs

A stunning Titanium Granite tabletop was added to the island, creating a stark contrast in colours. The interior design idea made the kitchen and island the heartbeats of the house.

Black Marble: Its Finest

Best Marble Designs

Black marble flooring was added to give the room elegance and personality. Black marble (also known as Nero Marquina) can be found at Markina in Spain. It is a luxurious marble with high quality. They have also added brown accents throughout to the space in order to complement the colour of the floor.

Marble bathrooms may have patios

Best Marble Designs

This is the ultimate luxury bathroom! This spacious space is elegantly located among marble floors and washbasins. To create an amazing patio, you can draw the curtain down. You will find the bathroom to your left. The square-headed showerhead can create a feeling of a waterfall. You can also use the steamroom in your private area. My favorite bathroom feature is the toilet, however I’m not sure which one to choose: the patio or bathroom.


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