In Gimp, Learn How To Draw A Square, Rectangle, Ellipse, And Circle.

Draw A Square, Rectangle

There are several ways to use GIMP. You can use this tool to edit a photo, change an image, or create a design. A wide variety of forms are available to you while using GIMP for design purposes. You can transform many shapes into circles. By reading this page, you may learn how to create these shapes in GIMP.

When it comes to what you’re looking to do if you wish to draw a shape on a picture, open the view by clicking to File -> Open (Ctrl+O) and selecting the image file you want to draw on. Create a new file by selecting File -> New (Ctrl+N) to start from scratch.

An Example Of A Rectangle And An Equal-Sided Square.

Select the Rectangle Select Tool from the toolbox once your canvas is ready. Alternatively, you can simply press the R key on your keyboard. Click and hold an area on the canvas. To get you started, here is the starting point. Draw a rectangle by dragging your mouse in any direction. Using the Shift key on the keyboard, press and hold the start point to draw a square.

Set the color of the stroke line once you’ve got the shape you want. The foreground color can be used to achieve this effect.

Select Edit -> Stroke Selection after setting the foreground color.

Set the width and color of the stroke line. The Stroke button will appear when you click it.

Using the Bucket Fill Tool, you may quickly fill the shape with a specific color or pattern.

You Can draw ellipses, And foreground colors, And Circle Shapes. 

You can use GIMP’s Ellipse Select Tool (E) to create an ellipse shape by clicking on it in the Toolbox. Make a starting point for the Ellipse Select Tool by clicking and holding anywhere on the canvas. To achieve the shape you’re looking for, simply drag your mouse in whatever way you choose after clicking a starting point, press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard.

You can set the stroke line of your ellipse/circle by going to File -> Stroke Selection.

If you use it frequently, you may utilize keyboard shortcuts to speed up your GIMP process. Download a PDF file with 77 shortcuts to the most often used GIMP features.