Iconic Duos: 40 Of The Most Memorable Pairs!

Hollywood is home to many famous duos who have performed on stage alongside captivating leads. Thanks to the friendship of a trusted friend, this was possible. Friendship is what makes a TV show’s emotional core so special. These famous duos will allow you to experience the central relationship between these two characters. This might bring back memories of your best friend.

The 40 most iconic duos that have graced television

40. Cheech & Chong

One of the most well-known comedy acts of all time is Richard Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. Their stand-up comedy routines and skits on stage gained them a large following early in the 1970s. This duo recorded several albums over the seventies and won a Grammy for Best Comedy Record 1974 with Los Cochinos.

39. Han Solo and Chewbacca

Star Wars is one of the most beloved franchises. Star Wars is the story of Han Solo and Chewbacca. They have been close friends and relatives since 1977. Chewbacca became freed by Han Solo from his slavery and was a pilot on the Millennium Falcon. Han trusted Chewbacca while he traveled the galaxy in search of intergalactic adventures.

38. Woody & Buzz

The two of them started off as rivals in Andy’s room, but the sweet-natured Sheriff Woody joined the willing-to-please Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story to join forces for a common cause. They were voiced by Tom Hanks, Woody (Woody), or Tim Allen (Buzz), which faced new challenges in all three sequels. These episodes span more than twenty years.

37. Sonny and Cher

One of the most well-known and famous singing groups of all time was born in the swinging 60s. Salvatore Bono (a 27-year old songwriter) met Cherilyn Sarkisian (16 years ago) in a café. His job was to produce Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound project.

Bonny put her in the studio to be a backing singer before they formed Sonny & Cher. Their songs like “I Got You Babe”, 1965, were huge hits.

They were one of Hollywood’s most well-known duos. Chastity was born to the couple. Chaz Bono later became Chaz Bono and was known simply as Chaz Bono. The couple were TV stars in the 1970s with the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. The show continued even after the couple split. Sonny was tragically killed while ski-boarding in 1998. Cher said, at age 73 that he didn’t expect Sonny to be killed in a skiing accident.

36. Kermit & Miss Piggy

This classic pair of muppets is the Muppets. It was a romantic conflict between a stubborn and charming frog that the Muppets were making lots of money from. The Muppet Show first series (1976) brought us to this couple. We first encountered them because Miss Piggy, Frank Oz, was already interested in Kermit The Frog (Jim Henson). Because the amphibian was so busy with the show, it was only one way. The Muppets Take Manhattan shows that things can get very heated. The famous couple married here. This was just one aspect of the story. By 2015, it was gone (see below). It can be difficult to be green. Or you can go pink.

35. Ren & Stimpy

You would not have believed that a Chihuahua who is a psychotic and a stupid cat could be such a good duo. The Ren & Stimpy Show on Nickelodeon made children laugh at jokes that they didn’t understand, and adults sometimes wish they weren’t. Their toilet humor might seem mild by modern standards but Ren and Stimpy brought families closer together.

34. Avon Barksdale & Stringer Bell

Even though a second-in command and a drug dealer are not ideal roles models, these two make for great television on HBO’s The Wire. Avon Barksdale & Russell “Stringer”, Bell (played in Wood Harris & IdrisElba) have been friends since childhood. The friendship continued until the last.

33. Will Smith, Carlton Banks

This is the first. And the other… not so much. Alfonso Ribeiro played Will Smith as the cousin, but they eventually became a lively pair. Even though they weren’t always able to mix together, they nearly became one. Although they both have blind spots, the two were open to pointing out each other’s in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. NBC.

32. Olivia Benson & Elliot Stabler

Although Law & Order focuses a lot on the case, the relationship between the detectives (Marika Hargitay & Christopher Meloni), is explored in subtle ways. Law & Order, SVU, NBC.

31. Spartan Cheerleaders

Cherio’Teri, Will Ferrell and Cheri Ozeri were the first to portray Arianna and Craig back in 1995. Saturday Night Live’s NBC aired their embarrassing and self-absorbed cheerleading routines. Even though they didn’t get the “perfect cheer” they hoped for, it was still well received and went smoothly. They only cared if it made their happy.

30. Zack Morris & Screech Powers

Although it is rare to see the cool kid/nerd combination (played by Dustin Diamond & Mark-Paul Gosselaar), it felt so natural with them. Although Screech seemed to have just tagged along, Zack did his homework, and was roped into Zack’s schemes, they were more equal than not on Saved By the Bell. NBC.

29. Beavis & Butt-head

These teens were MTV’s early pioneers for accepting rock-loving socially awkward teens. Although they were close friends, their riffing was much more intense than most of their enemies. There was plenty of hatred, even though it wasn’t always love/hate.

28. Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

Sherlock Holmes’ friendship with Dr. John Watson (played in this episode by Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch) goes back before any of the other iconic duos. BBC gave the story a contemporary spin by adding a contemporary twist.

27. Kevin Arnold & Paul Pfeiffer

Fred Savage & Josh Saviano played the role of nostalgia and brought them into millions’s hearts. In The Wonder Years on ABC, we watched Kevin and Paul’s growth. Winnie Cooper could not keep them apart.

26. Laverne De Fazio & Shirley Feeney

Shirley and Laverne, both on CBS, were two women who tried to break into the 1960s America. The basement apartment was where the tomboy, a cynic, lived in harmony with Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall. They made beer bottles, played hopscotch and realized all of their hopes.

25. Michael Scott & Dwight Shrute

Rainn Wilson and Steve Carrell were the Dwights, but Michael wouldn’t have liked Dwight so much. They were the most close of friends. The Office on NBC didn’t notice Dwight’s efforts to do more than just be an assistant manager at Scranton Branch. Unfortunately, Michael was so busy trying to make friends with Ryan and Jim.

24. Karen Walker & Jack McFarland

True: It wasn’t the title that was the best show pairing. Megan Mullally & Sean Hayes played Karen and Jack, one of the most iconic comedy duos on Will & Grace.

23. Tom & Jerry

The cat-and_mouse chase was initially created for use in front films. It was promoted by ABC to its own series in 1975. Although they don’t consider themselves close friends when it comes down to it, the two are more like friends than enemies. The Tom & Jerry Show was in some ways the archetype of many sitcom relationships. Itchy and Scratchy, a well-known example of this type, are also examples.

22. Sam Weir & Neal Schweiber

John Francis Daley and Samm Levine played them. Although they never had the chance to be classic characters, we loved their performance on Freaks & Geeks.

Sam and Neal were aware that theirs was not cool. Their first year would have been difficult without them. They had to contend with their first crushes as well as parental infidelity during the 2000s.

21. J.D. Dorian & Christopher Turk

While many famous duos might be considered to have “bromance”, J.D. J.D. is what truly defines this term. Donald Faison and Zach Braff play Turk. They had a love that was often greater than Turk’s marriage. This made for some of the funniest gags ever on Scrubs/NBC.

20. Liz Lemon & Jack Donaghy

Although he didn’t want to be Liz’s friend, Jack’s role of mentor to Liz (played in the series by Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock) evolved into a zany friendship that depends on Jack’s unwillingness to admit that they are friends. Jack admits eventually that Liz is the best thing for him.

19. Cory Matthews & Shawn Hunter

From their sixth grade years until graduation, Cory and Shawn were played by Ben Savage, and Rider Strong. All teenagers longed for a friend like Cory and Shawn in Boy Meets World during the 1990s. They were always there, at every level of the organization. They felt real to all of us.

18. Lorelai Gilmore & Rory Gilmore

A Gilmore Girls mother-daughter duo is not often seen on television.

17. Buster Bluth & Lucille Bluth

Fox’s Arrested Development, an animated comedy that features Gilmore Girls is comic gold. Overprotective mother-son relationship forced the father/son duo (played by Jessica Walter & Tony Hale) into awkward spotlight. We couldn’t turn back for any reason.

16. Wayne & Garth

This dream team of characters, Mike Myers (partially) and Dana Carvey (partially), is a true joy. It sounds great, according to Saturday Night Live. Wayne’s World, which was a sequel, became so well-known that it was called Wayne’s Sketch.

15. Andy Taylor and Barney Fife

Although they were cousins, Andy Griffith and Don Knotts played them both as brothers in blood, these two weren’t allowed to live together. But they did make a great team for The Andy Griffith Show. Andy was the expert, and Barney was the barbarian.

14. Chandler Bing & Joey Tribbiani

They were part of an ensemble but their love was unique (played by Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc). Their friendship was not as close-knit. The relationship between them isn’t a “bromance”, because they are much more than that. Due to their opposites they could easily play off one another.

13. Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble

Mr. Flintstone, Mr. Rubble are neighbors, coworkers, best friends (voiced Mel Blanc & Alan Reed) and members of The Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes. Fred and Barney are two examples of men who have an innate soft side, as shown on ABC’s The Flintstones.

12. Lucy Ricardo & Ethel Mertz

Is it surprising that Ricky or Lucy didn’t make this list? Ethel was Lucy’s landlady, and there was a large age gap between them. This didn’t stop them from becoming best of friends. Their friendship was groundbreaking and was first to feature two female lead characters in a sitcom: CBS’s I Love Lucy.

11. Jerry Seinfeld & George Costanza

Seinfeld, George (played by Jerry Seinfeld) were long-lasting friends. They enjoyed playing pranks on each other’s weaknesses. The most memorable television conversations between Jerry and George were held in 1989 and 1998. It was a great way to make TV programming and have a conversation about something that’s not of interest to everybody.

10. Walter White & Jesse Pinkman

The touching story of a teacher dying and who starts dealing meth. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul portray the character of the dying teacher who seeks out help from a former student. The foundation of their friendship is a simple one, but it has developed into something more intricate and dark than both could have imagined. They were both able to bear the most difficult times together and are still touching in the last episode.

9. Norm Peterson & Cliff Clavin

It’s difficult to imagine someone not wanting to relax, drink a beer and chat trivia for hours. Norm and Cliff (played by George Wendt & John Ratzenberger), were together in a bar, while Sam and the rest ran all the way on NBC’s Cheers.

8. Fred Sanford & Lamont Sanford


Fred was the sole survivor of Lamont’s marriage to Demond Wilson. Their relationship, as seen in Redd Foxx or Demond Wilson, evolved into friendships and business partners. Fred’s strength rubbed off upon Lamont, and his son became greedier and more schemer than his father. This was the perfect example of “Like Father, Like Son” on NBC’s Sanford & Son!

7. Troy Barnes & Abed Nadir

We were treated by these two friends (Danny Glover and Danny Pudi) when they moved into the same apartment. Their childlike characteristics remind us that we can pretend to be a kid again and it’s okay to do so. The only couple to feature a handshake signature in NBC’s Community premiered in 2009.

6. Bud Abbott & Lou Costello

The Abbott & Costello Show was syndicated from 1952-1954. Their most well-known show is “Who’s On First?” There were many more skills they could have. Lou Costello & Bud Abbott created the best combination of comedy foil and straight-man, setting the benchmark for other comics.

5. Bert & Ernie

Jim Henson and Frank Oz voice Bert and Ernie. They were designed to show children that all people can become friends, no matter their differences. The Muppets’ relationship with Jim Henson and Frank Oz was even better. Even though their comedy is for children, they are still available to all ages.

4. Tony Soprano & Dr. Melfi

The entire premise of HBO’s The Sopranos is based upon Tony’s quest for treatment from Dr. Melfi. Lorraine Bracco and James Gandolfini played the role flawlessly. Most of the plots were created by their professional relationships. Although he revealed so many things to her, she did not doubt his motives. She trusted him completely.

3. Hawkeye Pierce & B.J. Hunnicutt

When Trapper McIntyre left the show, Hawkeye was in a completely different world. B.J. Born. Hunnicutt in the fourth season. Hunnicutt was calmer than Hawkeye’s more aggressive counterpart, Hunnicutt. Aland Alda played Mike Farrell in their love story. The finale was the best on M*A*S*H. Hawkeye watched from a helicopter while Hunnicutt rode down the mountain. Hawkeye saw then the message Hunnicutt left behind with painted white stones. “GOODBYE.”

2. Fox Mulder & Dana Scully

Because it is created by Scully & Mulder, the combination of believer / skeptic feels archetypal (played by David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson).

Mulder sent Scully to examine the Fox’s X-Files in 1993, and this was when their platonic relationship became most apparent. Mulder became closer to her and she began to trust him, as well as everyone else.

1. Felix Unger & Oscar Madison

Last but not least: This couple is an odd couple, much like the others 39. Felix and Oscar are why so many television couples have all they need. One is meticulous, obsessive and the other chaotic. Their love was great, but they never rekindled their relationship on ABC’s The Odd Couple between 1970-1975.

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