How To Quickly Use Your Phone’s Camera As A Webcam Using Epoccam

phone as webcam

The EpocCam is an excellent webcam for those who are still working from home. But if you haven’t, you could always use your phone as a webcam for streaming, video conferencing, and other purposes. It happened in Australia last year after the epidemic hit strongly.

Simply download the EpocCam app for your phone or the driver for your Mac or PC to get started. In programs like Zoom, OBS Studio, Microsoft Teams, and many more, your smartphone will display as a webcam device once you’ve installed and activated both of these.

phone as camera

Wi-Fi (wireless) or a USB cable can connect the phone to the PC or Mac (wired). If you’re using an iPhone over a wired connection, you’ll need to install iTunes. They used an Elgato Ring Light with just a phone grip attachment to test the EpocCam Pro using my iPhone 12 Pro Max operating on a USB cable. You can receive a clear and vivid picture even in a dimly lit environment by connecting the Ring Light to your phone there at the center.

After establishing up your computer’s wifi connection (which may be complicated by third-party firewalls or unique router settings), you can walk around and move your phone to get a better view of the conference or stream it. For example, if you’re rushing to a paying audience, you won’t be confined to your desk or computer.


You can utilize your phone as a wireless microphone with the EpocCam Pro, which has a greater HDR, resolution (1080p HD), Green Screen compatibility, Manual Focus,  and more. To remove watermarks from your broadcasts, you may want to invest in a watermark removal app.

These days, smartphone cameras can produce high-quality content or make you appear suitable in front of the camera. Using EpocCam and OBS, we may use another phone as a second camera to capture a different perspective of our church service on Sundays.

phone as webcam

To get EpocCam operating, all you have to do is plug it in and go. Your phone would appear as “EpocCam Camera” in the settings menu like Zoom in just a matter of minutes or seconds.

Testing the EpocCam before purchasing the Pro version is possible to check if it works and meets your needs. The Logitech StreamCam is a terrific webcam, but having your phone like a second camera is a great convenience.