How to Pick the Right Tile Over Shower Niches for Your Newly Renovated Bathrooms

A shower is a great addition to your bathroom. You can really make the space pop with a niche tiled for your shower. You need to select the best tile for your bathroom remodel. The space can look terrible if you make a poor choice. How can you select the right tiles for your bathrooms?

These are just a few things to keep in mind:


Falls have led to injuries that resulted in people being unable to use the bathrooms. You can find many ceramic tiles that are slip-resistant, in dry and wet states. Mosaic tiles can be more durable than ceramic tiles and are also smaller in size.

A curbless shower with a mosaic-resistant floor is best for safety. Curbless showers do not require that you step beyond a threshold. This makes them easier to use than traditional basins. A great alternative for people who are in wheelchairs when taking a bath is mosaic tile installed over curbless niches.

The aesthetic appeal of your shower can be enhanced by ceramic tiles

Wasser Exposure

Tile Over Shower Niches

Bad bathroom water can cause serious injuries. Ceramic tiles or porcelain can be used for areas where water is possible. You can make your bathroom waterproof by using this method. You must keep your bathroom dry to maintain its structural integrity.

You can use these tiles to capture moisture and keep any residues away from damaging your structure.

Healthy Environment

Bathrooms that have high levels of moisture attract mold and bacteria. Ceramic tiles can be used as antimicrobial to fight harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and mold. Ceramic tile can be installed over shower niches to create a healthier environment.

Dust mites are not able to enter ceramic tiles. Additionally, it contains volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), which are known to protect the eyes and nose from irritation. Formaldehyde can trigger asthma and other breathing problems, but it is not in this product.

Ceramic tiles are free of PVC, and do not contain plastic. This can lead to health and environmental problems. To create an inviting space in the bathroom after remodeling, ceramic tiles can be used.


Tile Over Shower Niches

Bathrooms, even those that have tile in the niches of the shower, must be kept clean. It is easy to clean ceramic tile, since it is not easily stained. It can be washed with soap and water. Showers that are low-maintenance This will keep your bathroom tidy.

Ceramic tiles can be a great option, if you are looking to cut down on time and effort for maintaining them.

The Perfect Setting

You can create the ideal shower design with ceramic tile in a variety of colors and patterns. A relaxing area can be created by the right combination of tiles.

When decorating your bathroom, be sure to check the texture. Many options are available for ceramic tile. Different types of ceramic tile are smoother than others. When choosing tiles for your bathroom floor, consider your personal preferences. Ceramic tiles can be made in almost any type of texture.

A smaller tile with more grouts will have a distinct texture than larger ones. Based on your preference for the type of texture, you have options to choose which size tile you would like.

The purpose

Before you choose the type of tile, think about the function of your niches. You can create unique patterns and niches with ceramic tile.

Double niches can be created for hair products. A double niche can be used for hair products. Ceramic tile is a great choice for all your needs.


There are many options when it comes to choosing the right tiles for your niche shower. It is possible to combine 3 types of tiles. You can choose large tile walls or mosaic tiles to create a niche for your shower.

Installing tile around your shower can transform the look of your bathroom. Your shower wall, backsplash, and floor may all look the same. To attract attention, you can have the tile in your niche coordinated.


Tile Over Shower Niches

There are many styles and textures available in ceramic tiles. To match your bathroom’s design, you can customize your niche.

You can use ceramic tile for your ceiling, floor and walls. Choose a matching color or pattern for the entire bathroom, or an entirely different layout for the shower niche. Ceramic tiles are versatile, and you can use them to make the bathroom look that you want.

The Bottom Line

Without a shower, your bathroom would not be complete. If you remodel your bathroom you can put tile over the shower niches. You may be confused by the many names on offer. If you keep the following points in mind, it is possible to make the correct decision.

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