How To Obtain The Ip Address Of A Friend Or Family Member

obtain ip address

An IP address is an identification number for each computer connected to a wireless network. Use the number to identify the computer. In the same way, the post office needs your home address to ensure you receive your mail; a network relies on these different Internet protocol addresses that provide the correct data to get to the appropriate place. Having a unique Internet protocol is essential for individuals who use a hosting web service.

Thousands of websites may utilize the same IP address as a hosting provider. If one of those websites is blocked, all the others will be as well—both the sender and the recipient benefit from the security provided by the IP address. You’ll have the tools that you need to protect your IP address if you know how to find someone else’s. Here are some instances of IP addresses to help you narrow down your search:

The IP address you’re looking for may be different from the one above, and why would you care? If you want to know someone’s IP address, or if they want to know yours, there are various reasons for this:

  • You’re trying to link two devices together.
  • You want someone to be able to connect to your WiFi.
  • You don’t wish to use that IP address to connect to your system.
  • You’re trying to locate a person’s physical location using their Internet Protocol (IP) number.

There are some ways to find someone’s IP address, no matter what your reason for doing so maybe.

Use An Ip Address Checker Online.

An online IP address checker is one of the simplest ways to find someone’s IP address. Various websites offer this service, some of which are reputable while others are not. The IP address checker will provide you with the essential information if you enter the URL of a website. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to double-check this information.

The Command Prompt 

To find someone’s IP address, you can use the command prompt on your computer, but it’s more complicated.

  1. Open your computer’s command line first. You may access the command prompt in Windows by searching for “command prompt” in the start menu. The terminal is the command prompt for Mac computers, found in the “Utilities” folder.
  2. It is necessary to open a command line to ping the IP address of a website you seek to locate. It’s simple: Type “ping” followed by your target URL. To trace Amazon’s IP address, you would write “ping” and then enter, for example.
  3. You can find the IP addresses of the websites you’ve searched for in your command prompt and chat.

A particular website can be tracked by following the preceding procedures, but how can you follow an individual?

  1. Open your computer’s command prompt as instructed in the previous step.
  2. Begin a conversation with people you want to watch in particular via a messenger service like Facebook chat. To clean your browser’s cache and history, you need to close all other browser tabs.
  3. Enter “netstat -an” at the command prompt with the chat and command prompt open.
  4. You can get a list of your current IP addresses using a command prompt. If the person claims to be in the same city they say they are, you watch particular, may see if they are indeed there.

Examine The Email’s Header

The recipient of an email may reveal their location to you. A header includes every email, in addition to the body text. The IP address of the sender contains in the title. Your email client will determine how you can access an email’s header.

  • Thunderbird — Open the email you want to monitor in Thunderbird. “View source” can be found by clicking on the “more” button in the right-hand corner and selecting it from the menu. The sender’s IP address and other details will be available to you at that point.
  • If you’re using Gmail, open the email and then press the three tiny dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can get the IP address you’re looking for by clicking the “display original” option.
  • Open an email in Outlook Web App and click the down arrow in the upper right corner. Select “Show message source” from the drop-down menu.
  • iCloud Drive (On a Mac device.) — Afterwards, press Shift + cmd + H concurrently to open the email you’d like to look at. When you do this, you’ll be able to see the relevant information.

To verify that the person you’re emailing is who they claim they are, it’s a good idea to use the headers of emails. To be safe, you should always be on the lookout for information that appears to be false.

Utilize The Computer Of The Other Person.

If you want to know someone’s IP address, the simplest method is to utilize their computer. Once you have their computer, you can type “IPutilize coIPutilizeig” into the command prompt and press enter. You will restore the current IP configuration. Instead, you can use IP location services like the one described above, such as Using this site, you will see the IP address and location of the device you are using. IF YOUR COMPUTER USES A VPN SERVICE, the IP address will not match your present area.

Keep Your Wits About You. Your Internet Protocol (Ip) Address May Be A Target For Hackers.

The process of obtaining someone’s IP address is simple and does not necessitate a hostile intent. All you want to do maybe connect one device to another. Knowing how to find an IP address, on the other hand, will protect you from the procedures outlined above, which you can use maliciously. It is possible to save your IP address in several ways:

Using A Virtual Private Network

When you use a virtual private network (VPN), you alter your IP address. A second IP address is assigned to you when you join a virtual network. Many people use it since your internet service provider, or anybody else with access to your browser data cannot see what you have been visiting using a VPN service. Using a virtual private network (VPN) will also allow you to access restricted content by geographic region. Before committing to a recurring monthly fee, you can test a few different VPN services for free.

Employ The Services Of A Proxy Web Server

Slower than a virtual private network (VPN). A virtual private network (VPN) gives you the freedom to surf the web at your own pace. Your request is sent through a proxy server, which acts as a sort of virtual middle man between your computer and the website you’re trying to visit. It is routed to the proxy server first before being sent to you. However, the intermediary proxy server will have access to your IP address. Even though a proxy is less secure than a VPN, it will suffice if all you want to do is access a geo-restricted website. Proxy servers, in contrast to VPNs, usually are free to use.

Use Your Phone’s Data Plan

If you’re worried about someone tracking your IP address, using a mobile network may provide a temporary fix. To allow your computer to access your mobile data plan, you can use the mobile hotspot configuration.

Use A Public Wi-Fi Connection.

Using a public wifi network isn’t a long-term answer, either, like the last one. Public wifi networks, while convenient, are not safe and can expose you to additional security concerns.

Inquire With Your Internet Service Provider

You can only make a permanent change by requesting an IP address change from your internet service provider unless you are an advanced computer user confident in your ability to make network changes yourself. When you order a difference in your IP address, you must always be able to do so, but the time it takes for the adjustment to take effect can vary. In terms of security, this is superior to accessing either a mobile or public network; but, if somebody can discover an IP address first, they’ll likely be able to do so again. Using the very first two options is preferable to changing your IP address.

The Ip Address Of A Person You’ve Just Discovered Is Yours For The Taking!

Tracking an IP address could help you determine the origin of an email and whether it’s spam. This information might help you determine whether a website is who it claims to be by looking at its server location. When you learn how to hide your IP address, you’ll be able to tell how those who want to harm you can find it. Because the internet is rife with potentially harmful material, staying safe online is essential if you want a rewarding experience.