How to Install Utility Sink Faucet with Pulldown Sprayer: a Short Guide

Laundry sinks, as well as utility sinks, can prove to be an asset. They are large in size and perform well. This sink is deeper and has walls that are thicker than normal sinks. It is perfect for large dishes or hard objects to be washed in this sink.

A pulldown sprayer faucet will make your work easier.

The pulldown sprayer can be used to reach all corners. You can also use it to clean your laundry.

This article will demonstrate how to install an utility faucet that uses a pulldown sprayer. So you won’t be worried, we will guide you through every step.

utility sink faucet

You will need tools

For the removal and installation of a new faucet you’ll need tools. These are your tools.

  • Basin wrench
  • Some faucets may require a screwdriver
  • Channel-type pliers
  • New faucet with sprayer
  • Flashlight or torch
  • Putty knife
  • For plumbers, use Putty
  • A bucket for dripping

How to Install A Faucet

You can start the main portion of your project once you have all your necessary tools. First, you will need to remove the faucet.

The First

Shut off water supplies. The majority of faucets can be connected to both the water supply and cold lines. You can turn them off using the valve underneath your sink. After you turn them off, make sure water remains in the pipe. If there are any, you can drain the water. Do not place any valves under the sink. Turn off your entire home’s water supply while you are installing a faucet.


The hot and cold water supply tubes, or hoses to the faucet should be disconnected. This is possible with just a pair of pliers or a basin wrench. When disabling, the nuts should be turned clockwise. After the water lines are loose enough for disconnecting easily,

This is where you’ll need to reach below the faucet. While you could do this sideways, the attachments are typically at the back. It is better to get rid of the sink.

utility sink faucet


Now, you will need to remove the nuts that hold the faucet in place. This can be done with a basin wrench and pliers. After the nuts are free, flip the faucet upside down. You will need to remove the faucet from your sink. Make sure to clean the place where the faucet was.


Now, it is time to turn off the water supply. You are now ready to mount your faucet. Check that the rubber seal is installed on your faucet. Plumber’s glue is required if the plumber’s glue does not work. Install the faucet, and make sure it’s properly aligned.


The wrenches can be used to fix the faucet onto the mounting nuts. It can also be done underneath the sink. It is possible to tighten the nuts manually. As you tighten your nuts, make sure that the faucet is straight. When you have finished tightening the nuts use the wrench/screwdriver according to your needs.


Connect the water supply cable. Connect the water supply line under the sink. Start by tightening them with your hands. Then, use a wrench to tighten the bolts a little more.


Make sure you check your water supply. Make sure the water supply does not leak and the sprayer is working properly.


Here’s how to install a utility sink faucet and pulldown sprayer. It’s easy. For any queries or questions you may have, feel free to contact us by email or leave comments. You can visit our website to find out more.


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