How to Build a Minecraft Medieval House? Let’s Try Some Nine Different Ways

Since its inception, Minecraft has been one of the most loved and fun designing games. There are three versions of this game: The Vanilla Version (The Bedrock Version) and The Java Version (The Java Version). This blog will focus on the Vanilla Version. The Minecraft Medieval House is a trademark of the Vanilla Version.

Vanilla Version is the original Minecraft design game. This Minecraft version features medieval houses, which are extremely popular and fun to create, design, and build. Minecraft medieval houses allow you to create authentic, antiquated spaces with a modern aesthetic.

Let’s take a look at the many ways that Medieval Minecraft houses can be built.

Before we get into the details, here are a few features that are often included in Medieval Minecraft Houses.

  • Access to the basement, which includes a mine shaft and small areas to install a furnace. A crafting table with an anvil space. Also, there is a room for chest storage.
  • A kitchen can be designed for either the main or ground floor. It can include a lot of space for barrel storage and a crafting table.
  • Create a second floor with a portion of the brewing area, and an enchantment area complete with bookshelves.
  • You can also design an armor stand and bedrooms on the top floor.
  • You can also build a farm area to grow different types of farming, as well as a stable for your horses, Donkeys, and Llamas.

Let’s now look at the various types of Minecraft medieval houses:

Spruce Medieval House 3

minecraft medieval house

This Minecraft Medieval home is small in space. You can plan a small kitchen with two large chests and a compact sitting area.

You can now install a bed, two armour stands, a furnace and a large chest on the second floor.

A stable for horses or llamas can be built for the exterior of your house. If you are interested, you can also create a farm area with vegetables and animals to grow. You can also add an underground enemy farm to collect ‘Experience,’ which is essential for enchantments.

Medieval Rural House 3

minecraft medieval house

You have ever thought about designing and living in your own home? This is the perfect house that you can make. This house can be built using pastels and light colors. You can also install a charming corner table, surrounded by bookshelves and an anvil on the main floor.

A separate living area and kitchen can be added. You can also install a chest and a furnace in the kitchen.

You can now move on to the second level and have a small balcony as well as a bedroom with a bath and separate space for an armor stand or closet.

You can also build an exterior shared bathroom or stable and a beautiful, attractive garden.

Unfurnished Nordic Medium Home 2

minecraft medieval house

You can put all of the above features in this beautiful Minecraft medieval house. To begin with, you can create a basement that includes a large chest, furnace, large storage area for your mines and a minecart to transport them to the mineshaft.

You can create a living space on the main floor with simple couches and a table. In the corners, you can place a table and a brewing station. A spacious bedroom can be combined with a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

Two rooms can be designed. The first room can have a large bedroom with a balcony view, large bathroom and corner sitting area. You can also have two rooms. The first room can be a large bedroom with a balcony view, whereas the second can contain an armory closet. You can also have a wall frame with chest tools.

Gothic Medieval House 1

minecraft medieval house

This type of house should be minimalistic in appearance and have minimal features. Fire torches can be used in place of lights. The main floor will feature a cozy living space and an open kitchen, complete with storage and furnace.

On the second floor you will find an armor room, a bedroom and an arcade.

You can now add a farm to grow vegetables or grains. On the opposite side of your house, you can design and build an attractive garden.

Tall Medieval Unfurnished Home 5

minecraft medieval house

This Minecraft medieval house has a grand entrance and a large living area. It also includes an attached open kitchen that can be used as a stove and barrel storage.

A bedroom can be equipped with a balcony. You can put an armor stand or closet on the corner wall of your bedroom. In the corner of your living room, you can build a shared bathroom. You can also make Lily pads for the outside. You can also have a garden on both sides and a pathway that leads to the main door.

Unfurnished Medieval Brick House 3

minecraft medieval house

You should keep this medieval house simple and straight-forward. You can place a single couch and a bed. Install a large chest and furnace in both corners. You can also build an outdoor bathroom for convenience.

You can make this house look stunning by creating a side yard and planting full trees.

Rustic Medieval Town House 3

minecraft medieval house

We can see the Rustic Medieval Townhouse as a place where we could live. This would be the best way to keep it simple and beautiful. An underground basement can be used to store large chest boxes or jukeboxes. You can also install an armor stand, closet, or other storage options.

A decent living space can be built with separate kitchen areas for the main level, as well as a furnace or barrel storage.

On the second floor you have the option of two bedrooms and a shared bath. You may also have a small room or closet.

Plant trees and plants to enhance the exterior of your house.

Warhammer Medieval House 7

minecraft medieval house

This medieval house is more flexible than other medieval buildings. You can use your imagination to design as many things as you like. This house can be modernized by adding many rooms and furniture. On the first floor, or the main floor, there is a large kitchen, with a fireplace, a dining room, and a living area with a view and a balcony. To make your house more beautiful, you can plant saplings and trees on the terrace.

It can be divided into two rooms, one for hiding ores, armors, or tools, and the other where it can be stored. You can make a master bedroom in this room with a separate closet and sitting area.

You can have beautiful gardens and large trees on the exterior.

Large Medieval Town House 4

minecraft medieval house

This could be your best creation for Medieval Houses. This house is open to creativity. This house has three floors.

Create a large living space on the ground floor with a sofa and a table. To give the space a rustic feel, place indoor plants or a fire torch.

You can later create a large kitchen and huge dining area, and then add all the kitchen appliances as well as a gigantic furnace.

The second floor is where you can feel like a king. One king-size bedroom can be yours with a large walkout balcony. There is also a sitting area that has plants and flowers. Another bedroom has a closet, bathroom space and corner sitting area. A secret room can be used to create a separate living space.

Create a beautiful garden and lily pad for the exterior of your house. You can also have a large cultivating farm and a stable for your animals.

minecraft medieval house


We have many options to help you build your Minecraft medieval homes. I trust you are now familiar with the steps to build Minecraft medieval homes. You may be confused now, but you can try them all. If you found these ideas interesting and liked them, please share them with Minecraft enthusiasts to help them create their Minecraft Medieval House.

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