How Do You Fix It? You Need Permission From System To Edit This File” Appears On Windows 7

You Need Permission From System To Edit This File" Appears On Windows 7

Many users find it frustrating when they see a notification like “You need permission from SYSTEM before you can make changes to this file.” It occurred due to an unsuccessful attempt to remove a folder from my Games disc (not sure who created the folder in the first place). It is another problem that many people have, aside from Windows waking up your computer from sleep on its own.

When I reinstalled Windows 7 and rearranged my files and folders, it appeared that the permissions were messed up. 

  • Take a look at the properties of the folder (or file) you wish to get rid of by right-clicking on it and selecting Properties.
  • Go to “Advanced” on the “Security” tab.
  • When you’re on the “Owner” tab, click “Edit.”
  • permission error on windows 7
  • To replace the current owner of subcontainers and objects, select “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” under “Change owner to.” Keep hitting OK until all the windows are closed.
  • Right-click the folder/file once more and select Properties from the context menu that appears.
  • In the “Security” tab, select “Advanced.”
  • fix permission error on windows 7
  • Go to “Change Permissions” on the “Permissions” tab (where you should be right now).
  • permission
  • You should leave the option to “Include inheritance from the parent of this object” unchecked.
  • windows 7 permission error
  • However, you should choose to “Replace all child object rights” with inheritance rights from this object.
  • To confirm, click “OK” and then “Yes” in the dialogue box that appears:
  • Keep hitting “OK” until all the pop-up windows are closed.
  • To make modifications to this file, you must first get permission from SYSTEM.
  • It’s time to say goodbye 😉

My Windows 7 permissions problem is a huge pain, so I hope this remedy helps. You won’t have to see the “You need permission from SYSTEM” notification again.