Hawks BNHA: Who is Keigo Takami?

Hawks BNHA Keigo Takami (also known as Wing Hero: Hawks) is one of the main characters in the wildly successful 2014 anime and manga series My Hero Academia. He was an antagonist to the Pro Hero Arc. Hawks BNHA also made an appearance. My Hero Academia : Heroes Rising. Let’s get to know him better.

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Everything you need to learn about Hawks BNHA

What are the responsibilities of Hawks BNHA?

Japan’s number one is Hawks BNHA or Keigo Takami. 2 Pro Hero despite his young age. Keigo was 18 when he opened his Hero Agency. His Hero Agency was opened by the Japanese’s youngest hero, Keigo. He calls it Fierce wings, because he has a quirk which bestows Hawks feathery wings on his back.

Hawks BNHA: Who is the spokesperson?

Yuichi Nagamura is Zeno Robinson’s English voice actor. Zeno Robinson was Deidoro Saaki’s Japanese voice.

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What is Hawks BNHA’s appearance?

Hawks is an average-sized young man. His blonde hair has some stubble underneath his chin. Hawks’ Quirk gives him bright, red wings which grow in length as they descend.

Is it his dress?

Hawks’ hero costume resembles an aviator’s uniform. The costume is yellow and lined with white fur. Under the black shirt is a gold-colored top. A yellow-tinted helmet protects his eyes. Also included are black gloves and boots Most likely, his ears have been shielded from high-speed flying.

Is Hawks BNHA a person?

Hawks is unique because of his relaxed, laid-back and casual demeanour. Hawks spoke out during the Hero Billboard Chart. He calmly subdued an angry Endeavor who found his approach disrespectful. Hawks can appear laidback, yet he is very alert. His Quirk allows him to save an old lady’s dog, help a criminal with his bag and stop him from being a criminal. Hawks is also kind to his fans, as many of them congratulated him for reaching the number 2 spot. He also felicitated Endeavor for being the Number 1 Hero and wanted to support him. He finally revealed that Endeavor was his favourite book since childhood.

Hawks has a reputation for being open and candid about his views. His fellow heroes should have an easygoing routine, so they can take it all in. He’s not always as happy and relaxed as his appearance would suggest. He is extremely stressed and meticulous in fulfilling his heroic duties. Fumikage Tokoyami said that he took the League of Villains to discover more about them, and that both were birds. However, he eventually decided to mentor the young hero in his training and to give him wisdom. Endeavor was also guilty in the Nomu attack scarring. To keep the casualties down, however, he kept the High-End contained.

Hawks is also extremely intelligent. The HSPC gave Hawks training at a young age. He has mastered the skill of espionage. Hawks can control his speech and facial expressions perfectly, which makes him a skilled liar. Hawks admits that he doesn’t like lying and claims it is too difficult. Hawks’s ability to fool villains and gain access into the Liberation Army allowed him to do so. Hawks is in essence a prodigy. Hawks started his Hero Agency when he was 18 years old and reached the Top Ten Hero Rankings the second half. It was his youngest achievement.

Hawks is a laid-back and friendly character that was exposed when he infiltrated into the Liberation Army. He remains positive, and threatened Dabi using one of his featherblades. Later, he reveals that his darker side is capable of killing, and even though it’s an admirable hero.

Hawks maintained friendship and gained Twice’s trust. However, he was guilty of lying to Twice and had to end his friendship. He soon discovers that Twice, even though he is a villain, is actually a kind person. He decided to aid Twice. Hawks reluctantly killed Twice after realizing that Twice would not come quietly, and also seeing that he wouldn’t turn against the League.

Which are Hawks BNHA’s strengths?

Fierce wings

Hawks’ Quirk allows him to fly with extremely high speeds thanks to his broad red wings. Hawks have the ability to control their feathers via telekinetics. Hawks can use his feathers to save innocents and attack villains. The feathers of Hawks are strong and light. His longer feathers are also available to him and he can turn them into blades. Hawks have the ability to sense vibrations and sounds through their feathers. He can then find people or pick up conversations.

The number of feathers Hawks uses can affect his flying abilities. Also, the feathers of Hawks are susceptible to being burned or destroyed which renders them less useful against fire-smart adversaries. If all of his feathers are destroyed, the main wings of his bird will grow back in two days.

  • Hawks’ intelligence is high. Hawks however is very strategic, intelligent, and smart. Hawks was first trained by the Hero Public Safety Commission. Hawks has been taught how to deal with many different situations as well as to control his facial features. Hawks is capable of looking relaxed and yet being alert.
  • Espionage. Hawks was skilled infiltrating, and he passed himself off as being willing to cooperate with the evils of Paranormal Liberation Front. Hawks was able to avoid being suspected by the Paranormal Liberation Front leaders and others. Dabi didn’t know Hawks had suspicions, and he did not discover. Hawks, however, was able long enough to shake Dabi and allow him to locate Shigaraki.

Hawks BNHA is a strong Pro Hero. He is a pro at his Fierce Wings quirk. Even though he doesn’t have brute strength, he can support stronger characters like Endeavor. He is a valuable asset because of his intelligence, skill and ability.

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