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Get tickets to see break-up song queen Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour

It’s shaping up to be a “Cruel Summer” for Swifties after the shocking news broke that Taylor Swift and her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn split midway through her nationwide stadium ‘Eras Tour.’

In light of the dissolution of what most fans view as the pop star’s most notable and celebrated relationship, we thought it was only fitting to take a look at some of the most iconic break-up songs that Ms.T. Swift might be gracing us with on her upcoming tour dates.

Here are just four tracks — with included context about past exes — that we think are tailor-made for a future Taylor gig:

  1. “All Too Well”: The question all Swifities are asking is “Where is Taylor’s red scarf, Jake?” Swift’s “All Too Well,” from the “Red” album is infamously about actor Jake Gyllenhaal and sure to be a fan favorite at any live show. The pair’s whirlwind three-month relationship is well-known amongst fans who consider Gyllenhaal to be one of Swift’s worst exes. The release of the 10-minute version of the tune only solidified Jake G’s lowly reputation further with Swift “remembering all too well,” how their brief relationship ended.
  2. “Style”: These two truly “never go out of style.” Perhaps the ex on the best terms with Taylor is Harry Styles, whom the track “Style,” from her “1989” album, is clearly about. Interestingly, the pair was caught embracing one another not too long ago at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Very curious. Get ready to belt this bop in your red lipstick!
  3. “Midnight Rain”: Taylor Swift has certainly “made her own name.” The singer’s latest number one, the record-shattering album “Midnights,” features “Midnight Rain,” that many fans believe to be the story of her ex Tom Hiddleston. The couple dated very publicly for three months in what is now remembered as a fast-paced love story. “Midnight Rain” touches on the idea that Taylor was not ready to settle or slow down but her “anonymous” boyfriend was. Whether or not Hiddleston is the inspiration is still debated amongst fans — either way, “Midnight Rain” is another ditty to add to your list of likely ballads to look forward to on tour. 
  4. “Cornelia Street”: Taylor will “never be walking Cornelia street again,” especially now after her six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn has come to an untimely end. While together, Swift wrote many a hit about her ex-lover and “Cornelia Street,” a track off the 2019 “Lover,” is perhaps the most notable. Over the course of their relationship, Alwyn was deeply involved in Swift’s work, even helping pen “Champagne Problems” from “Evermore.” Though the pair may not be exchanging “paper rings,” anytime soon, Alwyn will always remain in the hearts of Swifties near and far. 

Where would we be without Taylor’s beloved break-up songs?

It’s a question that plagues us every day.

And if you want the opportunity to hear these four tracks live, you can still scoop up tickets for Taylor’s ongoing ‘Eras Tour.’

At the time of publication, tickets for all 45 remaining concerts are available on Vivid Seats.

Want to see the best prices for all shows?

Check out our list of the cheapest tickets available for all ‘Eras Tour’ concerts.

We’ll see you there, Swifties — just try not to cry too much when she busts out a breakup song close to your heart.

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Source: nypost.com

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