Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss (Updated 2022): Surgery and Book

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss

The memoir “This is Just My Face: You Can’t Stare” (Harper Avenue) contains detailed information about Gabourey Sidibe’s weight loss surgery. She even goes back to her childhood to explain her long-standing struggle with the scale.

She describes the extreme methods she used to lose weight, including bulimia and fad diets. She also shares her thoughts about mental health and how she dealt with panic attacks and depression. Gabourey Sidibe stated that she didn’t fully recognize her abilities and worth as an author before her memoir. This despite having loved the craft since childhood.

This article will discuss Gabourey Sidibe’s weight loss history, her strategy, the Gabourey Sidibe diet and exercise, as well as some General Trivia about this actress.

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss History


Gabourey Sidibe was very concerned about her weight since a young age. One time, she told Hollywood:

“It’s something that I have had to work at. Gabby stated that my first diet was when I was six years of age. “I have never been small. I decided one day that I was going to love myself regardless of how my body looked or what others thought.


Gabourey, a celebrity who has had unsuccessful attempts to lose weight naturally with surgery, admitted to having undergone laparoscopic or elective weight-loss surgery.

Although there are equal numbers of obese men in the US, bariatric surgery is more popular with women than it is for men. Doctors will most likely recommend lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. Bariatric surgery is only available to those whose BMI is greater than 35. This includes those who have type 2 diabetes, high bloodpressure, or sleep apnea. Gabourey was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes by her older brother. She claims that she didn’t lose weight to improve her looks, but rather for her health. Although she did not disclose how much weight she lost before surgery, she certainly lost a lot.

Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery. There are three types bariatric surgeries. All are designed to help you lose weight quicker. Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a procedure that removes most of the stomach and leaves only a small, banana-shaped portion. Because the stomach is smaller, this makes it easier to eat. This procedure is permanent. Another option is gastric bypass. Also known as Roux-enY gastric bypass, this involves the surgeon creating a smaller and more direct passage between the stomach and the intestines. The last option is laparoscopic adjustable stomach band, which Sidibe had performed for herself. The doctor places a band on the stomach to reduce food intake. This type of bariatric surgery is less gradual than other types. The band is adjusted as you progress. If this fails, the band can be removed and a new method might be used.


Gabourey Sidibe, a 2017 memoir entitled This Is Just my Face: Try not to Stare, stated that she didn’t want to suffer the same fate as her brother who has Type 2 Diabetes. Surgery was the best option for her after she had lost 60 pounds and gained it back.

“My surgeon told me they would cut my stomach in half.”

“It would reduce my appetite and my ability to eat. (Thus, my brain chemistry would change. I would want to eat better.”

“I’ll take it!” My lifelong relationship to food had to change. It wasn’t an easy decision. I didn’t cheat by having it done. (Because) I wouldn’t have been as successful in losing weight without it.”

Gabby Sidibe stated, “I didn’t want worry.” “I didn’t really want to worry about all of the diabetes-related effects. “I would worry about my toes all the time.”


Gabby Sidibe is out in her latest look, and her fans are loving her slim figure.

To attend Nicole Ari Parker’s birthday party, the actress from “Empire” wore a yellow-and-red African print dress.

Sidibe has lost the extra weight in the three years that have passed since her laparoscopic bariatric surgery. After starring in “Precious”, Sidibe rose to stardom and wrote “This is Just My Face: Try not to Stare” about her decision to undergo laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Strategy

Hollywood can be brutal

Gabourey has proven her worth in acting. After all, she was nominated to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in Precious. She realized that her size was a problem when she heard a Hollywood executive tell her she was too large to be on a magazine cover.

Her message of body positivity

Gabourey is a strong runner and eats well. Gabourey doesn’t share the same weight on the scale. Each person’s 150 lbs will look different. She stated, “My goal weight and my starting weight are personal.”

Don’t congratulate her

Gabourey stated that she doesn’t need congratulation for her weight loss in an episode of Robin Roberts’ podcast Everybody’s Got Something. It doesn’t matter how many times I blow my nose. It was necessary. It’s my body. “Mind your body.” She wants to be praised for her talent and not her body.

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Program

Sidibe believed that she only relied on surgery to lose weight. It is a misconception that Sidibe relied solely on the surgery to lose weight. She posted on her instagram about how she was experimenting with meatless Mondays and how a friend helped with recipes.

Can meat make you fat? Sidibe eats no meat, which is strange considering that many crossfitters, we have heard, remove sweets and rice from their diets and eat meat and vegetables. Why was Sidibe forced to give up meat? She didn’t completely eliminate meat from her diet. She said that she doesn’t eat meat except on Mondays. She may not be able to give up unhealthy meats on other days, such as the ones with lots of fats or those that require sugary sauces or oily. So she must choose a day when she will not eat any of these types of fattening meats.

How can you adapt if you also go meatless Mondays? If you don’t want to eat meat, such as beef, pork, chicken, lamb, or fish, then vegetables and lentils are your only options. What other options are there that will still satisfy your hunger as well as provide you with the same satisfaction level as steak?

Mushrooms: Mushrooms are definitely delish! You can have mushrooms with your meaty meals to get the same taste as meat. Stuffed mushrooms with pecans, portobello wellington and pecans can be used to make a lamb burger.

Tofu:have your taste buds been sucked in to a burger made of mock meat tofu? It smells just as good and tempting as meat. It might not be as satisfying for your tongue as it is for your nose. You can make tofu nuggets and crab cakes, as well as tempeh meatballs and tempeh cutlets in lemon-olive oil, tartare en Provence, balsamic barbecue, tacos sin carne and seitan steak with beurre blanc sauce. Enjoy!

Eggplant Once you have tried an eggplant sub, it will be hard to believe how delicious eggplant can be! It’s second only to meat. It is easy to prepare and it complements meat. It is often all that is required to make a delicious meal, such as the Eggplant Parmesan. To make the Eggplant Parmesan, you first boil it to soften it, then peel it and press it. Finally, fry it. It is that simple and delicious.

Legumes and beans: Great alternatives to eating meat. Black bean burgers, chickpea tuna salads, bean nachos and a tamale-inspired dish are some examples.

Sweet Potatoes: hello, ever tried sweet potato fries? You can roast them at home or have them fried in a restaurant when you go out for dinner.

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Exercise

Gabourey not only changed her eating habits by working with a nutritionist but also started working out with a personal coach, swimming, and riding a tricycle around Empire.

General Trivia

How many pounds has Gabourey Sidibe shed?

Gabourey Sidibe shocked the industry by posting photos of her amazing body on Instagram. Precious (2009) was the movie that won multiple awards. The star weighed in at 300 pounds. She lost approximately 150 pounds in 2018.

Where is Gabourey SIDIBE from?

Gabourey Sidibe stars in Precious (2009), and is also the star on the tv series Empire.

On social media, she posted a photo of herself with her grandma acknowledging her Senegalise heritage. Gabby was born in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Alice Tan Ridley is her mother, a former teacher in special education who became a street performer/singer after quitting her job.

What does Precious weigh in pounds?

Gabby Sidibe portrays Claireece Jones (precious) as a victim of sexual abuse. She is 350 pounds.

How much weight has precious lost from Empire?

The Empire actress lost 174 pounds in 2017, according to some estimates.

How big is Gabby Sidibe’s house?

Gabourey Sidibe, an actress of plus-size, is the star of “Gaborey Sidibe.”

What is Gabourey Sidibe’s worth?

Gabourey Sidibe, an American actress in television and film, has a net worth $6 million. Gabourey SIDIBE was born May 6, 1983 in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York. Her mother, an aspiring singer, and her father, a taxi driver, raised her in Harlem.

How old Gabourey Sidibe is?

36 years (6 May 1983).

Was Precious a true story?

Precious is not a true story. However, it is based upon a novel.

The gritty realism in “Precious” is intense, but so is the novel “Push”. Sapphire spoke out about Sapphire’s inspiration and her initial hesitation to let her work become a movie.

What’s the movie Precious all about?

Claireece Jones, 16, was pregnant by her father for the second consecutive time. She is unable to read or write and is subject to constant abuse from her mother Mo’Nique. Precious jumped at the chance to change her life when she was offered a transfer to another school. Her teacher, Ms. Rain (played here by Paula Patton), Precious starts her journey from oppressive dominion to self-determination.

You can take the Gabourey Sidibe weight-loss challenge! You could also be an example of a beauty who resists the tide and overcomes all odds!

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