Dubai Desert Safari: An Ultimate Experience

dubai safari and deserts

Before it was the modern metropolis that it is, Dubai was once a desert country. Here were the Arab tribes that lived in the region. It is difficult to imagine such a scenario when you look at Dubai today. It is true, however, and the Emirati culture and traditions are deeply rooted in desert culture. While the desert is no longer considered the home of Arabs, it can still be enjoyed by visitors to Dubai. Dubai’s desert safari is a unique experience that you should not miss while you are visiting the Emirate capital. This is what you can expect during your desert safari experience.

Dubai Desert Safari – Different Forms

There are many options when you search for desert safari in Dubai. Evening desert safari, morning desert safari, overnight desert safari, etc. These are just a few of the most sought-after ones. There are also adventure desert safaris that offer thrills and adventure, and dinner desert safaris that allow you to enjoy a delicious meal in the solitude and peace of the desert. There are many other variations of this safari: Camel desert safari and Hummer desert safari. Hot-air balloon desert safari allows you to take a hot-air balloon flight over Dubai’s vast desert. Each desert safari offers a different experience, but the thrill of each one is the same.

What can you expect at the Desert Safari?

Many of the Dubai Desert Safaris promise many adventures and entertainment programs. Many of these include a BBQ dinner at the camp. You may also be offered an authentic Arabic breakfast if you choose a morning desert safari. These are the most common amenities you will find on Dubai’s desert safaris.

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Dune Bashing:

The highlight of any desert safari is definitely dune bashing. The professional driver drives the 4×4 vehicle over the high and low dunes in an insane manner, so you need to be careful. This is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that adventure seekers will love. It is worth the risk, even if you’re apprehensive. It is very safe and exciting to dune bashing. However, it is best to avoid dune bashing if you are accompanied by elderly people or children.

Camel Riding:

Camel, also known as the ship in the desert, was one of the few vehicles that the Arabs used to transport and trade goods. Desert safaris allow you to experience the thrill of riding a camel through the desert. A regular desert safari usually lasts less than five minutes. Some people are content with the time, but others want more. You should go on a desert safari with camels, where you can explore the vast desert and ride a camel.

Adventure Sports:

There are many adventure sports available at the desert camp. You can also try quad biking and sandboarding during your desert safari. Quad biking involves riding an ATV across the desert dunes, while sandboarding is similar to snowboarding on the sand. These adventure sports are easy to learn. You just need to follow the directions of the guides before trying either one. Quad biking and sandboarding may not be included in the price of a desert safari, so you will have to pay an additional fee. Make sure to inquire about this when you book.

Fun Activities:

The adventure sports take place outside, but the fun activities are inside. You can also dress up in traditional Arabic clothing and pose for photos. You can have your legs or hands painted with henna. A falcon show would be offered and you could hold a falcon in one’s hands. At the desert camp, you can also enjoy flavoured shisha. This last option may be more expensive, but it’s worth it if you enjoy it.

Sunset in the Desert:

While the desert safari offers many exciting and enjoyable activities, nothing can beat the stunning sunsets you will see in the desert. This is one sight you will want to capture forever. The whole desert has a golden color that gives it a surreal appearance. The desert safari would be a wonderful experience, but it would also be your most memorable.

Dinner in the Desert:

In the desert, dinner is often barbecue. Many desert safaris offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Although the Emirati cuisine is predominant, there are also some international dishes. For dinner, you can expect to find hummus and tabbouleh as well as green salad, tabbouleh, kubus or lentil curry, green salad, biryani and dal curries, pasta, potato wedges, BBQ chicken, fresh fruits, and a selection of hummus. You can specify any food preferences during the booking process and we will be happy to accommodate them.

Tips For Dubai Desert Safari

You must experience the Dubai desert safari. Here are some things you need to know before you go on your desert safari.

  • It is best to go on a desert safari between November and March. These months are more pleasant than the nights and offer cooler temperatures.
  • Comfortable clothes are recommended for desert safari. To keep warm at night, bring an overcoat, shrug or a scarf.
  • Flip-flops and sandals with open toes are good options. You want footwear that can be easily removed if there is sand in them.
  • You can find out what activities are included and what you will have to pay at the desert camps. This will help you determine how much money you should bring on the tour.
  • If you are pregnant, or have a heart condition, it is best to avoid dune-bashing.
  • You will not only find the best desert safari operator, but you will also be able to select the perfect desert safari experience.

A Dubai desert safari offers a unique experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This gives you an insight into the city’s past, when luxury and skyscrapers were not common. You will not be disappointed by a Dubai desert safari experience. Book the best desert safari tour in Dubai today!

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