Driveway Edging Ideas: Types, Benefits & 9+ Best Designs

What do people notice first when they visit your property? Driveways! It is an important feature and statement piece for your home. People who visit your home will notice the gravel or pavement that leads up to your front door. What if, instead of a lovely display, they will see a less pleasing entrance and driveway? It would be embarrassing, wouldn’t it? With driveway edging ideas, you can make it look beautiful.

You might be asking yourself why it is so important to have driveway edging. Answer these questions first: Are the driveway’s edges crumbling? Is your mulch getting washed away by the rain? If the answer is yes, you need proper edging.

No matter what material your driveway is made from, it will get a little dirty and washed out by the rain. Extreme weather conditions such as seasonal torrential winds can make this worse. You may also have noticed that tires sometimes leave tracks on your lawn. These problems usually occur when the driveway isn’t properly edging or the material starts flaking or cracking.

It isn’t a new concept to edging pathways or bordering them. This has been done since colonial times. It is now an integral part of building a gravel driveway. It keeps the stones from falling apart, so you aren’t exposed to any hazards.

We’re going today to talk about driveway edging. For your inspiration, we’ve also put together a list with the best driveway edging ideas. This blog will help you learn more about driveway edging, how it works and what to do.

Edging is a beautiful and easy way to protect your driveway. It can be costly to edging a driveway. There are many affordable driveway edging options. Keep reading to learn how to design and protect driveways in a cost-effective manner. Let’s start by learning more about the driveway edge.

What is Driveway Edging?

Driveway edging creates a protective edge along the driveway’s borders. These borders are used to separate your driveway and your landscape. This is a great way to increase driveway durability.

There are many ways to edging your driveway using different materials. The one you choose will depend on the size of your driveway, its style or edging design.

Different Types of Driveway Edge

There are two types of driveway edge: Flat Edging or Raised Edging. Raised edging extends above the driveway’s height and is always more expensive. This border can be used to add an aesthetic element to your lawn and driveway. This border works well with gravel driveways.

A flat edging, on the other hand is placed at the same level with the driveway. There are two options for adding edging to the driveway. These borders can be simple or bold, and come in a variety of styles.

The Benefits of Driveway Edge

We now know what edging is and how it can be beneficial to your driveway.

  • Driveway edging protects driveway from cracking and chipping.
  • The cost of maintaining your driveway will be lower in the long-term with the use of edge.
  • It protects your lawn, and encourages people not to go on your lawn but to use your driveway.
  • This will make your driveway look cleaner and more appealing.
  • It prevents soil erosion during harsher weather conditions.
  • Driveway edging can increase curb appeal and property value.

9+ Creative and Cool Driveway Edging Ideas for 2022

Now, you’re familiar with driveway edging. You also know the different types of edging and the benefits that a driveway edge can bring to your home. Now you are convinced that driveway edging makes outdoor living easier.

Do you plan to have driveway edging installed on your driveway and paver? These are the most popular driveway edging styles. So that you can choose the best one for your driveway, we have included all of the available materials and styles. These are some great ideas for driveway borders.

1. Vertical Paver Edging

driveway edging ideas

This vertical paver edge is ideal for modern paver driveways. You can choose the same material, style, or color so that each piece complements the other.

2. Raised Edging

driveway edging ideas

You want something attractive and eye-catching? Choose raised edging. Take a look at this house. The edging matches perfectly with the modern house and its driveway. This wall was used to edging the driveway with the same concrete edge. You can add small blocks to the driveway if you wish. Modern driveways have a unique pattern and beautiful finish.

3. Cobblestone Edging

driveway edging ideas

Are you using a gravel driveway? Cobblestone edging is the perfect choice for your driveway if you have a gravel driveway. These large stones are a popular choice for driveway edging. These blocks can be chosen in the same color of your gravel to give it a finished look.

Use cement to attach the cobblestones to a straight line. They can be used along the sides of your garden. This will help prevent driveway erosion.

4. Metal Edging

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

For asphalt driveways, steel or metal driveway edging is the best choice. This type of edging holds water on the ground side, so water doesn’t seep into driveway.

It is barely visible and looks like it is part of the slabs, which makes driveway metal edging look great. It is also a great way to separate the driveway from the ground and gives it a neat and classy appearance. Metal edging is quick and easy to install.

5. Belgian Block Edging

driveway edging ideas

Belgian blocks can be used to edging your driveway. Belgian blocks are larger than other stones and can be used to edging your driveway. This type of edging is recommended for those who have gardens around their driveways. It will protect the soil from being eroded by rainwater.

The blocks are placed slightly higher than the surface so that the soil doesn’t collect on them. This saves you time and allows you to not have to clean the edges as often.

6. Brick Edging

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

Do you want to save money on driveway edging? Brick edging is the best option if you are looking for cheap driveway edging ideas. Red bricks look stunning with any kind of driveway, even asphalt or gravel.

These driveway brick edging ideas fall under the flat category. This is why they are easy to install, even without professional assistance. You can save money this way.

Either you choose the standard bricks and lay the bricks in a regular manner, or you can go with the textured bricks and lay the bricks in a particular pattern. It is up to you to make the decision. These red brick edgings will enhance the aesthetics and value of your home in both ways.

7. Paved Pattern Edging

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

The paver edging is another great option for raised edging. This is an excellent idea for driveways that are paved. This works well for driveways surrounded by small gardens.

Paving stones are used to create a beautiful edging for your driveways. Paved borders can be used to define parking areas. Add shrubs and flowers to your garden to add a colorful and unique touch to your landscape.

8. Concrete Curbs

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

Concrete Curbs are a great option for driveway borders. Concrete curbs are a type of rising edging that has a gray color.

Concrete curbs are the best option if you don’t plan to alter your house’s exterior for a long period of time. These can be installed in a contrast color to your driveway. You can choose a darker curb if your driveway is made from light-colored material and vice versa.

Concrete driveway edging has many benefits. Concrete edging prevents erosion and allows you to park your car more easily. A curb can be added to your driveway as a border. It will look modern and chic by using small stones in a match with the curb. Concrete curbs can make a stunning and distinctive impression on your driveway.

9. Wood Edging

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

The wood edging is last on our list of cheap driveway edging options. This is the most popular edging material. For those looking for a cost-effective way to beautify their driveways and landscapes, wood driveway edging is a great option.

When the driveway is made of asphalt, wooden edging can be used. To ensure that it is not damaged by rodents or harsh weather, always choose long and sturdy wood. This driveway wood edging can be installed quickly and is easy to clean. Logs can be used in place of standard wooden planks for a more decorative look. You can also polish the wood and paint it with different colors of paints.

These are more driveway edging designs and ideas to inspire you:

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

driveway edging ideas

The Bottom Line

Which driveway edging design do you prefer? If driveway edging goes well, you will reap many benefits for your property.

It not only beautifies your home but also protects your lawn and driveway. Proper edging will preserve your landscape, garden, and driveway for many years.

There are many options for edging materials, including metal, stone and blocks. You can choose the driveway edging that suits your driveway material, style and design. This blog has helped me choose the best driveway edging. Don’t forget sharing this blog with family and friends to help them add edging to driveways to make their homes more appealing.

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