Doja Cat cancels festival appearances, drops out of tour due to tonsil surgery

Doja Cat cancels festival appearances, drops out of tour due to tonsil surgery

At least she can “Say So” right now even though she will not be able sing it later.

Doja Cat has announced that Friday, she will have “routine” tonsil removal. The surgery will impact several performances.

“Hey guys. In a Twitter or Instagram message, the “Woman” singer said that she would like to share her thoughts and feelings with you.

“Unfortunately I have to undergo surgery immediately on my tonsils. Although the procedure was straightforward, she said the swelling would make it difficult to recover.

The singer concluded that she felt terrible but could not wait to get better and start making music again.

Doja was made to resign as opening act for The Weeknd’s next tour.

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The news came as no surprise. This was not a surprise.

She said that her whole body was “f—ked” and she might be having some unpleasant news for all of you.

26-year-old “Kiss Me More” singer revealed that she was on antibiotics for a throat infection, but that she forgot to take them. The singer also revealed that she had been smoking throughout the day, and had an awful ass growth in her tonsil.

While she is recovering from her operation, Grammy-winner Willie Nelson will miss festivals appearances.

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Doja celebrated four Billboard Awards. Doja knows that for her own good, compromises are essential.

She told me that she would quit vaping after a while and it was a good idea that I wasn’t craving it anymore. My tears lasted hours. It was too much.

Doja updated her Twitter name to reflect her current difficult circumstances. The display now reads, “throatussy aged.”