David Choe: Net Worth, Life and Career of the Famous Artist

david choe

David Choe, a well-known artist, painter, and muralist, became famous after his appearance on August 2020’s Joe Rogan Experience. It is still one of the most viewed episodes on YouTube of the Joe Rogan Experience. It was loved by many because David Choe shared his heartfelt stories and details about some of the great tragedies he had experienced in life. It is so popular, even small clips from it have been viewed millions of times.

This post will examine the life and career of this incredibly talented artist. Let’s get started.

David Choe Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know

What is David Choe’s ethnicity?

David Choe was born April 21, 1976. His roots are in Korea, as his parents Jimmy Choe and Jana Choe are both Korean. He spent his childhood in Los Angeles, where he lived most of his life.

Are Erica Garza and David Choe related?

Although he has not yet released any official information, it is believed that Erica Garza, a Los Angeles-based author, is his sister. These rumors aren’t true, however, as she was born to Mexican parents.

How was David Choe’s relationship with the late chef Anthony Bourdain?

David Choe and Anthony Bourdain were truly close friends. He even made an appearance on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown show in 2013.

After his suicide attempt in 2018, the artist was left devastated. David, a close friend who committed suicide in 2018, shared his anxiety experiences on Joe Rogan’s August 2020 podcast. This made the lingering effects of his loss clear. David shared how much he knew about Anthony’s struggle with depression, and even disclosed that the late chef had called him for help.

It was heartbreaking to see Anthony collapse amid the reminders of his failure to beat depression.

It was obvious that Anthony Bourdain’s passing left a deep wound on those who were close to him, including David.

What is David Choe’s net worth?

David Choe is undoubtedly one of the most wealthy artists alive today, despite being more than Banksy with a net worth $ 50 million. David Choe’s impressive net worth is $ 300 million.

How did David Choe create his massive net worth?

Although it is quite impressive for artists to make such a large sum in such a short time, his art is not the only reason for his financial success. You have to go back in time to when Facebook was growing rapidly and Myspace was still a thing to understand how he became millionaire.

Sean Parker, former president of Facebook, hired the painter to add his artistic touch to the company’s first headquarters in 2012. His asking price for the job was $60,000 but Facebook wasn’t the tech giant it was today so Choe was offered shares.

Yuval Rosenberg, Fiscal Times’s editor, predicted that David would become a millionaire through the growth of his stocks. His net worth today is $ 300 million to $ 500 million, despite having sold some of his holdings.

David, on the other hand, has made a lot of money from his artistic work, as his clients include prominent tycoons such as Sony, Marvel, Fox Searchlight, and Fox Searchlight. Jay-Z & Linkin Park’s multi-platinum album Collision Course was even covered by him.

His own art has been auctioned at prices between $ 1,700 to $ 50,000. He also owns an e-commerce shop, which is linked to his website davidchoe.com.

How did David Choe start his art career?

His successful career in art began with small, disruptive projects. David published a graphic novel called Space Jam in 1996 and had it distributed at comic-con. This earned him a $ 5,000 grant by the Xeric Foundation.

What is David Choe’s charitable work like?

David Choe has used his economic success for humanitarian causes. He has worked with non-profit youth organizations such as Yle Haiti A place Called Home Wyclef Jean over the years.

He also began to support the Meleka Foundation, which provides aid for the Hadza ethnic group in Tanzania.

According to Meleka’s official Instagram account, the tribe has been in particular trouble during the COVID-19 epidemic. David’s support is crucial for the cause.

Is David Choe married?

David Choe is very private about his personal life. Indiewire claims that he was in a relationship with Mylan in 2008. No new information has been released since.

Joe Rogan’s podcast revelations show that the artist is not a good fit for the idea of “finding the right woman.”

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