Dashcam Recording On 2160p By Navman Mivue760 Ultra

MiVue760 ULTRA

MiVUE760 Navman ULTRA Review – Navman dashcams are among the most economical dashcams from a reputed manufacturer available in Australia. The MiVUE line of dashcams includes several models that record high-quality recordings that you may email to your insurance provider as proof if something horrible happens.

Craving Tech has previously examined a number of their dashcams, including the MiVUE860 DCTYRE, my personal favorite. Newer variants also come with improved camera lenses and functions.

Sony’s StarvisTM technology uses the MiVue760 ULTRA, with a 4K/2160p video recording resolution.

The 2160p video files were compressed in H.264 and will overwrite as new films are recorded while driving, just like other Navman dashcams. Each file is roughly 387MB in size (for just a 3-minute video clip), although you can make it shorter if you choose.

Videos record seconds continuously after you start your car’s engine. The incident films will be stored in a different place if an incident occurs (or even if you drive over bumps in the road – depending upon your sensitivity setting). It means that if an actual accident occurs, you should not simply alter the clips depicting the accident.

MiVue760 ULTRA

You will save those files to a microSD card, which you must purchase individually. Because the video is the more excellent definition and requires a quick write towards the memory card, Navman recommends a Category 10/UHS-1/ MicroSD with sizes up to 128GB.

The dashcam acts as a friendly, digital speedometer even when nothing happens. You may make it display your current car speed throughout the full-screen mode, making it simpler to see.

Because the dashcam is on the windscreen, you are not constantly peering at the dashboard. It would also remind you to turn on your headlights at dusk (something I frequently forget and used to be fined $264 for), as well as a driver fatigue alarm after you’ve been driving for a long time without stopping.

Unfortunately, the Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA does not offer Safety Camera Alerts, which surprised me (i.e., safety cameras similar to Red Light and Speed cameras). It’s a valuable function, but if you regularly check your speedometer but are a law-abiding person, the MiVUE760 ULTRA would be enough. However, if you have a previous dashcam that would do this, you will undoubtedly miss it and maybe hesitant to upgrade to the MiVUE760 ULTRA.

There’s also a feature called “EZYSHARE Instantly through Wi-Fi,” allowing users to upload their recorded clips onto their phones via Wi-Fi. This way, you may publish a stunning clip, such as a dumb driver’s behavior (I’ve seen a lot of those), to social media while you’re still driving and ranting.

If you want to learn more about how EZYSHARE works, read my MiVUE790 review.

Here Are Some Examples Of Movies Captured By The Mivue760 Navman Ultra Dashcam:

The MiVUE760 Navman ULTRA is a basic dashcam that you can just slap on the windscreen, but it will work without any additional setup. You can change several options in the menu, including the length of each recorded clip, your video resolution, and so on, but you don’t have to.

It records videos on 4K 2160p without fail but has improved sensitivity in low-light conditions. Unfortunately, due to the steady weather, I could not demonstrate how the recorded clips might appear on a foggy day and during a rainstorm.

Using EZYSHARE, you can download the recorded movies via Wi-Fi, eliminating the need to remove the microSD card, and the dashcam may serve as a backup speed console on the windscreen, right across from your eyes.

Camera Alerts are the only function lacking, although unless you’re a law-abiding citizen, you may not need them anyhow.

The Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA seems to be available for AU$269 at various shops around Australia.