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Claudia was an already well-known person before she began her professional career. Joe Pesci introduced Claudia to him and they quickly fell in love. Tiffany was their daughter after they were married. Claudia’s acting career began after her divorce. After their divorce, Claudia was cast in several blockbuster movies like “Jimmy Hollywood”, (“With Honors”) (1994) and “Casino” (1995). Claudia took a step back from acting, and focused on her family.

They first met at Easter Brunch. They dated for years together before getting married on 7th May 1988. Claudia was the first to marry. Joe Pesci, the third man to marry, was also a bride. Claudia and Joe were married to have a daughter Tiffany Pesci.

Following his divorce from Claudia, Angie Everhart was his partner from 2000. He was very close to getting married in 2008.

Garret Warren and marriage

The couple got married after Claudia divorced Joe Pesci. The couple also had a child. However, trouble started to develop. Garrett applied for divorce, ending their marriage. On July 13, 1999, the couple separated. Claudia hired a contract killer in order to kill her husband. She was not happy with the decision.

Haro, Warren and their son were in a court battle to get custody of their daughter. Claudia was angry when Garrett took custody. Garrett Warren was later killed by her hired killer.

Claudia started dating Russell Armstrong after her divorce from Garrett Warren. Armstrong is a celebrity reality television star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He was abusive during their relationship of one year and often hit Claudia. Russell accused Claudia of cheating and once hit Claudia.

“He hit me so hard that my neck snapped in back. I got Russell’s car out and dialed 911. However, my account was put on hold. Russell stood beside me, holding my smartphone in his hands. I held my phone. Then, he walked up to me and took my phone’s top from my hands. Russell grabbed me by the wrists, it was so painful.

Haro saw Armstrong also repeatedly hit his son Aiden on the face while he was visiting him. Russell committed suicide on November 11, 2011. Claudia was involved in the debate. Later, it was proven that Claudia wasn’t involved in Russell’s suicide.

Penalty and Life in Prison For Attempted Murder

In June 2000, the court gave Kaylie’s, Claudias’s and Garrett joint custody. A stranger called Warren’s Westlake Village, California home six times in May 2000. Garrett told the man at his door that Garrett was driving in the driveway.

“I replied, Yes, that’s mine. Warren stated that Warren asked me to open the door and check whether my car had been struck. When I opened the door, it was found that he held a gun to his right and left leg. Warren stated, “He picked it up and started shooting at my.”

Garrett was watching out for the gunman. A.32 ACP shots were administered to his neck, chest and left hip. As he was lying on the ground, he shot again at him. Warren was not the sole victim. He also attacked his mother (now 64). Two shots were fired at her by the man, nearly hitting her on her head before he ran off. Claudia was the initial suspect in the attack. Due to Claudia’s divorcing and their legal dispute over custody, this attack was the first. Claudia was then taken into police custody, but the evidence wasn’t sufficient to warrant her arrest.

Garret’s case was temporarily put on hold for two years. San Bernardino Police found a car that was carrying a trunk with an envelope containing a Garrett Warren photograph and a map showing Warren’s house. Miguel Quiroz (a dealer in drugs and restaurateur) owned the vehicle. Two years later, the case was brought back to court. All evidence was found by police.

Haro’s older brother Manuel Haro; Jorge Hernandez, who was the hitman implicated in the crime. Claudia requested Manuel Haro hires a hitman, to make $10,000

Claudia was charged in December 2005 with attempted murder as well principal firearms charges for the attempted murder of Garrett Warren.

Because Claudia was staying at Pesci’s guest house, Joe Pesci was also named in the scandal. However, there is no supporting evidence.

Claudia was sentenced to twelve years and four months in prison at California Institution for Women (Corona, California) on April 2012. Her release was in August 2019.

Claudia Haro Net Worth

Claudia Haro is an American actress who was well-known for her performances in blockbuster Hollywood movies like Casino (1995). Her appearances in outstanding television series are also a highlight.

Claudia’s career was brief, but she made a name for herself through her roles in successful films which helped increase her net worth. According to reliable sources, Haro has a net worth estimated at $12 million. That’s quite impressive, don’t you think. Also, she is divorcing two times so the settlement must have reached millions.

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